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Should we ever meet, don’t ask . . .?

In a bit of a mood today. Not a bad mood, just the kind of mood that promotes total randomness. Which got me thinking, what shall I say to people I meet at the conferences this summer? And should I give them some warning that my answers might sound like I’m not all there? (Because I might not be—answers will probably be worse if you find me in the bar! <eg>) Well, my answer to myself was yes. So here’s my warning: I claim no responsibility for what I may blurt out. I’m an author, I’m allowed to be weird! ;) Here’s some of the questions I figured I might be asked, along with my possible answers. All replied with love! <3 Q: Oh, you’re an author?! What do you write? Answer: Self-help books. All about how to help yourself to a hot hockey player. My former books are about how to handle seven men and/or enjoy captivity and torture. Q: Can you name one of your books? Answer: Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and . . . Oh, the books I’ve