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NEW RELEASE: COLD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 4) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Dear readers,

Times are pretty crazy, so I haven't gotten to do as much for this new release as I wanted to, but I'm so excited to have it out there. I know reading and writing has helped me so much in finding an escape right when I need it. I really hope my books do the same for you.

That said, I'm hoping to have some updates for you soon of things to look forward to. I appreciate your support so much and my thoughts are will you all.

Stay home if you can. Stay safe.

And Happy Reading!


Breaking a few rules didn’t seem like a huge deal.

With his name on several government assassination lists, Wren Gibson’s prison sentence might’ve been the shortest in hacker history, until an unlikely rescue lands him behind the sturdy brick walls of The Asylum Fight Club. Where everyone can game the rules, yet he’s forbidden from even placing his piece on the board.

But one Dom tempts him to gamble everything.

The Asylum’s resident, on-call medic, Jared “Doc” McCleod is familiar with the histories of every man who crosses the club’s threshold. Their pain, their fear… Of them all, only Wren has held on to his secrets, a fascinating contrast with how completely he gives up control. As the general on the front lines of The Asylum’s internal and external battles, it’s Jared’s duty to make certain the quiet sub with soulful brown eyes doesn’t fly under his radar for long.

Showing his hand could cost them both.

When Jared takes on the task of helping Wren recover from an unexpected injury, Wren begins to wonder. While the Dom is tending to everyone else, who is there for him? To show Jared he can be the sub he needs, he would willingly light himself on fire. For an ex-con with a target on his back, risking that kind of notice is a dangerous strategy, but...

Sometimes, getting what you want requires going all in.


Palm pressed over warm flesh, moist lips going still under Jared’s hand nearly made him forget what he’d been about to say. Blood pulsed low and hard, entering his dick like a punch. He pressed into the discomfort, forcing Wren back against the cushions, needing to control something, if only the boy’s mouth. “You’ll stay where I want you. Go where I tell you, when I tell you. Understood?”
Eyes wide, Wren nodded.
One knee on the couch, he fought the urge to move his palm over flared nostrils, to drink in the moment of fear that would follow. Struggles that would tighten lithe muscles beneath his hands until the boy sagged and he parted his fingers to let him inhale cold, precious, perfect breaths.
Jared dropped his hand, moving to the other end of the sofa, his “Drink up your tea, boy,” a little too gruff.
Without hesitation, Wren lifted the cup. Took a full mouthful of the scalding beverage. Then continued to drink. 
Horror spiked through him at the way the boy followed his orders to the letter. He jerked forward, knocking the mug clear of Wren’s fingers before he could take another mouthful. “Fuck, boy. Do you have any sense in your head?”
Wren’s already red face turned blotchy as his eyes filled with tears. The mug rolled across the Oriental carpet, spreading a dark stain over the crimson and cream pattern. Wren scrambled after it, a distressed cry escaping his lips. Standing, Jared moved to the stain and covered it with his boot, so his foot filled the boy’s view. 
On all fours, Wren froze, breaths coming quicker. Slowly sat back on his knees, in wait position, his arms behind his back, gaze lowered.
“Hm.” Tapping two fingers under the boy’s chin, Jared compelled him to lift his head. “Open.”
Brown eyes darkened and pink lips parted.
Cupping Wren’s chin, Jared pulled out his penlight, then bent to peer in his mouth. “Show me.”
As Wren stuck out the pert length of his glistening tongue, Jared shone the light, examining for blisters. There was no apparent damage other than overly red oral mucosa.
“Let’s see if we can make you think twice about abusing yourself, boy.” He straightened, issuing the hand command for stay. Leaving Wren there, Jared went to the kitchen to collect six ice cubes in a cup. Returned, pointing to the couch. “Up.”
Wren scrambled up.
Jared sat, pulling him into his lap, one arm around his shoulders, and tipped the boy’s head back to gently extend his neck. “Open.”
Sweet lips parted, the boy’s submission to him absolutely beautiful. No reservations. He’d have to be more careful with the gift in the future—there was little self-preservation instinct in this one. A diamond in the rough that could be polished to exquisite brightness if handled correctly.
Trailing the ice over the tiny dent at the middle of a lush lower lip, he smiled when Wren shifted on his lap, the round softness of his bottom an invitation he did his best to ignore. Ice chilled his fingers, cold water running down his wrist to dampen his shirt cuff as he pressed the cube in the boy’s mouth and withdrew it in a rhythmic motion. Water dribbled down that rounded chin, a tempting trail that suggested dirtier uses.
“Hold it in your mouth. Don’t swallow.” 
Full lips puckered into a compliant pout, Wren’s cheeks hollowed, drawing the cube from his fingers.
Taking the next cube, Jared used his other hand to unbutton the boy’s trousers. Palming the ice, he slid his oh so naked fingers past the constriction of elastic and cloth, pushed aside the length of hard flesh to grasp a handful of beautifully firm balls, and pressed the ice against the underside of Wren’s sac.
“Three swallows. Six cubes. We’ll continue until they’re all melted.”
Head tossing minutely, Wren whimpered as more water dribbled down his chin.
The ice melted, turning to a shard, and he withdrew his hand to pluck the next cube from the glass. “Open. Don’t swallow.”
Wren wiggled against him, opening his mouth, keeping his head tipped back to contain the melted ice water. 
Jared pressed the next cube between his lips, then tapped his chin to close them. 
The next chunk, he slid between softly fuzzed ass cheeks and pressed against a compliant hole. 
Wren opened to him without his having to ask, and he murmured his “Such a good boy” against his ear as he pushed the ice inside. “You’ll never hurt yourself, so stupidly, unthinkingly again, will you?”
A minute shake of Wren’s head, sorrowful brown eyes telling him everything he needed to know. The lesson was getting through.
The next cube in the boy’s mouth. He took the last, warmed it against his palm, slicking his fingers, and wrapped his hand around the boy’s straining dick. That he was so beautifully needy, despite the punishment, wasn’t lost on Jared. Fisting his length, he jacked him off in slow strokes, careful not to press too hard, not wanting to abrade tender tissues. Precum leaked over his fingers, adding a stickiness to the damp that he was tempted to clean away with his tongue.
Soft flesh, cold and heat, all of the sensations he’d denied himself for so long wrapped around him, constricting his breaths. Wren pressed back against him, the chilled wetness seeping through his trousers, playing with the dangerous line of a wordless request Jared wanted nothing more than to grant them both.
“You may not come.” He whispered the words to himself, but Wren went still.
He hadn’t meant the directive for the boy, though the restraint would serve them both. This was a punishment—too much pleasure had been taken and given already. Next time, he’d remember his gloves, wouldn’t get lost to the sensations this one flooded him with. Control would be easier to maintain that way.
The last of the ice melted away. Jared breathed deep, forcing his hand to still before pulling it away. Refastened dark slacks to brush the placket smooth. Nostrils flared, Wren breathed in harsh pants, his arousal dancing through the flames of his distress. He regarded the boy’s puffed cheeks and watering eyes, his struggle not to swallow.
One corner of Jared’s mouth lifted, unbidden. “Beautiful.”
Wren’s brows drew together with his whimper.
Lifting the cup, he took pity and held it under the boy’s mouth. “Spit.”
Water cascaded into the glass. 
Holding Wren’s gaze, he brought the cup to his mouth and drank down the melted ice, swallowing every drop of the boy’s submission, consuming his distress until there was nothing left. “Forgiven.”

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RELEASE DAY for HARD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 3) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Quick post because I have to do all the things since there's back to back releases coming, but...


This book is emotional, intense, sexy, and I've been dying to get it in your hands!

Keep scrolling for a sexy excerpt and all the links! <g> headlines threaten to turn Jamie Kent from a pop star to a pariah on the regular, but this latest one is a little too close for comfort. The Asylum Fight Club seems like a good place to hide out...until he has to prove he belongs—deep in a lifestyle with a contract and rules he breaks within the first five minutes. Staying means complete surrender, but a lifetime scripting love songs didn’t prepare him to give his heart to the one man who claims everything he has to offer.

The day he returns from prison.

Reputation has its own kind of power in a place where pain and pleasure depend on who’s in control. Entangled in the lives of those he’d give anything to protect, Noah Leonov rarely takes chances, but the hardened fighter refuses to abandon the vulnerable new sub to vultures who could tear his life apart with a camera flash. With the cage where he spent two years fresh in his mind, Noah won’t trap the man he loves in his brutal world. Jamie deserves the glamour and fame, where he can have more than a broken man can provide.

He belongs in the spotlight.

Neither man ever had the choice to decide their own destiny. Imprisoned by the roles they’re forced to play, their key to freedom might be to do the unexpected.

Refuse to let go.


Noah’s finger tap to his cheek made him blink. “Did you hear a word I’ve said, little cat?”
He let his eyes tell his story for him, along with a poke at his lip with his tongue. “No, sir.”
“I see.” Bringing the ceramic coffee mug with its Asylum logo to his lips, Noah considered him, heat in his eyes. “Care to share what’s consuming the space in that pretty head today?”
With anyone else, being called pretty rankled. Not with Noah. Any way the man wanted to refer to him was just fine as far as he was concerned.
Forearms stacked on the table in front of him, Jamie leaned forward to share his secret. “I want you to do the dirtiest fucking things to me, and I can’t stop thinking about them.”
Behind the bar, Matt stilled with a sharp inhale.
For the briefest moment, something ghosted the gray in Noah’s eyes. The mug lowered halfway. “Do you now?”
Jamie looked down and frowned. Maybe that had been a step too far? The power of the statement had felt good, but once it fell away he was exposed, having admitted something that he wanted to take for himself—something that hadn’t been given. It felt like he’d stepped into a rowboat too hard, rocking it so he had to stand with his arms out to rebalance.
He lifted his gaze to find Noah regarding him. “That sucked. I’m sorry.”
Noah looped one finger into the ring at the base of the golden collar Jamie now wore at all times, tugging with gentle insistence until he was forced to rise up out of his chair and circle the table. Noah shifted, making room between his legs. 
Slipping his hand down Jamie’s chest, Noah patted his own lap. “Sit.”
“Oh.” Jamie blinked, relief rushing over his skin. 
Noah’s lips lifted.
Canting his head, Jamie looked for the trick. He’d been so sure he was about to get his ass beat. Which would have sucked because punishments were no fun.
Ass balanced on one sturdy thigh he drew up his feet so his knees were at his chest. Noah wrapped an arm around him and plucked a piece of toast from Jamie’s plate. Holding it to Jamie’s lips, Noah whispered “Open.”
The command rumbled over his ear, a hot wash, and Jamie parted his lips as Curtis clattered into the bar, Reed behind him, and halted.
“Oof.” Reed made an aggravated sound. “Curtis, could you… Oh. Okay, that’s...weird.”
Snapping his hand down, Curtis landed a slap on Reed’s hip. “Behave.”
“As long as I can keep watching.” Ducking his head under Curtis’s arm, Reed snuggled into his Dom.
The toast still pressed against his lips, its rough texture a kiss Jamie instinctively knew not to take without permission. He’d come to know Noah’s quirks. Mind fucks, Curtis had called them on one very rare occasion when Noah had been out of earshot.
“When you’re ready to focus, little cat?” The words were whispered for his ears alone.
He blushed, caught out for the second time in as many minutes. “Sorry, sir.”
“Mhm.” The sound rumbled from Noah’s chest. “Bite.”
Jamie took the corner Noah gave him and bit. Salt hit his tongue, followed by the wheat bread’s nuttier notes. His jaw muscles tensed reflexively, and he began to chew.
Noah tsked.
Jaw freezing, Jamie widened his eyes. Oh shit. He would have laughed at the look on Curtis’s face, except he knew better. Yeah, he was in trouble, but it was kinda hot and he knew he didn’t have anything to worry about. Not from Noah.
Noah lifted his palm. “Spit.”
Nose wrinkling, he did as he was told. The morsel went onto a napkin and the toast corner reappeared at his mouth. 
“Let’s try that again, shall we?” Noah waited.
Jamie waited.
“Good boy.” Nuzzling his ear, Noah issued his next command. “Bite.”
Jamie bit, and this time didn’t chew. 
The bread became a soggy mass before Noah said “Chew” and was ground to near-nothing between his molars before Noah said “Swallow.” The entire process repeated with his breakfast. At the last, Noah wiped his mouth with a napkin and tucked him closer.
Noah trailed the tip of his nose along Jamie’s ear. “Better?”
Jamie nodded, nestling in. “Yes, sir.”
“What did you learn?”
Biting down the urge to say, to step over your boundaries more often. He smiled. “That you give me what I need.”
“And what you want, little cat.” Warm fingers cupped Jamie’s balls through his sweatpants and squeezed with just the right amount of pressure to mind fuck him into next week. “Lift your hips.”
Heat hit Jamie’s cheeks as he caught on. “Is this the dirty as fuck part?”
“It might be…” Noah’s grip tightened, making Jamie’s eyes water. “Or it could be the part where I tan your ass for Topping from the bottom.”
Curtis snorted and Reed elbowed him in the ribs. Behind the bar, Matt leaned on his elbows, attention rapt.
Lips pressed between his teeth, Jamie slid his feet to the floor and lifted his hips. Noah’s forearm banded across his chest, his free hand drawing down the sweatpants to just below his sac so it rested on top of the waistband. Before his head fell back against Noah’s shoulder, he met Curtis’s stunned gaze, saw the raw need in his eyes, and took in Matt’s open mouth. They were so fucking turned on. Best audience he’d ever had. Only Reed looked away.
Noah ran the pad of his finger up and down his shaft, tracing the tissue between his balls, lifting them to run his touch underneath before pushing his sweatpants off, first one leg and then the other. 
“Put one of your thighs over each of mine.”
“Oh shit.” Jamie whispered the curse, complying.
The position stretched him wide, his dick bobbing freely. Arm still across his chest, holding tight, Noah slipped a hand between his crack and circled his hole, pressing lightly. Jamie groaned, hips swaying, his dick fucking the air at the gentle touch. Noah explored him like a sculpture, and then his ass again, as if it were the first time he’d seen and touched Jamie’s dick and not the hundredth.
Noah withdrew and returned with two fingers, scissoring him open, prodding sensitive tissue and tight muscle until he relaxed. His body submitted and Jamie blushed, remembering how they’d explored some of Noah’s more inventive shower attachments last night. Precum trailed down his shaft, his awareness narrowed to Noah’s breath in his ear, the sound of the sleet, and cries he tried vainly to imprison behind his teeth.
“Touch yourself for me.” Noah’s unexpected command sent heat rocketing from Jamie’s toes to the top of his head. 
He shook his head, a denial they both knew he wouldn’t hold to.
“You’re still clinging to the illusion of control? That’s...cute.” Noah shifted his thighs, raising Jamie’s hips and deepening his access. “The only opinion you need to worry about, little cat, is mine.”
Another finger joined the second, the dry fullness becoming a less-pleasant ache. Jamie brought hands he hadn’t knowingly wrapped around the back of Noah’s neck to his thighs. Tentative fingers brushed his shaft. His own. Not as good as Noah gripping him, but disappointing his Dom wasn’t an option. 
He worked himself over in strokes synchronized to Noah’s thrusts, gathering the precum from his slit with his palm. His hand slowed when Noah’s slowed, sped up when Noah’s fingers rocked into him in percussive slaps. Best rhythm track ever. Mouth open, head rolled back, he brushed his cheek against Noah’s beard, nuzzling and panting in need. The warmth of Noah’s skin against his, encouraging words, not-so-sweet nothings that told him exactly how much his Dom enjoyed fucking his tight ass, watching him fist his pretty cock. Jesus that last turned him on and embarrassed him in the most twisted way. He wanted more. Whatever Noah would give him.

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Yes, Xmas release days are a little crazy.

No, I'm not sorry for doing it two years in a row. XD

Heyo, books are the perfect escape from the holiday rush!

This year has been rough, but the one thing I had that truly kept things going was the world of The Asylum. With so many rich characters, I couldn't wait to dive into each of their stories and I'm so excited to share the next one, with Reed and Curtis, who you met in Flawed Justice (The Asylum Book 1)

And you know with those two this is gonna be a WILD ride!
Raised and trained by The Asylum Fight Club’s most infamous owner, Reed Dane is almost untouchable. Might sound dope, but there are disadvantages to his ‘privileged’ status. His guardian’s reputation makes a serious relationship impossible—turns out the club’s members are addicted to breathing—and the one man Reed truly wants sees him only as a stray his former lover brought home.

An endless string of one-night stands lacks the intimacy Reed craves, but at least edgy post-fight hookups distract him from what he’ll never have. Until he takes a wrecking ball to the walls that set him apart.

Curtis Smith is a lot of things—MMA fighter, club owner...son of a drug lord—but one thing he’s not is prepared to face temptation exploding past his carefully built boundaries. Reed is forbidden, to him most of all, but resisting what they both want becomes impossible with the sub challenging him at every turn. And with his past threatening everything The Asylum has been built to protect, Curtis can’t afford to be addicted to Reed’s brand of candy coated sin.

He can’t deny himself one taste before his stolen time runs out. Because when it does, all that will be left behind for Reed is a memory…

And his heart.
In Reed’s loft, he closed the door softly and walked lightly to the bedroom. Sprawled on the bed, Reed was propped up on his elbows, reading a comic book. Shaking his head, Curtis watched him for a moment, drinking in the sight of his bare toes shifting against the sheet, as if he couldn’t be still even while laying down.
He cleared his throat, not bothering to hide his grin.
Reed glanced over, expression unreadable. “Hey. You came back.”
Looking at him askance, Curtis dropped the shirt and liniment onto the dresser and put his boots on the floor, socks inside. “Of course, I came back.”
There weren’t a lot of promises he made in his life, because he wouldn’t break his word if he could help it. If he’d said he was going to do something, chances were he was going to follow through. He was surprised Reed didn’t know that by now.
Crossing to the bed, not giving Reed time to think, he bent low and rolled him into his arms. He made for the bathroom, scooping up the liniment on the way.
“W-what are you doing?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Setting Reed on his feet in the bathroom, he gave him his best level stare. “Do you want this, Reed? Between us? It’s the only time I’ll ask, so think carefully and tell me if you don’t know, because I’m not going any further until I have a clear ‘yes’ from you.”
Reed hissed in a breath. “ don’t have to. If you’re feeling sorry for me, I can’t…”
Curtis pressed his fingers to Reed’s lips and tilted his head. “I think you know me better than that, don’t you, boy?”
“Yes…” Reed swallowed hard. “Yes, okay?”
“I want to hear what you want, not what you think I want.” Curtis’s gaze narrowed.
“I can’t be in control, Curtis. That’s…” Reed bit hard into his bottom lip. “I want you to have it.”
Nodding, Curtis hooked his finger over the band of Reed’s shorts. “That’s all I need to know.”
Tugging Reed closer, he worked his way around his waistband, inching the material lower with each light pass, watching Reed’s eyes for any sign of distress or fear.
Eyes locked on his, pupils dilated, Reed held still.
“Good boy.” 
Lowering his mouth to Reed’s lips, he captured the sweet taste he’d always known would linger there. One part maple syrup and one part cherry lip balm, Reed tasted of candy soaked sin. Bringing Reed’s thigh into contact with his erection, Curtis tested his sub’s reaction.
“Fuck…” Reed breathed out the word, eyes drifting shut. 
Curtis gave him a free pass on the curse and continued his exploration of Reed’s mouth in little sips and nips. Bringing the flat of his hand to Reed’s abdomen, he slid his fingers down until they rested between the silken heat of Reed’s cock and his abs. Smoothed his hand back and forth, knuckles grazing.
Reed’s head fell back, his lids fluttering as his eyes rolled. “That’s…”
“Nice?” Curtis murmured against Reed’s mouth, claiming his lips for another kiss.
Nodding, Reed sighed and Curtis held him steady, one hand at the side of his face, deepening the kiss. The point of Reed’s tongue danced with his, evading Curtis’s attempts at capture. Letting out a frustrated growl, Curtis gripped the back of Reed’s skull to hold him immobile and fucked his mouth in merciless sweeps that demonstrated exactly who was in control.
Gentle. He needs me to be gentle.
He lifted his head, taking time to appreciate the mottled flush that crept up Reed’s throat. 
“Such a good boy.” Curtis said the words again, just to see Reed’s shiver.
Tugging Reed’s shorts away from his ass so they wouldn’t touch his skin on the way down, Curtis divested him of the clothing and pressed him backward with light prodding to his thighs, until Reed stood with his back close to the shower curtain. The rod overhead had been blocked and bolted to the walls on either end. He reached up and tugged, using his weight. When it didn’t budge, he nodded. 
Yes, that will do nicely.
“Does it hurt to put your arms over your head?” 
Lashes fluttering, Reed opened his eyes and looked up, seeming to catch on to Curtis’s intent, and stretched, gingerly at first, then fully, and licked his lips. “I’m fine.”
Curtis brushed Reed’s hair back. “What’s your safeword?”
Pupils so far blown his eyes appeared nearly black, Reed inhaled through his nostrils and said “Lollipop” on a breathy exhale. 
“Grab the bar.” Curtis nudged his chin upward. “Don’t let go unless it’s to put your hands on my shoulders, understand?”
Reed nodded, lifting and gripping tight. 
Standing back a fraction, Curtis allowed himself to admire his submissive’s body. The long line of his torso that stretched to the sides of his pert ass and down to the ropes of muscles that formed his lean thighs. Calves made for dancing rounded out the display. Saving the best for last, he let his gaze linger on Reed’s dick, noting the naked, smooth skin of his high-and-tight sac.
Curtis’s mouth kicked up. Of course, he waxes. A useful tidbit of information he had every intention of playing with in the dungeon at some point. 
But for now…
Lowering himself to his knees, he looked up, hands on Reed’s hips. “Comfortable?”
Looking down at him, Reed bit his lip and nodded, the motion jerky with breathy anticipation.
Letting his eyes speak for him, Curtis worked his way down Reed’s shaft in one long, flat tongued push. Held Reed’s hips firmly when they shot forward. He lifted his head, flicking his tongue over the sweet button of flesh under Reed’s crown, and worked his way back down again, swallowing to Reed’s root.
Hands gripped to the bar, head thrown back, Reed swayed and Curtis tightened his grip. Working up the saliva in his mouth to create just the right amount of pressure and glide, he forced himself not to get lost in the sugar and silk of the man’s taste. His own pleasure would wait. His sub needed this. Needed him. Lifting his head, he let Reed slip from his mouth with a messy slurp and waited until Reed’s breaths slowed. Lips parted, cheeks flushed, he looked like the picture of frustrated arousal. 
“When I grip your ankle, I want you to come. No later, and no sooner. Understood?”
Reed nodded. “Yes...Daddy?”
Curtis bit back a laugh, not wanting to embarrass his sub, who’d clearly latched on to the strangest part of their earlier conversation as he slipped into the zone. Humiliation had zero place in this moment and he wanted to keep him floating in that space he craved without the detachment he’d settled for from other Doms. “Sir will do.”
Licking his lips, Reed nodded again. “Yes, sir.”
“Very nice. Now let’s see how good of a boy you can be.”
Cupping Reed’s smooth sac, he palmed it, then encircled his dick with his thumb and forefinger. Added just a little pressure and made sure to reseat his grip on Reed’s sweat-slick hip. Arousal flowed in slow, deep waves, like the boom of the ocean on a hot summer’s day. Taking Reed between his lips, he swallowed him down in time to that rhythm. As it sped up, so did he, until Reed’s legs shook and his ass clenched, telling him his boy was right where he wanted him.
Letting go of Reed’s shaft, he lowered his hand and gripped Reed’s ankle. Reed sagged. Curtis caught his hips, taking his weight. He swallowed fast and deep, come bursting across his tongue. Held Reed in his mouth while they both came down, his own chest heaving in a counter-rhythm to Reed’s. He let all of the things he wanted to do to this man roll over him, erasing the lines he’d drawn himself. The boy had gotten much too accustomed to something cheap and shallow from his lovers.
It was time to show him what he’d been missing.

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Like all release days, this part scary and exciting. The result of so much hard work, sleepless nights, and endless drive, something I'll never get enough of. Writing character driven stories has always been my passion and The Asylum Fight Club has everything I love about really diving deep on an exciting new journey.

Seriously, you NEED this book!


In other news, you can preview BEYOND JUSTICE (The Asylum Book Two) at the end of book one and pre-order TODAY!


Raised and trained by The Asylum Fight Club’s most infamous owner, Reed Dane is almost untouchable. Might sound dope, but there are disadvantages to his ‘privileged’ status. His guardian’s reputation makes a serious relationship impossible—turns out the club’s members are addicted to breathing—and the one man Reed truly wants sees him only as a stray his former lover brought home.

An endless string of one-night stands lacks the intimacy Reed craves, but at least edgy post-fight hookups distract him from what he’ll never have. Until he takes a wrecking ball to the walls that set him apart.

Curtis Smith is a lot of things—MMA fighter, club owner...son of a drug lord—but one thing he’s not is prepared to face temptation exploding past his carefully built boundaries. Reed is forbidden, to him most of all, but resisting what they both want becomes impossible with the sub challenging him at every turn. And with his past threatening everything The Asylum has been built to protect, Curtis can’t afford to be addicted to Reed’s brand of candy coated sin.

He can’t deny himself one taste before his stolen time runs out. Because when it does, all that will be left behind for Reed is a memory…

And his heart. 


Have you grabbed the first book in The Asylum Fight Club series yet? I can't wait to hear what you think! I'll be doing a Q&A soon as well as updating on my other releases. thought I'd slow down now?

Come on, you know me better than that! ;)