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NEW RELEASE-OFF BEAT (Winter's Wrath Book 4)

One of these days I'm gonna catch up! lol But the way I see it, all those books I've had to put off because life threw me for a few loops? They're finally getting out there! The latest being OFF BEAT! Our poor boy Tate needed to have his story told. And I hope you love it as much as I do. It's one HELL of a journey! Former Marine, Vanessa Templar, never considered being security for a metal band as an alternative career choice, but as a favor to a friend, she takes the job with XVI Hours. How much trouble could a bunch of musicians get in anyway? The answer? A lot. Between stalkers, inter-band strife, and Oakley Godstone, the band's brand new tour manager, Vanessa has her work cut out for her. But the biggest challenge is an unknown enemy—which means working with the strangely alluring computer geek, Oakley. They must unravel the dangerously tangled web that surrounds both XVI Hours and the headlining band, Winter’s Wrath. Without letting him