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Official Release Date For DEFENSIVE ZONE and a Sexy bit from Dean and Silver's first night

I know, I know, it seems like a long time! But it's really not considering Defensive Zone will be a bit longer than Game Misconduct. And this is Silver we're dealing with. There was no way her book would be easy! ;) As a treat, since you've all been so patient, here's a hot scene with Dean and Silver. This is shortly after the spanking scene that you got a taste of at the end of Game Misconduct. Enjoy! ~~~~~ Long excerpt from Defensive Zone: Copyright 2012 Bianca Sommerland The door flew open just as she was about to retreat. "Wha—Silver?" His gaze swept over her and instinct took over. She stepped forward and let the blanket fall. He shook his head. "Silver—" "I've taken all the humiliation I can stand for one night, Dean." She flattened her hands on his chest, fingering the buttons of his shirt and keeping her eyes downcast because she knew he'd like that. "Don't make me beg." Let


I was tagged by Cari Silverwood for a fun lucky seven post. Here's the rules then my lucky seven. 1. Go to page 77 in your current manuscript 2. Go to line 7 3. Copy down the next seven lines as they are - no cheating 4. Tag 7 other authors (I did it on facebook since I don't follow blogs here) Here's my lucky seven.Landon got himself in a bit of trouble! Tossing the phone onto the table in the hall, he darted into the kitchen, rushed to the sink, and filled a coffee mug with water. The damn bacon was crispy now—he tossed the water and threw himself back as a huge fireball flared up. "Holy fuck!" The smoke detector screamed and black smoke filled the room in waves. Scrambling down the hall, he grabbed the phone. "Landon!" "I'll call you back." Without waiting for an answer, he hung up and dialed 911 as he abandoned his apartment to the flames.

Give me some Action! Writing Sports Romance with actual Sports

Every author approaches every subject differently, but, depending on what kind of life your character lives, you'll likely be doing some research about their job. If the hero or the heroine are cops, spies, doctors, or space captains--well unless you share that occupation, you probably have no idea what their days look like. Or how this job impacts their personality. And if you wan to write a nice, three dimensional character--which you better! if not, be gone! :P--you better inside their head while their holding that gun, or scalpel, or phaser. Not sure how you'd react if that green lady with four tits in the corner hit on you? Better figure it out! ;)  The rules are no different when you're writing sports romance. If you have the passion to write about the sport, you have everything you need to put together a good action scene. Add a few details to bring the reader closer to the action and you have a great action scene. Yes, I'm repeating ACTION. No matter how

Letter to CTV and The Montreal Gazette regarding Paypal

 I've seen news reports about the Paypal issue popping up online in Europe, one in Australia, a few in the States, but so far nowhere in Canada. I wasn't sure I could find the right words to get the point across, so I took my time, kept reading about what has happen, and what may happen, and finally sat down and came up with this: To whom this may concern, I don't know whether to write you as an author, or a reader, or simply as a woman who loves books and was so excited about how ebooks have given the world a new way to embrace reading, but I do know this unfortunate turn of events needs to be explored. Perhaps you've already heard about the new restrictions Paypal has placed on several ebook vendors. If not here is some information about what's happened over the last few weeks. This is one of many letters sent by Mark Coker, the owner of a large ebook self-publishing and distribution platform: Basically, any 'e