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The Most SHOCKING thing on The Walking Dead-Prepare to be absolutely stunned!

I love The Walking Dead, but I have to say I've gained a lot of respect for the writers and producers after last week's episode. There's something beautiful about showing tender moments with all the horror going on in their world. Most of you probably saw this, or heard about it even if you're not a fan of the show. I'll let you enjoy it for a moment. :) So what's shocking? In this day and age, what in the world about this would cause anyone to so much as blink? Well, the reaction. Some people are not only disturbed, but PISSED that TWD went 'There'. Thankfully, I haven't completely lost my faith in humanity, because there's just as many cheering on the show for showing survivors in love appreciating every moment they have together. Maybe some people find that hard to believe, but if you think about it, without hope, you're as good as dead. So maybe you think romance has no place in the show, but consider the strength of the hu

The GHOST that wanted me to get LOST (Or my experience at Wicked Wild Weekend 2015)

Imagine sleeping alone in a room with a history of being haunted, in a part of the hotel EVERYONE is saying they wouldn't stay. The old part. This guy's room actually. Image source Poets.Org This is Sidney Lanier and I had his name on my door and his picture on the wall beside it. The room was nice enough, but had an odd smell. A few people said it reminded them of tobacco, like an old pipe or cigar. I smoke vapor now and never inside hotels or stuff, so it wasn't me. Kinda creeptastic right there. But I don't think Mr. Lanier was hanging out in my room. He was a poet, and from what I read about him, a pretty cool guy. I don't see him getting off on scaring me stupid! lol! Now, I don't know for sure that my room was haunted, but it was very hard to convince myself it wasn't. The eerie quiet of the long halls leading up to my room, the lack of any signs of life--no one went into or came out of any of the rooms around mine while I was there--the


If you're into hot, dirty-talkin', sexy baseball heroes I may have just the thing to quench that thirst... Have you met my players?  Available now for a limited release price of .99 cents. .. Sliding Into Second Jilted once before, now it's her turn to level the playing field. Hotshot sports reporter Sage Millan has been busy making a name for herself in the male dominated world of baseball. She's just landed her dream job, and her first assignment is covering the newly crowned World Series champions, The Kingston Crushers. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem…her ex-boyfriend, and the only man she's ever loved, is the team's second baseman. Things ended badly between them, and she's not sure she can put those demons to rest. Professional baseball player Nicolas Cordova is having the time of his life. His team has just won the World Series, and with the victory comes more fame, women, and exposure than he

Fifty Shades of F*CKED UP

I’d say I’m going to keep this short, but I started off writing this just to get my thoughts down because I’m so damn frustrated. Discussion, good and bad, about FSoG is flooding the internet and it’s impossible to look up anything without seeing people either loving or hating on it. Like any huge fad, people are going to take different stances and express their feelings. Whether you’re into showing off your boxers above your low hanging jeans, tucking your pants into your socks, wearing tights as pants, or wearing a pacifier replica for earrings (and on a necklace, and keychain, and…well, they were everywhere when I was in school) people will like it just because they like it while others will be shouting from the rooftops that they agree or disagree with whatever started the trend. This is a book. It’s fiction. For myself, I read the first book and… I will pause now so people can tell me that I can’t have an opinion. Go ahead, reading all three