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WILL NOT REVIEW SELF-PUBLISHED NOVELS and other irrelevant stuff...

Trying to find a nice way to put this, but I haven't had enough coffee yet today to be nice :p I was checking out review sites because I know I haven't sent out enough copies of BREAKAWAY and I want to make sure my list is complete for when I send out OFFSIDE. I noticed a few still had a policy that I thought was pretty much dead. Which is not reviewing self-published book. There's ' a very good reason for this ' that many of those sites share. Self-published books have all kinds of errors, the authors are unprofessional and behave badly when they get a bad review, the books just aren't as good. I just...WOW. Seriously, I have the most amazing readers, and am regularly reviewed by the most awesome, well know, review sites. I don't need to worry about the odd duck out there who obviously hasn't read enough to know that ' traditionally published ' books have plenty of errors. Their authors can go straight up crazy diva. The stories can suck