Thursday, June 2, 2016


So, now that Line Brawl's been out a few days, I've decided to do something fun! <g> Many readers have been asking questions about the book, so lets give you all an opportunity to ask the guys (and girls) themselves.

I'm going to leave the comments open for your questions and whichever player you're asking will answer here, so check back as the post grows!

At the end, I'll choose a couple of readers to get a special prize pack from their favorite player!

For the first one, which has been asked of me personally, many have wanted to know if the play party will be shown in the next book.

The answer is no.

Unfortunately, for the party to be truly enjoyable, there has to be scenes from different POVs and that wouldn't fit in the next book. I've had other scenes either cut or envisioned that don't really fit anywhere because they weren't part of the story arc.

So how am I gonna share those scenes?

Well, my plan is to have a special collection of shorts, which will come out as soon as I can write out the scenes, and publish that separately for your reading pleasure! :)

To tease you a little, this may include a certain honeymoon. And the party. And...well, the trouble triplets have been bugging me for more page time. ;)

So there you have it! I hope this collection will be as fun for you as it will be for me! I'll let you know when you can expect the release.

If you haven't grabbed Line Brawl yet, here are the links:

Now, for the questions!

**Note** This post will be updated regularly for the next THREE days, so be sure to check back to see the answers to your questions!

**Second Note** A spoiler warning will be placed on any questions that contain spoilers.  

And here we go! :D 

This is from Kim York for Heath Ladd. He states to Justina that there is a reason he is on the Cobras team. Care to share the reason Mr. Ladd?

Ladd ducks his head, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks. "Same reason the other players are?"

Lynn Latimer: My question is for Dean: What is it about Luke that you can't be happy for your daughter?

Arching a brow, Dean smiles. "The boy getting arrested might have something to do with it. I wouldn't say I'm not happy for her, but I've always hoped she would find a good man one day. Who knows, maybe Carter will eventually grow up and become that man. Ramos seems a lot less likely to break her heart or do something stupid that will ruin her life. I am very happy she found him. Though I think he's a little too old for her. I've been reminded I'm in no position to judge."

Ilene Tsuruoka: Are we going to see more of Keane in the next book? 
Me: I can't be sure, but I hope so. It really depends on where the story goes and who the next book will be about. I have a few of the guys talking to me, so there are a few possibilities that would bring Keane in for more page time.

I know I'd love to get to know him better! <g>


Krystal G: Is it only Landon who isn't ready to tell people about the relationship between himself and Dean... or do Dean and Silver want to wait as well? And why... given all the different relationships in the team... aren't they comfortable with telling people?
Silver leans close, lowering her voice. "Honestly, it has nothing to do with comfort. Landon doesn't want to play openly, which is cool, but one of the big issues is both Dean and me having management roles with the team. We don't spend much time with the players just hanging out. Discussing anything so just seems unnecessary."

Diane Sarno: For Cort and what point did you realize you wanted to go further with one another? How was the first time? Was Akira there to help Ford handle Cort's size...hehehe?
 "Yikes, straight for the jugular!" Ford rubs his jaw, taking a deep breath. "Well, I'm gonna have to answer for both of us since Cort reminded me, as security, he doesn't have to do 'any fucking interviews'." A long pause. "I think things progressed naturally over time. And are still progressing, so there's not too many details to share. Don't forget, Cort hold the whip in the relationship." Ford winks. "I don't want to piss him off. Too much anyway."

Colleen Snibson: Akira, did you enjoy your kiss with Justina, and would you consider doing it again? 

"Mmm, yes. She's a very good kisser." Akira giggles, tucking her hair back behind her ear. "I totally get what Easy sees in her."

Diane Sarno: Justina..are you going to be spending some fun time playing with your men at the club? Do you think Ian's ready for playing in public? 

Justina runs her tongue over her bottom lip and takes a deep breath. "I think so? I mean, the club's not exactly public. From what I've heard it's harder to get in now than ever. I do like house parties a lot more though!"

Ilene Tsuruoka: Raif, how are you adjusting and is Thora helpful with that adjustment? Can you see anything at all?

Raif smooths his hand over Thora's soft fur, a tight smile on his lips. "She makes life much easier, I enjoy my independence and she gives that to me. But now, I see nothing."