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STREET SMARTS EARLY RELEASE-Excerpt, What's up next, and ON MY TBR!

So, technically it was supposed to be out tomorrow, but patience isn't one of my virtues! lol Here's a little teaser: Not what you were expecting, huh?” Otto rested his hand on Rip’s shoulder. His touch brought a comforting warmth, a steadiness Rip hadn’t realized he was lacking. He smiled. “It’s cool. The perfect bachelor pad.” “Yeah…well, aside from Derek and Gage, you’re the first person I’ve ever brought down here.” Otto lightly massaged the side of Rip’s neck. “Took me awhile to get used to having my own space again.” “Really?” Rip glanced over at Otto, fighting the urge to lean back against him. Fuck, those strong fingers on his neck felt good. “I’d assumed a man like you would bring a new guy home every weekend.” Otto snorted. “And deal with the awkwardness of waking up with them here in the morning? Hell no. I prefer neutral territory.” “You must spend a lot on hotels then.” “Are you calling me a slut, Rip?” Otto slid his hand d

STREET SMARTS is on its WAY! Time for a SALE! :D

I'm so excited to share the next book in the Higher Education series! :) I had so much fun with the first one, so when I heard from another character in the first book I was more than ready to write his love story. Here's the cover and blurb: The one time geeky high school teacher, Rupert ‘Rip’ Martinez, tries to play the hero, it almost costs him his life. Maybe he should leave the rescuing to the tough guys, like the man who saved him, Otto Shriver. Tattoos, dog tags, and a heart of gold, Otto is exactly the type of man Rip would go for. In his dreams. When socially awkward meets carefree and confident, it’s probably best they go their separate ways. Their only excuse to ever see one another again is an adorable pup in need of a good home. Unless they really don’t need any excuses at all. Click HERE to add to your Goodreads shelf.  Now, for the sale! Street Smart is a standalone, but we do get to re-visit a couple of characters from book one. So if


Milly Taiden Presents: Sassy Ever After Kindle World Tamed by Bianca Sommerland When Zaire Torva, enforcer of the Blue Creek pack, finds his mate near death in an underground fighting ring, he has no idea Lathan Ferox crashing into his life will turn his whole world upside-down. The struggle to save the man who claims Zaire’s heart tests their newly formed bond. And proves there’s nothing Zaire won’t do for him. Only, sharing him might be an issue. While on a mission to retrieve a runaway wolf cub, Zaire and Lathan come across a beautiful, fierce young woman, Embry CaelitÄ“s, who watches over the child with all the instincts of a mare guarding her foal. Separating the two is impossible, and Embry possesses powers that can help Lathan tame his beast. Unfortunately, Zaire and Embry are like oil and water, clashing at every turn. All they have in common is how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the ones they love. Surrenderin