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Offended? REPORT REPORT REPORT! You might be able to 'RUIN' someone. Unless WE get in your way...PETITION

This is gonna be a quick one. Since last night, myself and several INCREDIBLE people have gotten together to help support a photographer who's been locked off his page for sharing his pictures. You know, the really obscene ones of women's asses... Wait, no, that's not it. A female ass is fine. OH! Yes, it must be a bloody picture on the first page of a news report... Naw, why would that both anyone? I love beheadings with my coffee in the morning. Here's some examples of the pictures that get reported: In this case, one of the people who reported the photos--on a page you have to like to see, or perhaps your friends or family liked, in which case the IS the option to tell Facebook 'I don't want to see posts like this'--went so far as to tell Michael Stokes that they would ruin him. There's no mistaking the intentions. This person knows Facebook has given them the power to lock someone off their page and remove photos they find offensiv

Celestial Pets Available Now-And what's up with KU?

I won't keep you long-I got a couple of books I'm hoping to get to you within the next few months. ;) But for a fun little update, right now we're working on a custom photo shoot for the cover of GOAL LINE. Yes, that means Dominik Mason not only gets his own book, but he'll be the only one on it, just like Tyler Vanek for Iron Cross. Aside from that, we have the last Deadly Captive book, THE END, which seems like it's taking forever, but I promise you, it will be worth the wait. I had to choose between getting it out quickly and being true to the story. I'll always choose the story, and I know that's exactly what you all expect from me.  So now for the fun stuff! <g>  Celestial Pets has been waiting in line for its turn in the spotlight, but with the 'opportunity' of Kindle Unlimited (you've probably seen a few authors talking about it) I figured this might be the perfect time to try out the program and maybe hook up with s

THE SPORTS AUTHOR: Guest Post V.L. Locey

Please welcome the amazing VL Locey to celebrate her latest Wildcat novel, Language of Love! Hi there everyone, I am thrilled to meet you! My name is V.L. Locey and I'm an erotic romance author, wife, mother of a college freshman, and small hobby farmer. Before I get chit-chatting and forget, I'd like to thank Bianca for having me here for a visit. I met Bianca when I was fortunate enough to have a novella chosen for inclusion in the Seduced by the Game charity anthology that benefitted Hockey Fights Cancer. While Bianca may cheer the Habs and I root for the Rangers, we became friends and hardly ever chirp each other about our teams. Although it was probably tempting when the Canadian`s and Rangers went head-to-head for the Eastern Conference Championship last season! =D Now you might be wondering how it is that a small hobby farmer may have gotten into writing erotic romances, and in particular erotic hockey romance, although I do dabble in a few other genres hockey rom