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RELEASE DAY for HARD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 3) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Quick post because I have to do all the things since there's back to back releases coming, but... IT'S HERE!!!  This book is emotional, intense, sexy, and I've been dying to get it in your hands! Keep scrolling for a sexy excerpt and all the links! <g> Scandalous headlines threaten to turn Jamie Kent from a pop star to a pariah on the regular, but this latest one is a little too close for comfort. The Asylum Fight Club seems like a good place to hide out...until he has to prove he belongs—deep in a lifestyle with a contract and rules he breaks within the first five minutes. Staying means complete surrender, but a lifetime scripting love songs didn’t prepare him to give his heart to the one man who claims everything he has to offer. The day he returns from prison. Reputation has its own kind of power in a place where pain and pleasure depend on who’s in control. Entangled in the lives of those he’d give anything to protect, Noah Leonov rarely takes