Monday, January 28, 2019


I haven't forgotten y'all! In the middle of getting both Gilded (New Rules Book Two) and Off Beat (Winter's Wrath Book Four) ready for release dates!

I'm also heading to Texas for Wild Wicked Weekend, so if you're in the area, make sure to check it out!

In anticipation of the next book in the Winter's Wrath series, the first three books are now available in a box set, which is on sale for the next week!

Grab it HERE:

For those waiting for the next book in the New Rules Trilogy, I don't have an exact date yet, but it will be in February!

If you haven't read Polished (New Rules Book One) you can check it out here:

And for those waiting for Gilded, here's a sneak peek!


Everything has a price.

Self-made millionaire Xavier Ashburne has never stopped fighting for control. Money and power gave him some, but there’s still so much uncertainty neither can overcome.

When his longtime lover and partner, Luther Cross, leaves on a trip to reconnect with his brother, Xavier is left to manage their business and household alone. He’d never realized how much he relied on his man—especially when it comes to their shared submissive, Alexander Tremaine.

As a reformed thief, Alexander came into Xavier’s life in the most unconventional fashion, but before too long, stole his way into Xavier’s heart. And now that he’s there, Xavier needs the control he’s won to keep him safe and happy.

But when Xavier’s past comes back to haunt them, all the riches in the world won’t be enough.

Money is worthless.

Power merely existence painted in gold.



“You look fucking miserable.”
Alec’s soft words startled me, but I remained where I stood as he slipped into the room and came to my side. So far everything I’d said had upset him, because I couldn’t give him the answers he wanted. Didn’t know how to let him in the way he needed me to.
So I kept my mouth shut.
“I think I might’ve been pushing too hard.” Letting out a heavy sigh, Alec walked up to the bed, and dropped down on the edge, glancing up at me as he leaned back. “I was looking forward to this time together. I thought things would be… I don’t know, different I guess. But spending all my time pissed off isn’t cool. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. You have every right to expect more from me.”
“Not more than you’re willing to give.”
I lowered my gaze, not sure how to explain without giving away too much. There had to be some middle ground. “I want to give you everything, Alec. And I will. If you can be patient with me, there’s a lot I need to tell you.”
He nodded slowly, reaching back to grab a pillow and stuff it behind him. A few cushions fell off the bed and he glanced over, looking like he was going to pick them up.
With one swift step I grabbed his shoulder, firmly pushing him back on the bed. “Leave them. I was just thinking how much I enjoy having you in here.”
“Making a mess?” He laughed at his own words, then gave me a hooded look. “Actually, yeah. I can see that. You’re probably too busy though. Do you want me to go?”
Fuck, he was hot when he got in the bratty, teasing mode. Trapping his wrists in one hand, I pinned him down with my body. The way he tugged at his wrists sent blood pulsing to my dick as I held his gaze, pale blue eyes darkening with lust.
“I have no intention of letting you go anywhere.” I scraped my teeth along his jaw. Whispered in his ear. “But stop distracting me.” I loosened my grip. “You wanted me to be more open with you. And I’m telling you I want you here. I want your clothes on my floor every day. I want to wake up and feel you beside me. I fucking hate this goddamn room when you’re not in it.”
Jerking one wrist free, Alec brought a hand to my cheek, forcing me to meet his eyes. “I usually sleep with Luther… I thought you preferred sleeping alone.”
“I don’t.”
“But if you hate this room, why not stay in mine? Or Luther’s? We could all fit—”
“Because I have control here.” Irritated at myself for ruining the mood, I began to rise, but Alec pulled me back and wrapped his legs around my waist. Flattening my hand on the bed by his head, I stared at him. “Careful, pet.”
He leaned up and nipped my bottom lip. “Don’t fucking ‘careful’ me. I’m not submitting to you until you explain. You can have me here whenever you want. All you have to do is ask.”
Letting out a heavy sigh, I rested my forehead on his. “And explain why it has to be here.”
A wry grin on his lips, Alec broke the tension of our little talk, his tone soft and encouraging. “That too.” He held my gaze. “This room is…it’s not exactly welcoming. I thought it was the way you liked things, all rich-looking and dark, but it’s like you’re on a damn stage all the time. Like it’s so fucking hard to step out of the spotlight, you just don’t bother.”
My spine stiffened, and the urge to protest was on my lips, but…he was right. I inclined my head. “One of the many things I love about you. You see right through my shit.” I lifted him, sliding him up the bed so I could lay over him with the mattress supporting some of my weight. Braced on one elbow, I brought my other hand to his hair, sliding my fingers through the soft, golden strands. “What you see around you is a reminder to myself that I am worth something. But it’s also a reminder of when I wasn’t. You and Luther both change how every room in this house feels. You make it feel like a real home.”
“Then why don’t you stay with us more often? We can make this into a home, Xavier. The whole damn mansion if you wanted. But you have to be ready, and I’m not sure you are. You still come here to hide.” He curved his hand around the back of my neck. “I was so pissed when I saw your car pull up and you didn’t come to me. You should have. I get that I was pushing, and maybe I went too far, but I was hurt. I need to know you care when I am. That I won’t always be chasing you to make things better.”
“You won’t, Alec. And you’re right, I should have gone to you. I was afraid to make things worse.” I smoothed my hand over his hair, leaning down to kiss him. “Thank you for being willing to chase me, though.”
“Mmm, if you’re gonna be this sweet, maybe I should do it more often.” His hands slid down my back and he tugged at my shirt. “I need to feel you, Xavier. Like this. No games, no restraints, no control. Just. You.”
Rising up, I unbuttoned my shirt, letting him shove it off my arms as I claimed his lips. Getting emotions tangled up with sex was difficult—only Luther knew what buttons to push to force me to let down my walls—but right now, there was nothing holding me back. I needed this connection with Alec. Needed the warmth in his eyes. The deep, hot pressure of his lips, a hint of sweetness lingering from the heaping teaspoons of sugar he put in his coffee. Needed the way he moved against me, barely holding still as I freed the first few buttons of his shirt, then gave up and swiftly pulled it up over his head.
The button on his pants broke loose when I tugged at it, but I barely noticed as I shoved them off his hips and down his thighs. His restless movements had my dick straining against my own pants and I ripped the seam along my zipper undoing it. Dick hot against his thigh, I raked my fingers into his hair, slanting my mouth over his and tasting him, drinking in his soft pleas. Sucking on his bottom lip, I finally wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking him, using the weight of my body to hold him still.
Pressing his thighs apart with my knees I rose up, sliding my hand over him until I reached the smooth flesh of his taint. A bit further and I penetrated the tightness of him with a single finger, watching his face as he struggled not to resist the gritty pressure. Bending down, I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock, laving it over his balls, getting him wet enough that my finger began to slide in deeper without much effort.
“Fuck, Xavier. Don’t tease me.” He lifted his hips, taking me in deeper. “Don’t hold back—not tonight. I need to know you can’t. That you don’t want to.”