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Self-pub vs Traditional Pub series #2: KALLYPSO MASTERS' opinions and Advice

**note from Bianca Sommerland: Some of you know that I considered self-publishing for a long time before actually doing it. I was afraid I didn't have what it took to make it alone. Kallypso Masters gave me wonderful advice and support. She has given me permission to share her words on the subject from a recent conversation. I'm adding her links and such myself because if you haven't read her books, you should! <g>** Kallypso Masters: Free from Amazon and other distributors No disrespect to anyone who wants a publisher or is just starting to write, because there are things they can teach you that you need to know. But I spent 20 years learning those things in RWA and classes. I'm still learning, of course, with each new editor and beta reader I work with, but I've said before, I'm very Domme about my books and my career. I'd have probably been urged to conform with the publisher's rules so i didn't do anything risky or too terri

Collection of Links to Information about Current Noble Romance Publishing Situation

I've created a new post just for the links which will be updated regularly. If you find links that are not on this list, please let me know. Thanks!  A Bear on Books: Noble Romance Aleksandr Voinov- Publications & Backlist News Roundup Amarinda Jones: Less than Noble . . . BL Bonita: Failure to Communicate     Brita Adams: Publisher Failure and How it Hurts Authors Bryl: Fuck 'Em! C.H. Scarlett: Attention! Attention! Jill Noelle Noble has left the building! D.Dye: Noble Romance Publishing Dear Author: Noble Romance Future Uncertain Diana Hardy: Unpublishing my old erotica short stories and Noble Romance Publishing   Ellie Heller: An Impotence of Communication-Noble Romance Erastes: Jill Noble Quits Noble Publishing  Erastes: Latest News from Noble Publishing Erastes: Olympics and Noble Gianna Simone: Publisher Woes J.S Wayne: An Ig-Noble Letter J.S Wayne: And I should believe you . . . Why? KarenKnowsBest: Jill Noble Has left Nob

Self-Pub VS Traditional Pub Series#1: Free Fall into the Trash Bin and NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING

So you want to publish a book? After dealing with a situation that made me feel powerless, I've decided to create a series of posts which will include warnings and advice for aspiring authors, as well as information for my beloved readers who need to know what's going on. Please check the bottom of the post for links to other Noble authors for more information. ~~~ This is a wonderful time for authors! There are so many options out there to bring your work to your readers. Literally hundreds of ebook and traditional publishers (which will both be lumped into trad pub in these posts just to simplify) are looking for authors, going through thousands of emails every day, and they are not just looking for the next EL James, Stephenie Meyer, or Amanda Hocking (yes, the last is self-pubbed, but I'm making a point! :^P ). Publishers know there are many wonderful authors out there that won't sell bazillions, but whom readers will love. To top it off, if you're the


**NOTE** A scheduling mishap on my part made it so my blog is in 2 hops at the same time. The only way I could think to fix this is by doubling up the prizes! The First Blog hop ends July 17th, so I will announce the first winners then. Thanks for your understanding :)  This is so the perfect Blog Hop for the Dartmouth Cobras! What makes it even more fitting is that these particular Cobras develop a very different relationship through the course of the 3rd book in the series, BREAKAWAY. I could tell you more, but I think I'll let the excerpt speak for itself! ;)   Check out the bottom of the post for prizes and don't forget to comment for your chance to win!  Rubbing his lips as he shook his head, he moved towards a bookshelf and picked up the first familiar book, Strangers by Dean Koontz . On another shelf he found a bottle of Jamaican rum and a tumbler which he filled before bringing the book and the glass to the chair. Not like he'd be able to sleep anyway.