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Yes, it took FOREVER. But The End is finally coming. Just in time for Xmas! I'm going to keep this short because there's so much to do to make sure this release goes well, but I want to start with how sorry I am that it's taken this long. Honestly, I'd started to lose hope myself. Everything seemed stacked against this book ever being done. Deadly Captive was one of those nightmare books, haunting me day and night until I got the words on the page. And even then, there's something about the book that messes with me. But when it was published and got such intense reactions, I felt like there were others out there that needed to slip into the darkness as much as I did.  Collateral Damage came out awhile after. These weren't stories I could dive into whenever I wanted to. They were welcoming the nightmare. Facing the demons in your mind, knowing the journey will be worth it, but needing to overcome your fears before you can take that first

Can love conquer all? Release day and what this book means to me...

There's something one of the heroes, Balthazar, says in his narrative in Inversion that really speaks to me. Some of you might be thinking "Umm, YOU wrote that." Yeah...kinda. Not with my brain, with his. Which probably doesn't make any sense unless you get how real the characters are to me. Either way, it's this: Love didn’t conquer all, not on its own. Like any conqueror, love needed soldiers, ready to fight. Those soldiers were compassion, respect, trust, and devotion. With faith taking up the rearguard when the others faltered.  And maybe that’s all he was missing. The one thing no one else could give him. The one thing he had to find for himself. Faith. Which he would find once he’d figured out how to improve the odds. As nice as it was to believe things would work out for the best, he wasn’t one to sit back and let the cards fall where they may. He always made sure his soldiers were prepared for battle. Inversion has a chara