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HAPPY NEW YEARS! The good, the bad, and the ugly (The bad and the ugly will be short...A heads up about All Romance Ebooks)

Fine, it's only New Year's Eve, but I think we should start celebrating NOW! Now grab someone and give em a great big KISS! Or enjoy these ones. ;) I don't know about you, but I'm ready! ;) All right, now let's get the bad and the ugly out of the way. Some of you have probably heard that All Romance Ebooks (AKA ARe) is closing down TONIGHT. If you haven't backed up your books, please make sure you go do so now. If you're having trouble don't panic. Take a screenshot of your library and contact either the publisher or the author. Most are more than happy to replace the books. I definitely am so if you can't access any of my books PLEASE don't be afraid to contact me @ biancasommerland(at)gmail(dot)com. You may also have 'ebucks' you're unable to use. To help with this I'd like to make an offer. Email me with a screenshot of your ebucks and I will send you one of my books to try to help make up for th

RELEASE BLITZ Revived Series: The Dungeon Black Duology (Book 2) by Kora Knight

Title: Revived Series: The Dungeon Black Duology (Book 2) It's LIVE On Amazon 12/30/2016 Title: Revived Series: The Dungeon Black Duology (Book 2) Author: Kora Knight Live NOW on Amazon Cover Artist: Jay Aheer Synopsis Love. The most powerful force in existence, but also the most ruthless. Cunning and deceptive. Man’s greatest Achilles heel. Leaving all who embrace it weak and vulnerable. At least that’s how Dom-for-hire Max Kelley sees it, after the love of his life knocked him on his ass. A brutal blow that not only stole his breath, but decimated his ability to trust. Turning him cold and cynical. The TKO he never saw coming. Love. A mistake Max won’t ever make again. Meaning no more relationships—not exactly a hardship. Just the thought of dating makes him queasy, and one of the reasons he doms for a living. To sexually engage without the poison of intimacy. The other reason? To keep his demons sated. With whips and chains, and scan


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