Saturday, March 5, 2016

Amazon is eating out reviews like a juicy...steak. I might have a solution ;)

That actually doesn't sound as unpleasant as it is, but I think there's enough negativity going around and I'm excited, so I naturally start referring to everything sexually! lol!

Yeah, it's a problem. ;)

Anyway, I've seen a lot of chatter on the great big virtual web that's trapped us all and helplessness isn't a good look for me. So I came up with an idea.

I'm hoping to put together a blog for reviews at some point, but for now, I'm going to do a segment here. Called 'You Gotta Read This!' 

There are tons of blogs out there, and they do an amazing job of spreading the word about some great books. But when it comes to less popular books, books that don't have the marketing or the established following to gain exposure, there's only one thing that can really give them a chance to shine.

And that's the READERS.

Most of you know this already. This is why you tell all your friends about your favorite books. Why you share posts from your favorite authors and do everything to show your support. The easiest way to do this has always been to write reviews.

Only...that's no so much an option anymore. Not if you're 'friends' with the author, which means being connected to them in any way online that might hit Amazon's radar.

But you BOUGHT the book. You should be able to review it no matter who you're friends with, right?

Ya, well tell that to Amazon and you'll likely lose EVERY SINGLE REVIEW you've EVER WRITTEN there. It's happened to a lot of people.

So my plan is to provide a place where readers have a platform. You buy a book, you love it, and you want to tell everyone. You want this author to keep writing books because THEY ROCK!

This won't be a regular review site because there will be no advanced copies, no advantage given to anyone. Reviews will be posted purely because they share the love of books with other readers.

Obviously, there will be a limit to how many reviews I can post, both here and in the blog I hope to start in the next month or so--it will depend on how popular the posts are and how many submissions I get. 

I welcome other authors or bloggers to contact me if they'd like to get involved and do a segment as well. Or get involved with the blog project. 

Depending on submissions, there will be up to 5 reviews a day posted, 3 times a week. Just fill out the form below to have your review considered.

Reviews will be chosen based on genuine excitement. They don't need to be crazy long, but if they don't tell other readers why 'YOU GOTTA READ THIS!' then they're not helping anyone. I wish I could have a place where readers could post good, bad, and middle ground reviews, but goodreads and other reviews sites handle that well enough. 

My main goal in this is to see books getting some fierce love.

And to find some great new reads myself! <g>

Please leave any questions in the comments! And Happy Reading--AND REVIEWING! :D

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