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Delayed Penalty and a little warning...

This book cover is amazing. Reese Dante is a true artist and she captured everything in this book... And that's where the warning comes in. Those who've read the books know I don't shy away from tough subjects. Just to name a few without spoiling for those new to the series all I need to say is Silver, Landon, Dominik...Scott. I'll keep this short, but I just want to let you know that it's not going to get easier. If you want a light, happy read...well, we have different tastes so I have nothing to recommend. I read books that contain real issues. I write the same. Those who follow me on FB have seen me post things that I probably shouldn't have. My betas usually save me from the worst, but sometimes, I rip open scars and just let them bleed. Why? Because I was taught to keep my mouth shut about certain things most of my life. And as an author, I now have the power to shine light on things that may reach someone. Help someone. And that makes me feel good

Should we ever meet, don’t ask . . .?

In a bit of a mood today. Not a bad mood, just the kind of mood that promotes total randomness. Which got me thinking, what shall I say to people I meet at the conferences this summer? And should I give them some warning that my answers might sound like I’m not all there? (Because I might not be—answers will probably be worse if you find me in the bar! <eg>) Well, my answer to myself was yes. So here’s my warning: I claim no responsibility for what I may blurt out. I’m an author, I’m allowed to be weird! ;) Here’s some of the questions I figured I might be asked, along with my possible answers. All replied with love! <3 Q: Oh, you’re an author?! What do you write? Answer: Self-help books. All about how to help yourself to a hot hockey player. My former books are about how to handle seven men and/or enjoy captivity and torture. Q: Can you name one of your books? Answer: Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and . . . Oh, the books I’ve

Who told you to Quick your F-ing Day Job? An Author's Journey

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for my blog, so I figured I’d take another look at what has to be the information searched for most often by aspiring authors. Because really, when you’ve got your book all polished up and you’ve made sure to get the beta reads, ship it off to an editor, revise, rewrite, get it edited again, then lovingly pass it on to ‘The Gatekeepers’, you expect something to happen. So you wait. And get rejected. Almost guaranteed, your first time you get rejected. You’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than getting picked up by one of the BIG 6—or is it 5 now? So while you’re waiting on them, go pick out your numbers and really, don’t bother doing anything else because either you’re hitting the best seller’s list by the end of the week or climbing in a limo to accept that big assed check! Wait, what??? Didn’t happen? Okay. Give up. It’s hopeless. There’s really no point to trying anymore because there’s nothing between be