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Quick update and a FREEBIE!

Craziness! Absolute INSANITY! That's my life lately, so I haven't blogged in forever. I'll try to fix that, but until then, let's have a quickie! ;) First, for the FREEBIE! I should have mentioned this to you all much sooner, but like I said, crazy. Still, there's time left to take advantage of the Back to School special and grab Solid Education (Higher Learning Book 1) absolutely FREE. SOLID EDUCATION (Higher Learning Book 1) Universal Link: Amazon US: iBooks: Nook: Kobo: As for the update, INVERSION (Winter's Wrath Book 3) is coming out in October!  I'll post a bit more about that soon and give you all a teaser, but I'm so excited to share this book with you! Fans of this series are already asking for a crossover with the Cobra