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ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS! A recap of my latest signing...

So last weekend I made my first trip down to Florida for Shameless Book Con 2016. Those of you who follow my page know I've been trying to hit events in new areas and this definitely fit the bill. I was also impressed with how well put together the event was from the get go.  I usually prefer smaller events because I love getting a real chance to connect with readers, but SBC was put together in a way that made it easy to meet up with people. There was such a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Old friends hanging out, new friendships being formed, tons of laughter and smiles, and obviously tons of books!  This time I didn't get to make the trip to Disney, but I was totally cool with that. People I hadn't seen in years were there and I was thrilled to get the chance to catch up with them! Wanna see how happy I was? <g> Yep, I missed Jenna. Very VERY much. ;) Seriously though, the timing of that picture makes it look like way more was happening. I s

Books Worth Your Bucks-Blog Hop!

Welcome to Books Worth Your Bucks. This is an ongoing blog hop with fellow authors to introduce Indie or small pubbed authors to our readers. Each Friday we will spotlight an author's book, give buy links along with the links to the other authors participating in the hop, and say why we think this book is worth your bucks. Part of our reasoning to do this is to bring more attention to the Indie authors we love to read. With so many books out there now it's hard to figure out what is a good, well-written book...or not. Keep in mind, these are our opinions, things we like to read. The Nookettes of the Virtual writing colony of Nara's Nook have come up with this blog hop to share our favorites. I absolutely LOVE sharing my favorite books, so I had to jump right in with this hop! The challenge was choosing just ONE books from the awesome ones I've read recently to share with you all. I'm going to go with a book that got me out of my sexy reading s