NEW RELEASE: Broken Justice (The Asylum Fight Club Book 10)

Quick post because I'm doing all the things and 2022 is gonna be a HUGE year for releases. But we're starting it up with a new one already! Check it out <g> Gun-for-hire River Capaldi's assignments at The Asylum should be pretty tame: -Find a missing shrink. -Collect intel. -Make sure future holiday gatherings don't get bloody. Only one problem. No one's rolling out the welcome mat until he proves he isn't a threat to the found family made up of a ragtag collection of fighters and their men. Thankfully, he's got some strong connections to smooth the way. And their trust comes with a few perks. -His very own sub to protect. -On-site accommodations. -And front row seats for some sexy drama. The longer River stays, the more drawn he is to this safe haven in the center of a brutal world. A few rounds in the ring becomes a seductive dance. Not a life he can indulge in long-term, but for the men he begins to think of as friends and lovers? He'll


  This has been a looong time coming, but I'm so happy I'm finally getting to share it with you all! So excited that I decided not to wait and spread out my releases. As one does! lol For those who love The Cobras, you've been so awesome and patient and I'm very grateful for you coming along for the ride over these past...almost ten years? Most importantly, the journey isn't over. Besides the 10th Dartmouth Cobra full length coming this fall, there are a few more shorts planned. Then TWO spinoffs. Life got in the way, making it hard to get these books out as soon as I wanted, but now I'm back on track. And the muse is being a sweetheart. Light a candle and send out some positive energy that he keeps it up! Now for the book! I'll be adding links as they become available, so if you don't see your preferred store, it's coming!  Hardcore Training leads to a winning team. Why should parenting be any different? Luke Carter has messed up a lot of things in

Updates, thoughts, NEW RELEASE DAMASKED (New Rules Trilogy Book 3) and a MASSIVE SERIES SALE!

This release has been a long time coming and I'm so happy to FINALLY be able to share it with you! The past few years had me taking a good hard look at my life, and my career. As we all know, sometimes things get to be more than we can handle, whether it's on a global scale, or more personal. I've always been so grateful to be able to be a full-time writer because it meant I could be here for my kids. The money's not great sometimes, but working from home and being present through some of the rough patches they've been through?  I don't think I truly understood how huge that was until this past year. A lot of people weren't so fortunate. They had to work dangerous jobs — some couldn't see their kids at all for long periods. We all do everything in our power to protect our kids and give them the best life we can. And I've been able to do that because of amazing readers like you. There have been times when I've wondered if I really should keep figh

Sneak Peek at Chapter One of Damasked (New Rules Trilogy Book 3)

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend! Damasked is coming soon, so here's a little taste for those who've been waiting for so long! Happy reading! *** Chapter One   Scraps of leather covered the worktable like a miniature war had gone down between the fabric and all the tools, small droplets of blood adding to the realism. Shaking my head, I crossed the room, snatching up the medkit I’d left on a shelf the other day for this very purpose. Why it surprised me that the new project had quickly become an obsession, I had no idea, but I hadn’t expected casualties. Head bent over a spread of diagrams, Xavier Ashburne’s expression held a hint of betrayal, as though all those lines and numbers were intentionally trying to make a fool of him. One elbow on the edge of the table, he held his bloody finger away from his work like it was nothing but an inconvenience to be dealt with later. Over the past few months, Xavier had mellowed out in so many ways, which pleased me. H


  It's been waaay too long since I updated here, but I'm working on getting a lot of things back on track. Including sharing things here at least once a month. Considering how many releases I have coming, there'll be plenty to talk about!  If you haven't seen me post about it on Facebook or Twitter, I've been working on a new Cobra novella on Patreon. You can join HERE: This book will be released wide very soon, so no worries if Patreon isn't your thing. I'll post when it's available. For now, here's everything about it: Hardcore Training leads to a winning team. Why should parenting be any different? Luke Carter has messed up a lot of things in the past, but being a dad and a husband? He’s gonna get that right. Practice should help, except there are strategies on the ice that work with unexpected scenarios that come up with a baby. Or...two. But if this family can figure out how to juggle diaper changes, bott


 I may be just a little bit behind in posting my new releases here! lol But in my defense, I'm busy writing like mad's 2020!  Check this out!   Honest, this is one of the most exciting installment to date! The just keep getting better and I love exploring this world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy reading and stay safe! Grab your copy HERE: Start the series FREE (offer ends soon!) HERE:  

NEW RELEASE: COLD JUSTICE (The Asylum Fight Club Book 4) with NSFW EXCERPT!

Dear readers, Times are pretty crazy, so I haven't gotten to do as much for this new release as I wanted to, but I'm so excited to have it out there. I know reading and writing has helped me so much in finding an escape right when I need it. I really hope my books do the same for you. That said, I'm hoping to have some updates for you soon of things to look forward to. I appreciate your support so much and my thoughts are will you all. Stay home if you can. Stay safe. And Happy Reading! Hugs, Bianca Breaking a few rules didn’t seem like a huge deal. With his name on several government assassination lists, Wren Gibson’s prison sentence might’ve been the shortest in hacker history, until an unlikely rescue lands him behind the sturdy brick walls of The Asylum Fight Club. Where everyone can game the rules, yet he’s forbidden from even placing his piece on the board. But one Dom tempts him to gamble everything. The Asylum’s resident, on-call medic,