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That day is coming! You know what day I mean, right? Did you say Canada Day? That too, but that's not what I'm talking about! lol Still, gotta give some love to my country. And give some of you the only thing you're looking for when Canada is mentioned. Anyway, the day I mean is KALLYPSOCON!  This year, for the first time, I will be a featured author at her event in Ontario and I couldn't be more excited! I've been to a lot of events, but this one is unique. Sure, events in Canada are always fun, and I plan to do more, but I've never experienced this kind of enthusiasm before. Not only was the event sold out in minutes, but there was so much interest Kallypso added a special meet & greet for readers who couldn't get tickets! If you're interested, I'll post on Facebook later today and over the coming weeks about the time and place for the Q&A. You can hook up with me HERE if you haven't already. I accept all friend

How to do the WORD THING while the HOUSE IS ON FIRE?

The 'word thing' being writing books. The house being the world. The fire being...well, not usually an actual fire, but sometimes it is. Also, there's a reason for the question mark at the end. I'm not sure I have the answer. That is all. You may go. You still here? lol You know me well! Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond? I'll be weird and funny in a bit, but I have to say, I'm worried about some of my favorite authors. The ones who have the experience to handle the industry, but haven't let themselves go cold and hard. The ones that feel too much. Those feelings, that empathy, makes them incredible story tellers. When they pull you between the pages of a book you forget all you're looking at is little black markings. The words disappear and you're taken away to a new reality. For a reader that is the best feeling in the world. That escape is precious. But the ability to bring emotions to the page,

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Book recs galor and me being artsy!

All right, Montreal may not have their Pride Parade until August, but I take that as an opportunity to extend the celebrations! I'm also inspired, so I made a few cool new designs and I'll have more coming soon. Before we get to that, I wanna give a shout out to two books I grabbed recently that I absolutely LOVE! First up is one I just finished. If you're into enemies to lovers, you MUST read this one. All the books in the series have been awesome, but this is my favorite. Blurb: My life plan is to be brutally honest all the way to the bank. Don't believe me? I run a popular YouTube channel called TrashyZane, and my claim to fame is oversharing about every aspect of my personal life. Sometimes while tipsy. Not everyone loves my style, but I have a long history of icing out people who can't handle me. I have no time for judgmental foolishness. Except, apparently, when it comes to Beau Starr. His channel is the polar opposite of mine, and so is