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So... I kinda forgot I had a blog. And that some people wait for updates here. Which doesn't really work well if I'm not posting. Let's fix that! lol The last couple of years have been rough, so releases came less often. This year I decided I was going to make up for that and up my game. Which included finishing up a m/m/m I'd been teasing for awhile. And releasing it without fanfare or 'coming soon'. I just wanted to do it and not keep people waiting. So here it is! Prison or a life of luxury? Let me think… Reluctant thief Alec Tremaine would rather be behind bars than face his brothers after his first attempt at grand theft auto goes horribly wrong. Desperation had him agreeing to their crazy plan—better to be a criminal like the rest of the Tremaine clan than starve on the streets—but when they abandon him, he’s forced to face the most powerful man in the city. And given the opportunity to climb out of the gutter. Rig

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