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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! BUTTERFLY STYLE and the beauty of lesbian love...

Lesbian romance doesn't sell. Or that is what many would have you believe. Strange though, considering how many readers ask for stories including love of all kinds. And how passionate those who pick up these books are when talking about them. Did I keep all this in mind while writing Butterfly Style? Of course not! lol Those of you who know me know I write whatever my muse throws at me, and he's never steered me wrong yet. Maybe lesbian love doesn't appeal to the same huge audience as billionaire romance or other common trends, but I suck at at sticking with pop trends! <g> So what's so great about two women in love? Well, in my humble opinion, the same thing that's great about anyone falling in love. What makes it a story worth reading is the characters, and Chicklet has always been a fan favorite. Her submissive, Laura Tallent, not so much. But that's about to change. Amazon: iBooks