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My reject….or all my babies (books) are UGLY

Seriously, calling your books your babies can lead to a whole lot of trouble. Mommas can get downright feral to protect their babies, but as an author, you have to understand all those sticks and stones and words…well, they’re unlikely to hurt your book. They can stop your book from going far though. Sometimes with reviews and sometimes because word is going around that you’re a BBA (badly behaving author). Even worse is when, right from the get go, you get a great big ‘No thank you’ from the people who matter most. Readers, right? Well, no, actually. Those people who rejected your baby were business people and they eyed that pretty little book the way judges look at toddlers prancing around the stage at pageants. It could be style, it could be a whole lot of things, but those ‘judges’ decided your book didn’t have what they were looking for. So naturally, you check out what they’re looking for and lose your damn mind! Yes, I’ve totally had those moments. I

Things are about to change...I hope. And the authors need YOU

Ellora's Cave vs Dear Author So, I didn't jump on writing a post right away because there are so many others who are well informed and can give you the dirt. And seriously, that's what it is. I've been through this before when Noble was going under and I can tell you, there's no worse position to be in when you're an author. Now, I can't say for sure it's exactly the same, because many EC authors are afraid to speak up and tell anyone how bad it really is. I'm doing my best to support them anyway because I can imagine what they're going through. For myself, since I became a full time author, late payments, or not getting payments at all threw my whole world into chaos. Suddenly money I was depending on to pay my rent, my bills, and food for my kids, wasn't there. I wasn't sure if it would ever come. Talk of bankruptcy filled me with dread because all my hard work, my books which are my babies, could be trapped with everything else th