Saturday, May 28, 2016

LINE BRAWL RELEASE in 2 DAYS! PLAYER ON PLAYER Interview with Shawn 'Easy' Pischlar

So the Cobra have decided to try something new. Rather than dealing with the pressure of a typical interview, with reporters that can be downright nasty—Hayley Turner anyone?—they’ll be interviewing one another.

Most of this interview won’t make it to the sports magazines, but you all get an uncut look of the trouble triplets interviewing Shawn ‘Easy’ Pischlar!

**Note-It was supposed to be just Scott, but his buddies thought he might need backup. ;)

Player on Player: Interview with 
Shawn ‘Easy Pischlar

A table was set up off to the side of the locker room, which was practically empty in the off-season. Scott tapped his fingers on the printout in front of him, feeling a little stiff in his gray suit, but Becky wanted to give a polished look to the first interview.

He had a feeling she just liked seeing him in a suit. Not that he didn’t wear one on date nights, and to games, and…damn, he wore suits a lot now, didn’t he?

“I bet the suit doesn’t make it through the interview.” Zach smirked as he straightened Scott’s tie, laughing as Becky nudged him aside. “Are you trying to earn yourself a punishment, little doe? I promise you, you won’t enjoy it.”

Becky bit her bottom lip, smoothing her hands down Scott’s chest to smooth his jacket. “He’s not going to strip during the interview.”

“Tyler and Luke will be there. I’m not so sure about that.”

Scott rolled his eyes. “That joke gets funnier every day. I promised I’d be on my best behavior. I will be.”

Sliding up to his side, Zach whispered in his ear. “You’re allowed to be a little bad. You know we both enjoy it.”

With a soft groan, Scott pushed aside the memory of that morning, adjusting in his seat, knowing very well talking to Pisch with a fucking hard-on would be a very bad idea. Heat spread over the back of his neck as Luke pulled a chair up beside him, turning it backwards before straddling it.

“You’re so cute when you’re blushing.” Luke ducked his head when Scott tried to backhand him. “Come on, chill out. It’s Easy!”

A few feet away, Tyler watched the cameramen setting up all the lights and sound equipment. He shook his head, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his own pants. “Isn’t this supposed to be all casual? Ford made it sound like it would be cool, but Silver and Becky turned it into a fucking press conference.”

“Dude, there are no reporters.” Luke kicked his feet up to the edge of the table. He was just as dressed up as Scott and Vanek, but somehow made the suit seem just as comfortable as jeans and a t-shirt. “We’re in charge. We can make this fun.”

“You mean I’m in charge.” Scott shoved Luke’s feet off the table. “You two aren’t even supposed to be here.”

“We can go if you want.” Tyler glanced over as the door to the locker room open. His cheeks went red. “Really, we don’t mind.”

Looking over, Scott sat up and tugged at his tie. Fuck, Pisch clearly hadn’t gotten the memo about dressing formally. In a suit anyway. But he still managed to look more put together than any of them.

In stylishly faded black jeans, with a black V-neck sweater folded up his forearms, and a white shirt with the top few buttons undone, Pisch was…fuck it, Scott couldn’t find the words to describe him. He was slick, and sinfully sexy. Scott was very happy with his own man, but hints that they might all play one day made it difficult not to stare at Pisch while considering…

Interview. I’m here for the interview.

“Good afternoon, boys.” Pisch winked at Tyler, grabbing a chair from the other end of the table and setting it down in diagonal to Scott. He slouched into the chair, resting one ankle on his knee. “Let’s get this over with. You all keep looking at me like that and this interview will become X-rated very quickly.”

Luke suddenly made himself look very busy going over the questions Scott was supposed to ask. He cleared his throat, then let out a nervous laugh. “Umm, this one’s clearly a ‘Yes’.”

Leaning over to read the question, Scott chuckled. He tugged at his tie. “Yeah, but I still gotta ask.” He turned to Pisch. “You still ‘Easy’?”

Lips quirking at the edges, Pisch inclined his head. “Yes. But you still get the speech.”

“I don’t…” Scott undid his tie. Damn, it was hot in there. Did they turn off the AC? “I don’t think I’m doing this right. You should probably introduce yourself first.”

“All right.” Pisch flashed a smile at the camera. “My name is Shawn Pischlar. Call me ‘Easy’. And yes, to clarify, I’m still me. I thought I’d have to change to be in a relationship, but love isn’t the cage I once thought it would be. It’s actually quite liberating.”

Scott liked that answer. His own relationships weren’t as open as Pisch’s, but he didn’t feel trapped.

Pisch continued. “I play left wing, third line for the Dartmouth Cobras. I’m a playmaker. I like long walks on the beach, eating dessert off a sexy man, or woman, and my favorite position is all of them.”

Tyler plunked down in the last chair, on the other side of Scott, covering his face with his hands. “You do know this is an interview for the team website. We’re not trying to get you a date.”

“I don’t need a date. I’m just being honest.” A playful glint sparkled in Pisch’s gray-green eyes. “I also enjoy watching the three of you squirm. Next question?”

Pulling off his tie, Scott set it on the table, looking over the questions for a safe one. “Who could you picture playing you in a movie?”

“No one.”

“Really?” Luke cocked his head. “I’d think Taylor Kitsch could do you.”

Pisch inclined his head. “And I’d let him ‘do me’. He can’t very well act as me while I’m fucking him.”

Holy shit… Scott’s mouth went dry. He undid his suit jacket. And the top few buttons of his shirt. Much better. “What’s your favorite car?”

“Anything with a big backseat.”

“You’re going to make all your answers sexual, aren’t you?” Scott shrugged off his jacket, his brow furrowing as he considered the rest of the questions. “Becky thinks the fans will enjoy getting to know us like this, but so far, I don’t think they can use any of this.”

“I apologize. I like fucking with the three of you.” Pisch made a circular motion with his hand. “Go on, I’ll keep it PG13.”

“Okay…” Scott checked the next question. “If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be? And if you say a stripper I’m done.”

Glancing at Scott’s tie, then his jacket and his open shirt, Pisch’s lips curved, but he didn’t comment on Scott slowly losing articles of clothing. “I’ve never seriously considered anything else, but once I retire, I might consider becoming a trainer. Or a masseuse. I think I’d be very good, working all the tension out of hard, overworked muscles.”

“It’s really fucking hot in here. Did you notice it’s hot in here?” Tyler took off his own jacket. Then his shirt and tie. Thankfully, he was wearing a white tank underneath. He scooted his chair back a bit when Pisch shot him an amused look. “What? I don’t get how people wear all these layers in the summer. Hell, I’m getting hot just looking at you.”

“That much is obvious.” Pisch arched a brow at Luke. “Would you like to get more comfortable before we continue?”

Luke shook his head. “Nope. I’m good. I’d like some water though. Can someone get me water please?”

While Luke gulped down the water, Scott continued. “A fan asked about your tattoos. Do you have a favorite? Any you regret?”

Expression turning serious, Pisch rubbed his jaw. “None I regret, but as for favorites, the quote I have from transformers is right up there. It reminds me of my best friend, which makes it special. Also, the barbwire on my foot. It once made me think of the pain I’d endured, but now I see it as a reminder of what I’ve survived.”

Throat tightening, Scott nodded. He took a deep breath. “Would you consider coming to one of my self-defense classes and talking about abusive relationships?”

The way Pisch’s eyes narrowed told Scott he should have left the question out. Too late now. Pisch leaned forward. “Absolutely nothing I could say would help them. It’s a great thing you’re doing, Demyan. I respect it, but I feel more comfortable with causes where I know I can do some good.”

“Next question!” Luke grabbed the printouts, flipping through them. Then he dropped the papers on the table and stood. “I lied. I need to get this shit off. New rule, Scott. Your woman does not get to choose our outfits when its fucking boiling outside. Or we’re interviewing Easy. This can’t be healthy.

After ditching his jacket, tie, shirt, and pants—he’d somehow managed to fit them over swim trunks, clever fucker—Luke leaned his hip on the edge of the table. “Do you consider yourself a peacemaker or an observer off the ice?”

“A little of both?” Pisch gave Luke an appreciative once over, but kept his answer appropriate. “I don’t like meddling unless I truly believe a friend needs me to get involved. And even then, I think most people need to be heard more than they needs things to be ‘fixed’ for them. Sometimes I wish I could do more, but stressing doesn’t really help anyone. The most important thing is to let those I care for know I’m here.”

“True dat!” Luke grinned. “All right, which teammate do you admire and why? Please say me? It’s me, isn’t it?”

Pisch chuckled. “Yes, I admire you, Carter. All of you, actually. I think we have a strong team, and every single player has gone through their own struggles. If I had to pick one, though, it would be Demyan.”

Scott blinked and sat up. “Me? Why?”

“You were a hot mess when you joined the team. You’ve come a long way. You’re an amazing father, friend, and teammate. I could get into detail, but I don’t think I need to.” Pisch reached out and squeezed Scott’s shoulder. “I want to be you when I grow up.”

The mood had been lightened, which was awesome, but Scott still wrinkled his nose, not sure he liked the idea of Pisch seeing him as more ‘grown up’ than the rest of them. Hell, Pisch was almost a year older than he was.

Then again, looking at his life now, he didn’t feel like he’d gotten old and boring. Casey exhausted Becky and Zach, but he still managed to keep up with her when she wanted to run around and play. He was at the top of his career. And he still had a blast with his two best friends.

So he snorted, shaking his head and moving on to the next question before Luke took all the credit for getting them through the interview. “If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why there?”

“I don’t think I can name one place. I want to experience so many things. Travel everywhere. I’d love to go deep in the jungle, sail across the ocean. Not doing it alone is much more appealing. Now that I have two very special people to explore with, there are no limits.”

“I agree.” Scott smiled, relieved that they’d reached the last question. “Is there any one person that you regret letting go?”

Folding his hands behind his neck, Pisch leaned back, shaking his head. “I believe people find the place they're meant to hold in your life, if they’re meant to be there at all. When you let someone go, they don’t have to go far. Keeping those I cared for a distance used to feel necessary, but now…now I’ve realized some need to be kept close. Because that’s exactly where they belong.
* * * *