Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DO NOT follow my bad example . . . and GAME MISCONDUCT goes FREE

This hockey card for Sloan took me hours to make. There's another version with even more touch ups on my old laptop which is about ready to go to print. Maybe I'll go take a look at it today and try some new things I've learned on Gimp. Which I think needs to be updated as soon as I have a chance...

If I'm not working on artwork for promo, or covers (I've tried my hand at a few, but was only ever satisfied with the one for Toile) I've usually got one or two WIPs going. Sometimes three. Then there's that idea for a fourth. My muse acts like a junkie tripping on speed, all the while growling at me to get my word count up while flashing scenes at me left and right. While I want to cuddle up with, say, Sloan for hot impact play, I'm seeing a tender scene between the hero and heroine from the second book in a series I haven't written yet!

Then there's facebook. And twitter. And damn it, that sink full of  dishes has been sitting there for two days! Brushing my hair at some point today might be a good idea. Don't I have a guest post to write?

It's easy to joke about how easily I'm distracted, but consistently flitting off track gets a whole lot of nothing done. So, today, I've made myself a promise. I'm going back to the single-minded obsessiveness that made putting down 10k words a day easy, and 20k possible.

But don't do that. Actually, I would suggest you never follow any example I give unless it's been sanctioned by a professional. Or you're not terribly concerned about your liver. ;)

My obsessive times usually consist of days where 10 cups of coffee a day is bare minimum. I eat only when someone pokes me with a fork in the midst of force feeding me. Once I put down the coffee cup, I pick up the glass of whiskey and coke. Or beer.

Unhealthy, and when I get in that zone I'm never quite there even when I'm not writing, but DAMN it feels good. When I stop writing because I need at least three hours sleep before starting again, when I'm going on pure passion for my work...there's no better feeling. For those who know a bit about BDSM, think of it like surrendering completely to a Dom you love. To giving up control and serving him without question. Not for what he can do for you, but because doing for him satisfies you on a deeper level.

For a submissive, one of the things that keeps the single-mindedness from being a problem is in a good relationship, the Dom takes care of the sub. Makes sure they eat and sleep. Your writing will never do that for you. It will drain you if you let it, all too happy to take control, not the least bit concerned if you can walk when it's done with you. I've never met a single muse who wasn't a sadist. And not the sweet, loving kind you meet in romance novels.

Don't fool yourself. Your muse gets off on your suffering.

So why not follow my example and turn over your heart, your body, your very soul to your passion? I've done quite well for myself doing just that. Well, because I think there must be safer, saner ways to do this. Not for me, naturally, but hopefully for you! And if not . . .

Good luck!

To end this crazy ramble, I just want to let you all know Bitten By Paranormal Romance is doing a BDSM Challenge this month and since I'm getting in on the fun (The COBRAS books are being reviewed and I'm posting on the 13th)I've decided to make Game Misconduct FREE for the length of the challenge. As of today, Game Misconduct is free @ All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and Kobo. Making books free on Amazon takes awhile, but the price has been reduced to .99 in the meantime. 

For those curious about Sloan's hockey card, it will be available at both events I'm going to this summer--most likely Lori Foster's Reader and Author Get Together and The RN Conventions (In Vegas!!!). If you can't wait for then, another way to get swag from me is to sign up for The Dartmouth Cobras Street team: The team's FB group gets updates and sneak peeks before anyone else. I've raised the limit of members from 30 to 50, so feel free to join in the fun!

And I shall bid you adieu as I let my muse shackle me to my desk! As always, post any questions in the comments and I will get to them ASAP!