RELEASE DAY for HARD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 3) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Quick post because I have to do all the things since there's back to back releases coming, but...


This book is emotional, intense, sexy, and I've been dying to get it in your hands!

Keep scrolling for a sexy excerpt and all the links! <g> headlines threaten to turn Jamie Kent from a pop star to a pariah on the regular, but this latest one is a little too close for comfort. The Asylum Fight Club seems like a good place to hide out...until he has to prove he belongs—deep in a lifestyle with a contract and rules he breaks within the first five minutes. Staying means complete surrender, but a lifetime scripting love songs didn’t prepare him to give his heart to the one man who claims everything he has to offer.

The day he returns from prison.

Reputation has its own kind of power in a place where pain and pleasure depend on who’s in control. Entangled in the lives of those he’d give anything to protect, Noah Leonov rarely takes chances, but the hardened fighter refuses to abandon the vulnerable new sub to vultures who could tear his life apart with a camera flash. With the cage where he spent two years fresh in his mind, Noah won’t trap the man he loves in his brutal world. Jamie deserves the glamour and fame, where he can have more than a broken man can provide.

He belongs in the spotlight.

Neither man ever had the choice to decide their own destiny. Imprisoned by the roles they’re forced to play, their key to freedom might be to do the unexpected.

Refuse to let go.


Noah’s finger tap to his cheek made him blink. “Did you hear a word I’ve said, little cat?”
He let his eyes tell his story for him, along with a poke at his lip with his tongue. “No, sir.”
“I see.” Bringing the ceramic coffee mug with its Asylum logo to his lips, Noah considered him, heat in his eyes. “Care to share what’s consuming the space in that pretty head today?”
With anyone else, being called pretty rankled. Not with Noah. Any way the man wanted to refer to him was just fine as far as he was concerned.
Forearms stacked on the table in front of him, Jamie leaned forward to share his secret. “I want you to do the dirtiest fucking things to me, and I can’t stop thinking about them.”
Behind the bar, Matt stilled with a sharp inhale.
For the briefest moment, something ghosted the gray in Noah’s eyes. The mug lowered halfway. “Do you now?”
Jamie looked down and frowned. Maybe that had been a step too far? The power of the statement had felt good, but once it fell away he was exposed, having admitted something that he wanted to take for himself—something that hadn’t been given. It felt like he’d stepped into a rowboat too hard, rocking it so he had to stand with his arms out to rebalance.
He lifted his gaze to find Noah regarding him. “That sucked. I’m sorry.”
Noah looped one finger into the ring at the base of the golden collar Jamie now wore at all times, tugging with gentle insistence until he was forced to rise up out of his chair and circle the table. Noah shifted, making room between his legs. 
Slipping his hand down Jamie’s chest, Noah patted his own lap. “Sit.”
“Oh.” Jamie blinked, relief rushing over his skin. 
Noah’s lips lifted.
Canting his head, Jamie looked for the trick. He’d been so sure he was about to get his ass beat. Which would have sucked because punishments were no fun.
Ass balanced on one sturdy thigh he drew up his feet so his knees were at his chest. Noah wrapped an arm around him and plucked a piece of toast from Jamie’s plate. Holding it to Jamie’s lips, Noah whispered “Open.”
The command rumbled over his ear, a hot wash, and Jamie parted his lips as Curtis clattered into the bar, Reed behind him, and halted.
“Oof.” Reed made an aggravated sound. “Curtis, could you… Oh. Okay, that’s...weird.”
Snapping his hand down, Curtis landed a slap on Reed’s hip. “Behave.”
“As long as I can keep watching.” Ducking his head under Curtis’s arm, Reed snuggled into his Dom.
The toast still pressed against his lips, its rough texture a kiss Jamie instinctively knew not to take without permission. He’d come to know Noah’s quirks. Mind fucks, Curtis had called them on one very rare occasion when Noah had been out of earshot.
“When you’re ready to focus, little cat?” The words were whispered for his ears alone.
He blushed, caught out for the second time in as many minutes. “Sorry, sir.”
“Mhm.” The sound rumbled from Noah’s chest. “Bite.”
Jamie took the corner Noah gave him and bit. Salt hit his tongue, followed by the wheat bread’s nuttier notes. His jaw muscles tensed reflexively, and he began to chew.
Noah tsked.
Jaw freezing, Jamie widened his eyes. Oh shit. He would have laughed at the look on Curtis’s face, except he knew better. Yeah, he was in trouble, but it was kinda hot and he knew he didn’t have anything to worry about. Not from Noah.
Noah lifted his palm. “Spit.”
Nose wrinkling, he did as he was told. The morsel went onto a napkin and the toast corner reappeared at his mouth. 
“Let’s try that again, shall we?” Noah waited.
Jamie waited.
“Good boy.” Nuzzling his ear, Noah issued his next command. “Bite.”
Jamie bit, and this time didn’t chew. 
The bread became a soggy mass before Noah said “Chew” and was ground to near-nothing between his molars before Noah said “Swallow.” The entire process repeated with his breakfast. At the last, Noah wiped his mouth with a napkin and tucked him closer.
Noah trailed the tip of his nose along Jamie’s ear. “Better?”
Jamie nodded, nestling in. “Yes, sir.”
“What did you learn?”
Biting down the urge to say, to step over your boundaries more often. He smiled. “That you give me what I need.”
“And what you want, little cat.” Warm fingers cupped Jamie’s balls through his sweatpants and squeezed with just the right amount of pressure to mind fuck him into next week. “Lift your hips.”
Heat hit Jamie’s cheeks as he caught on. “Is this the dirty as fuck part?”
“It might be…” Noah’s grip tightened, making Jamie’s eyes water. “Or it could be the part where I tan your ass for Topping from the bottom.”
Curtis snorted and Reed elbowed him in the ribs. Behind the bar, Matt leaned on his elbows, attention rapt.
Lips pressed between his teeth, Jamie slid his feet to the floor and lifted his hips. Noah’s forearm banded across his chest, his free hand drawing down the sweatpants to just below his sac so it rested on top of the waistband. Before his head fell back against Noah’s shoulder, he met Curtis’s stunned gaze, saw the raw need in his eyes, and took in Matt’s open mouth. They were so fucking turned on. Best audience he’d ever had. Only Reed looked away.
Noah ran the pad of his finger up and down his shaft, tracing the tissue between his balls, lifting them to run his touch underneath before pushing his sweatpants off, first one leg and then the other. 
“Put one of your thighs over each of mine.”
“Oh shit.” Jamie whispered the curse, complying.
The position stretched him wide, his dick bobbing freely. Arm still across his chest, holding tight, Noah slipped a hand between his crack and circled his hole, pressing lightly. Jamie groaned, hips swaying, his dick fucking the air at the gentle touch. Noah explored him like a sculpture, and then his ass again, as if it were the first time he’d seen and touched Jamie’s dick and not the hundredth.
Noah withdrew and returned with two fingers, scissoring him open, prodding sensitive tissue and tight muscle until he relaxed. His body submitted and Jamie blushed, remembering how they’d explored some of Noah’s more inventive shower attachments last night. Precum trailed down his shaft, his awareness narrowed to Noah’s breath in his ear, the sound of the sleet, and cries he tried vainly to imprison behind his teeth.
“Touch yourself for me.” Noah’s unexpected command sent heat rocketing from Jamie’s toes to the top of his head. 
He shook his head, a denial they both knew he wouldn’t hold to.
“You’re still clinging to the illusion of control? That’s...cute.” Noah shifted his thighs, raising Jamie’s hips and deepening his access. “The only opinion you need to worry about, little cat, is mine.”
Another finger joined the second, the dry fullness becoming a less-pleasant ache. Jamie brought hands he hadn’t knowingly wrapped around the back of Noah’s neck to his thighs. Tentative fingers brushed his shaft. His own. Not as good as Noah gripping him, but disappointing his Dom wasn’t an option. 
He worked himself over in strokes synchronized to Noah’s thrusts, gathering the precum from his slit with his palm. His hand slowed when Noah’s slowed, sped up when Noah’s fingers rocked into him in percussive slaps. Best rhythm track ever. Mouth open, head rolled back, he brushed his cheek against Noah’s beard, nuzzling and panting in need. The warmth of Noah’s skin against his, encouraging words, not-so-sweet nothings that told him exactly how much his Dom enjoyed fucking his tight ass, watching him fist his pretty cock. Jesus that last turned him on and embarrassed him in the most twisted way. He wanted more. Whatever Noah would give him.


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