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NEW RELEASE: COLD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 4) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Dear readers, Times are pretty crazy, so I haven't gotten to do as much for this new release as I wanted to, but I'm so excited to have it out there. I know reading and writing has helped me so much in finding an escape right when I need it. I really hope my books do the same for you. That said, I'm hoping to have some updates for you soon of things to look forward to. I appreciate your support so much and my thoughts are will you all. Stay home if you can. Stay safe. And Happy Reading! Hugs, Bianca Breaking a few rules didn’t seem like a huge deal. With his name on several government assassination lists, Wren Gibson’s prison sentence might’ve been the shortest in hacker history, until an unlikely rescue lands him behind the sturdy brick walls of The Asylum Fight Club. Where everyone can game the rules, yet he’s forbidden from even placing his piece on the board. But one Dom tempts him to gamble everything. The Asylum’s resident, on-call medic,