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LABOR DAY SALE from S.A. Price

Authors Stella and Audra Price (S.A. Price) is doing a HUGE sale for Labor day! Starting Sept 1st and ending Sept 5th the following books will be FREE: FIRE IN HIS EYES SOMETHING DARKER GIVING UP THE GHOST KNOSSOS WEST CONSORT THE SOFT EDGE OF MIDNIGHT And just to be can get the other books in the corresponding series' for 99 cents each Sept. 1-8th! That's series for under 10$! Great deal right? Why not take a chance and get addicted? Here's the links for each series! The 13 Shades of Red series: YOU BURN ME GIVING UP THE GHOST *FREE* THE SERENDIPITY OF KARMA THIS IS FOREVER THE BRIDE WORE LATEX MAKE DAMN SURE THE SELF IMPORTANCE OF LESSER BEINGS PIN YOUR WINGS KEEP HER IN PIECES the Inferi Dii series: SOMETHING DARKER*FREE* SOMETHING SINFUL Duvall Inc: CONSORT*FREE* ROYALTY LONDON FOR THE HOLIDAYS Ophidians (Weresnakes!) KNOSSOS WEST *FREE* ENTWINED BY FATE Dragon Elementals FIRE IN HIS EYES *FREE* DEEP WATER

All my latest INSANITY!

Just to give you a glimpse, here's the books I'm working on now: Yes, it's a lot, but the muse is being generous and I'm trying something a little different. Which doesn't involve a whole lot of sleep! lol Seriously though, the variety is doing good things for me as an author, and while I know some of you will only see a couple of books on there you really want to read, you should seriously give the others a shot! Either way, to my biggest fans who've read all of my books, you'll be very happy as I'll have some back to back releases. On September 1st there will be TAMED (Feral Bonds 0.5), which is part of the SASSY EVER AFTER Kindle World and is already getting awesome reviews. A little bit about Kindle Worlds, for those who are new to them, these books are ONLY released through Amazon US. Which means you have to be creative to get a hold of them if you don't have a US account. Those in my reader's group will be gett

5 Days until the release of Sassy Mates Kindle World.

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