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GAME MISCONDUCT Blog Tour and more fun stuff!

I have been very lax with my blog, but the good news is, it's because I've been writing up a storm! <g> Game Misconduct is all polished up and ready to go out into the world February 9th. The second Dartmouth Cobras book, Defensive Zone, is off to a running start and I should be able to get it to you sometime this spring! Still so much to do to get ready for this release, but I thought I'd give you a quick look at my schedule. The Dartmouth Cobras and Oriana will be going on tour and I will be giving away a book at each stop and a 20$ Amazon Gift card to one randomly chosen comment from one of the blogs. Here's the schedule:  Feb 8th  -  Romance Book Junkies ( )   Feb 9th  -  The Forbidden Bookshelf ( )  Feb 13th  -  Seriously Reviewed ( ) Feb 14th  -  Kinky Book Reviews ( )   Feb 15th  -  Guilty Plea

My New Year's Resolution…

Get Stuff Done! Yep, it's that simple. It's the first day of 2012, and I'm just getting around to looking back at 2011 and asking myself: What did I do with all that time? Well, let's see- January 3 rd 2011-I published my first book, Rosemary Entwined. This isn't the first books I've ever written—not even the first romance novel. But I was my first ménage and my first attempt to write hot sex. I challenge myself when I wrote this. People said anything more than 3 men and one woman isn't a relationship, it's a gang bang. Proving them wrong was never the point—most of them probably won't read Rosemary Entwined, but that's fine. I wrote the story and there are people out there that feel the love, that enjoyed getting swept away into Rosemary's world where 7 men are truly devoted to one woman. Because sometime it seems having just one is a dream, why not fully immerse yourself in the fantasy? Click for more of Rosemary Entwined April 11th 2