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All right, I kinda get why some people enjoy writing in all caps! lol! That was FUN! Let's get right down to business, because, from all the messages, emails, posts, tweets, smoke signals... A couple of people are waiting for an official release day for LINE BRAWL. To make this announcement, let's bring out... Steve Harvey!!!! Just kidding! <g> LINE BRAWL (The Dartmouth Cobras #8) WILL BE RELEASED MAY 30TH, 2016 For those who haven't seen the beautiful cover, I'll post it here. I'd like to give special thanks to Jen Leblanc, from Studio Smexy , for the photo shoot. Any authors looking for custom work should definitely give her a shout! Also, special thanks to Robert Simmons , who posed for the cover. Something about this man's eyes and smile were just perfect for 'Easy' and I'm so happy he was willing to put up with me changing my mind every few minutes until I had the exact look I needed! Also, everyone ne

Atlanta Insanity and...Oh yeah, a certain cover! ;)

This is going to be a quick recap of TNEE and then we'll get to the great big REVEAL of the cover for LINE BRAWL! <g> Followed by a teaser. ;) Ya ready? Don't scroll ahead, brats! lol All right, so for those still with me, getting to the hotel was like    So me and my beautiful roommate got early check in and crashed for a bit. Then it was time to get my boxes. One was already there!   BUT...the hotel couldn't find it.   At first, this was all right. Annoying, but stuff happens, right? Well, two days later, when they're still 'looking for packages', I was a bit less easy-going about it.   Not having a room for Wednesday might have contributed to me being a teeny bit grumpy. Not the hotel's fault they over-booked, eh?  Fuck she's hot!   Anyway, so we were lucky at least. Stella gave us a place to stay, and friends let us drop our stuff in their rooms. When we finally got rooms, the cleani