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Trying VERY hard not to Corrupt anyone! Seriously! Excerpt and a few updates...

Won't be too chatty because I just noticed something HORRIBLE! I haven't posted an excerpt here for a very long time. So I'll make this really quick and give you a nice, sexy excerpt of OFFSIDE (The Dartmouth Cobras #4) which should be coming out some time this spring. So that's my first update. My second update is that I'm going to be going full speed with my young adult (YA) novels. Some of you might recall me mentioning 'coming out' with my YA books. I was nervous about linking them at all with what I write now, but I've talked to a lot of people that say I'll be fine so long as I don't link back from my YA site (Which of course I wouldn't). That said, I'll put a link at the bottom for those interested in knowing more about those books and reading the first two chapters. All the YA books are already written, so you don't have to worry about them taking me away from bringing you the naughty book you love! :) Now here's a

DO NOT follow my bad example . . . and GAME MISCONDUCT goes FREE

This hockey card for Sloan took me hours to make. There's another version with even more touch ups on my old laptop which is about ready to go to print. Maybe I'll go take a look at it today and try some new things I've learned on Gimp. Which I think needs to be updated as soon as I have a chance... If I'm not working on artwork for promo, or covers (I've tried my hand at a few, but was only ever satisfied with the one for Toile) I've usually got one or two WIPs going. Sometimes three. Then there's that idea for a fourth. My muse acts like a junkie tripping on speed, all the while growling at me to get my word count up while flashing scenes at me left and right. While I want to cuddle up with, say, Sloan for hot impact play, I'm seeing a tender scene between the hero and heroine from the second book in a series I haven't written yet! Then there's facebook. And twitter. And damn it, that sink full of  dishes has been sitting there for two

Do not read reviews. EVER. Unless you're ready to admit you cannot ignore the value of the TOP 5

Why would any author beyond the most green even consider clicking on a review? And worse, what kind of masochist would click on a one or two star review? That’s like asking someone to attach a ‘Kick Me’ sign to your back. With several staples. Well, I’ve cut my review reading tendencies down to almost nothing. I rarely even read good reviews—which is a lot harder—and while I understand the importance of reviews, I’ve come to terms with the fact that reviews. ARE. NOT. FOR. AUTHORS. Some people may say you can learn from reviews. I guess some new authors might be able to—if they haven’t found much more productive places to learn from such as crit groups, workshops, etc. Seriously, an author is much more likely to damage their fragile egos (VERY fragile in most cases) than learn anything. And the authors with egos too big to damage don’t G.A.S about reviews. But sometimes it’s tempting to take a peek. You’re sitting at your desk, staring at that evil blank page, wishing the words


This is going to be a really quick post because release days are always a little crazy and I come unprepared! lol! All I have for you is an incredibly sexy scene which needs a great big: But first, I thought I should tell you a little about my plans for the next week. And take the opportunity to pick your brains! First of all, tonight I will be hosting a chat tonight RELEASE DAY CHAT WITH BIANCA SOMMERLAND so swing by to celebrate with me! There will be THREE prizes offered to chatters chosen at random! Don't miss it! :) Also, starting October 7th, the Cobras will be going on a tour, and what I'd like to know is who are you dying to spend time with? There will be 6 stops: 10/7 ~ Under the Covers 10/8 ~ Guilty Pleasures 10/9 ~ Kinky Book Reviews 10/10 ~ RomFan 10/11 ~ Author Alannah Lynne 10/12 ~ Cocktails and Books Obviously, since it is their book. Luke, Sebastian, and Jami will each make a stop, but that leaves 2 spots open. So I'm going to let you choose

Self-pub vs Traditional Pub #3: Total Reject-My story

I've debated for a long time coming out about this, it's something very few people know about me. Not that I'm ashamed or anything—the genres I write just don't mix. But it's an important part of my story. Erotic romance is a fairly new love of mine. I grew up reading more fantasy and sci-fi than anything else, and when I picked up a romance novel, it was always historical. At the time, I didn't know they were 'Bodice rippers', I just found it exciting to read about these young women being captured and ravished. Now, I always knew I would be a writer. Writing romance, however, didn't appeal to me at all. I've never been too crazy about chick flicks, romantic comedy, romantic drama. Not that I never watch that kind of movie, but it's rare that I enjoy anything too sappy. No, I preferred Urban Fantasy. I wanted to be Ann Rice, or Laurel K Hamilton. Or, for the longest time, LJ Smith. I decided to write Young Adult. My first 100k

Self-pub vs Traditional Pub series #2: KALLYPSO MASTERS' opinions and Advice

**note from Bianca Sommerland: Some of you know that I considered self-publishing for a long time before actually doing it. I was afraid I didn't have what it took to make it alone. Kallypso Masters gave me wonderful advice and support. She has given me permission to share her words on the subject from a recent conversation. I'm adding her links and such myself because if you haven't read her books, you should! <g>** Kallypso Masters: Free from Amazon and other distributors No disrespect to anyone who wants a publisher or is just starting to write, because there are things they can teach you that you need to know. But I spent 20 years learning those things in RWA and classes. I'm still learning, of course, with each new editor and beta reader I work with, but I've said before, I'm very Domme about my books and my career. I'd have probably been urged to conform with the publisher's rules so i didn't do anything risky or too terri