Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trying VERY hard not to Corrupt anyone! Seriously! Excerpt and a few updates...

Won't be too chatty because I just noticed something HORRIBLE! I haven't posted an excerpt here for a very long time. So I'll make this really quick and give you a nice, sexy excerpt of OFFSIDE (The Dartmouth Cobras #4) which should be coming out some time this spring.

So that's my first update. My second update is that I'm going to be going full speed with my young adult (YA) novels. Some of you might recall me mentioning 'coming out' with my YA books. I was nervous about linking them at all with what I write now, but I've talked to a lot of people that say I'll be fine so long as I don't link back from my YA site (Which of course I wouldn't).

That said, I'll put a link at the bottom for those interested in knowing more about those books and reading the first two chapters. All the YA books are already written, so you don't have to worry about them taking me away from bringing you the naughty book you love! :)

Now here's a taste of Zach and Becky, from OFFSIDE. Enjoy!

 * * * *

The approval in his eyes was like a bright golden star bursting in the center of her chest. She inhaled deep and held her breath, waiting to see what he’d do next.
He circled the table again, stopping at her other side. Hooking his fingers to the thick straps of her dress above her shoulders, he pulled it down, moving her as he pleased, taking one arm, then the other until both were free of the dress. Only the neckline covered her breasts as he placed her arms. Her nipples tightened into sensitive little points as she waited for him to expose them, but instead he walked to the end of the table and traced his fingertips down the soles of her feet.
A giggle escaped her, and she squirmed as he did it again.
“Be still.”
And again. It tickled, but she pressed her eyes shut, ground her teeth, and fought not to move. His hand curved around her feet and she bit back a groan as he pressed his thumbs into her soles. He stroked, massaged, then tickled, alternating until the pleasure edged on torture. Yet, somehow, she kept still. Sank into a place where all that mattered was his touch. As it moved up to her calves, she sank even deeper, responding to his slow, even breaths, to his soft praise. She needed to know she had it in her to please him. To be everything he needed and wanted by doing nothing but what came naturally.
“I was right. You are precious.” He kissed her bare shoulder, then rolled the material of her dress down over her breasts. “This isn’t just sex for you. It’s so much more.”
“Yes.” She absorbed the satisfaction in his tone like the earth after a drought soaked in rain. She knew she shouldn’t speak, but she had to make sure he wasn’t just doing this for her. “Am I . . . do I make you happy?”
“More than I can say.” He lowered his head to her breasts, resting his forehead between them. He kissed the side of one breast and she shivered. The sensation was both tender and erotic. Lingering, building as he kissed his way up to her nipple. “Don’t forget what I’ve asked of you.”
Don’t move.
Pleasure speared her as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Her eyes teared as she struggled not to arch up. As she pressed her lips together.
“No man or woman has pleased me as much as you have.”
He pinched her nipple between his finger and thumb as he sucked the other.
“I won’t be easy on you, little doe.”
He shifted down her body, drawing the hem of her dress up over her hips, over her belly, kissing the exposed flesh as he worked his way down.
“But if you are mine . . . .”
His fingers traced the edge of her panties, along the sides of her pussy lips, close to where the material had grown damp. He bit down just above the slight swell of her stomach, rubbing her panties into her clit.
  “I will give you what no one else can.”

 * * * *

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