Wednesday, October 2, 2019

THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. New release of the CENTURY!

This career of mine has been an insane journey full of ups and downs, triumphs, the love of the words and stories and coming at writing every one with my own voice, as I meet the next character and fall in love. A love so strong that I want to know who they are and follow them down their path to a HEA (or a HFN sometimes if they make things complicated! lol)

One thing I never thought I'd be able to do was write with another author. Their voice would have to flow well with mine. They'd have to share my passion. My need to always put character first and dismiss the ideas of: Does this fit to market? Are we following the right trends? Could this BE THE NEXT (insert pop book).

After reading The Hollywood Series I was absolutely hooked. The characters were so vivid, the stories were deep and exciting and tugged at my heart. I'd never spoken to Tibby Armstrong before, but I reached out to her to tell her how much I loved her books.

Then...I thought, "I could write with this author. And it would result in something INCREDIBLE."

My instincts turned out to be right and not only do we write amazing together, we've become close friends, which helps so much when it comes to a career that can be so isolating when you're wrapped up in the words. Having someone by your side, encouraging you every step of the way, believing in something as strongly as you do is the most amazing experience.

And now, we have a series. One like NOTHING I've ever read. 

You can pre-order TODAY

If there were an emergency number for adulthood, Matt Kincaid would have dialed it months ago. Raising his kid brother alone is already an uphill battle, never mind when an ugly gang initiation lands the teen in lockup. Again. Only, this time for a hate crime against a local fight club, where settling debts isn’t taken lightly. When the club offers to let Matt risk everything in a long-shot match with a man who’s as brutally handsome as he is tough, he jumps at the chance.

If Matt wins, all will be forgiven. If not? Well, he might as well move in, because ‘The Law’ will own his ass...for a very long time.

There are no limits to what Lawson ‘The Law’ Gaumond will do to protect the club he and his former lovers built. An inner-city sanctuary where Anniston Falls’ gay leather culture thrives, The Asylum Fight Club isn’t an easy place, but it’s home. Taking on a local hothead whose younger brother vandalized the space isn’t high on his priority list, but there’s something about Matt that cries out for a firm hand.

Lawson’s never backed down from a fight, and he’s not about to start when there’s no way he can lose.

When renewed gang violence erupts, spilling blood over The Asylum, Lawson and Matt must confront their pasts to find a way forward. Gunshots and knives should be harder to survive than this rough love, but coming to the ring armed with nothing but the truth is their greatest challenge of all.


I'm so excited for y'all to get your hands on these! And with how well Tibby and I work together, you won't have to wait long for the next book in the series! Check out the website HERE for future books and release dates. And HAPPY READING

Monday, August 5, 2019

NEW RELEASE-OFF BEAT (Winter's Wrath Book 4)

One of these days I'm gonna catch up! lol

But the way I see it, all those books I've had to put off because life threw me for a few loops?

They're finally getting out there!

The latest being OFF BEAT!

Our poor boy Tate needed to have his story told. And I hope you love it as much as I do. It's one HELL of a journey!

Former Marine, Vanessa Templar, never considered being security for a metal band as an alternative career choice, but as a favor to a friend, she takes the job with XVI Hours. How much trouble could a bunch of musicians get in anyway?

The answer? A lot.

Between stalkers, inter-band strife, and Oakley Godstone, the band's brand new tour manager, Vanessa has her work cut out for her. But the biggest challenge is an unknown enemy—which means working with the strangely alluring computer geek, Oakley. They must unravel the dangerously tangled web that surrounds both XVI Hours and the headlining band, Winter’s Wrath.

Without letting him become too much of a distraction.

Returning drummer for Winter’s Wrath, Tate Maddox, seeks excitement in the band after healing from his injuries, but knows this tour will be his last. Secrets tear him apart but the sacrifices he made to protect those most important to him cannot be undone. He won’t put his loved ones at risk, especially not North Beauregard, the man who was supposed to break his heart.

Instead, Tate crushed his.

As lead vocalist of XVI Hours, North has a reputation as a playboy who considers commitment as desirable as the plague. He shouldn’t have any trouble replacing Tate, and yet he can’t move on. He can fight to survive but until now, has never loved anyone enough to do so.

Why fight when the man he loves has already said goodbye?

Grab it today


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Time to play on the dark side...AGAIN

What am I doing?

So many things.

But...I'm starting to feel hopeful again. I'm starting to feel like there's finally light at the end of that dark freakin' tunnel that I've been trapped in.

How in the world does that make sense when I'm writing dark, twisted stuff again? Well...I'm not sure. But it does.

For those who don't follow me on social media, I recently mentioned how much starting Patreon was helping. If you don't know what Patreon is, basically it's a platform where artists can share more of their work with subscribers who support them. There are different tiers for stuff you can have access to. 

When I started mine it was focused on more Dartmouth Cobra content. Lots of people want more Cobras and this was a way for me to give it to them while still working on other books. There's just no way to survive in this industry unless you A) Spend thousands on ads or B) Consistently put out work.

I'd rather put out work, but I need to do it in a way that is still up to my standards, which means there's no way I can get a book out every month. I try sometimes just to keep my head above water, but that always leads to me getting frustrated and depressed.

Then the words don't come and I just fall further and further behind.

Fall behind as a full-time author and you're not gonna make any money. People will start forgetting about you. You get another surge when your next book comes out, but then the whole process starts over again. Amazon's algorithms has that process going by weeks instead of months now if you're not investing in ads.

Considering you're getting paid royalties 3 months behind, it can take a long time to climb out of the endless loop, if you manage at all.

Patreon pays every single month, so the way I see it, it's taking control back. When I write something new and offer it to my Patrons, rather than giving control to Amazon over what people see, it makes a huge difference. My Patrons get books before everyone else as part of the subscription. They get new content and updates every week.

And while writing Cobra stuff makes me happy, I also used to love writing dark. Yeah, it messed with me when my life and what I was writing started weighing me down and I needed a break, but now I want to go back there. I have a new story that's from an idea that's been three years in the making and i figured...

Why not put that on Patreon too? The readers who like dark stuff haven't gotten anything from me in awhile.

Since I don't want anyone subscribing unless they're truly invested in the story, I decided to put the first chapter of this new book for free. Next chapter will be up for subscribers sometime this week.

Here's the cover and blurb:

For the longest time, he was nothing but a number. 1134, a joke between the doctors who pulled him from his dying mother, days after his father was killed.


Because they tried to hide his existence.

Since he was here, they’d found a use for him.

Years of the most brutal training.

Implants to control him.

And now he is ready.

His first mission is to locate the fugitive products of R.A.Z.O.R, triplets who’ve evaded capture since they escaped the facility when they were only twelve years old. The three are a danger to society, leaving bodies like breadcrumbs for him to follow. Once he learns how to kill them, his mission will be complete.

What he finds isn’t what he was expecting. He…knows the triplets, but can barely remember the time they spent together. He’s starting to though. The girl, sweet, caring, and curious when absorbing other’s thoughts isn’t pushing her over the edge. Boy 1, who’s the protective and compassionate leader until the flames take over. And Boy 2, who’s quirky and playful, with the most unstable powers mixed in with his unique…personalities.

Killing them is the last thing he wants to do. Thankfully, it won’t be easy. He has to learn their weaknesses, eliminate them one at a time, catch them off guard. Unless he can fight his programing.

Which would make him the next target. 

You can read the first chapter here: R.A.Z.O.R Origins

Please don't ignore the trigger warnings. Like with Deadly Captive, I am very serious about them. When I say dark, you can expect many of the same things you found in DC, including non-con, dub-con, torture, and graphic violence. The "good guys" are sometimes morally grey and the bad guys might make you wonder if they're really that bad.

They really are. Trust me, not them. Or don't. No judgments here, many people loved Cyrus. ;)

But he was a very obvious villain. Things aren't nearly so cut and dry with R.A.Z.O.R

Happy reading! <g> 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Updates, Patreon, New Box Set and I am doing all the things! lol

Hope you all are having an AMAZING week! Can you believe we're finally getting ENDGAME? EEP! I'm not ready! Are you going to theaters to see it? I'm bringing the littles and we're all crazy excited and scared!

As for the updates, I can't share all of them, but some of you may recall I had some plans for my career that life forced me to put on hold.

Let's just say I've set the ball rolling again and wish me luck!

Next up, The Dartmouth Cobras Volume Three is now available!

I'm also making a few other changes to the way I publish books. Both Amazon and now B&N are leaning more and more towards using ads, rather than let readers find books organically through also-boughts and recommendations. Amazon also gives preference for books that are exclusively with them. I've never been a fan of that model, but obviously they can run their business however they want.

And I have to do what's best for my career and my books.

So starting next month I will be making my books available to patrons up to one month before publishing the book on other platforms. The books WILL go up on Amazon, B&N, and everywhere else, but those who support me on Patreon will have early access.

To all those already supporting me there, thank you! It's been such an awesome way to interact and give you more new content.

To those considering it, you can check it out here:

There's also a new chapter of Neutral Zone Trap available, so make sure to catch up!


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Chapter Two of Neutral Zone Trap now on Patreon! Definitely NSFW!

Head to my patreon now for the next chapter of Neutral Zone Trap!

If you're not already a patron, you can become one here: 

Here's a little teaser. Happy Reading!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

First Chapter of Neutral Zone Trap NOW ON PATREON!

For those already following me on Patreon, or those just tunning in now, make sure to stop in and read the first chapter of Neutral Zone Trap!

Check it out here:

Here's a little teaser, because I'm evil! <g>

Happy reading!