Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ménage Romance is DEAD

Yes, you read that right.

No, I'm definitely not serious.

It's been awhile since I posted, but I try to make sure, when I post, I'm posting something you'll be interested in checking out. Updates, the jumbled mess of my mind, random know, that kinda fun! lol

So where is this coming from? Well, I've come across a few conversations saying it was a trend and now it's over. I actually behaved myself and didn't comment on those posts and discussions. I'll slip into my own space to get up on the soapbox about that particular subject.

Before I get started, here's something for those of you who enjoy some eyecandy! ;)

Now, there are two things I've noticed with ménage romance. Some authors--due to demands from fans or their own preference--write only MFM (Male/Female/Male for those who don't know). This makes good business sense because the fantasy is appealing to many. What woman wouldn't want to imagine herself as the sole focus of two studs?

Fantasies are fun, and for those authors who can write a believable ménage romance, there are plenty of readers who love a great story and will dive right in. They're readers of romance who want something a little different. Ménage is definitely different.

But ménage is dead.

The other thing I've noticed is some authors lean more toward the world making the heroine seem happy, rather than showing a well rounded relationship. Hell, some of the most well known romances out there constantly tell you how happy the heroine's man (or men) make her. Which in part proves the MFM restrictions make more sense, right? The men making one another happy is distracting from the ultimate goal.

Only, can someone ever truly be happy if the one they're with isn't happy too? Not that everyone can be happy all the time, but there needs to be some balance for me to believe a couple, or a trio, will last.

Even with a MFM romance, there's less appeal if you can't see this relationship building something that lasts. Which forces the authors to dig a bit deeper. To explore the challenges three lovers might face and whether it will make or break them.

You're rarely looking at a formula when it comes to ménage. The formulas that work for MF would be too restrictive when you add another person. Jealousy isn't sexy--it will come up, but has to be addressed differently--and possessiveness can get downright uncomfortable.

Which brings us to MMF (Male/Male/Female). Unlike MFM, this kind of romance leads to not only the men sharing, but our sweet heroine doing so as well. And that idea makes some very uncomfortable.

Which is fine, not all readers are going to love every kind of book. But what's important is this kind of book explores an even deeper dynamic. I know readers who ate up every romance they could find, and when they got tired of the same old concept, dipped their toes into the menage hot tub. And loved it.

Unlike many readers, I don't identify as monogamous--which doesn't make me a cheater, but that's a subject for another day. I'm also bisexual--still not a cheater--so finding characters I can relate to is difficult. Love triangles give me hives. Women 'fixing' their men and forcing them to choose...well, anything, but let's focus on sexuality, has me throwing random things and cursing in French. The same goes for men 'fixing' women and demanding that same kind of choice.

I may be a rare one, but I'm not alone. So what's popular in romance might not work for me. I need a deep story that goes beyond the drama of boy meets girl. I love all the twists and turns of fulfilling dreams and desires.

To me, a ménage romance is beautiful because you can see how three people (or more) who truly love one another can put that love before anything else. Before society, before territorial urges, before the need to say 'You're MINE and mine alone.'

So what is it that you love about ménage?

Stay tuned for my posts about how paranormal romance is dying, historical romance is a thing of the past, and vampires are undead! <g>


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