Saturday, April 25, 2015

ELLE BOON links--Skip around the TROLLS

The lengths hateful people will go to never ceases to amaze me. Why? Well, I still assume most people are good, but the assholes are loud and will stop at nothing to make something of their sad little lives.

Right now, Elle Boon--amazing author and one of the sweetest people I've ever met--has had links to her books reported as harmful. Here's the post that just hit my page and I'm stunned.

Elle Boon fans!A nasty BULLY troll has reported Elle's Amazon page and all the links to her books there to Facebook and...
Posted by Margie Mendel Hager on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Since I obviously can't share her links on FB, I figured I'd find a way around that. So here's the link to some of her books:

Selena's Men [Ravens of War]

Two for Tamara [Ravens of War 2] 


Please consider grabbing a book, sharing on twitter or pinterest, and making sure this attack backfires!

Thank you for being awesome! <3

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blame Texas--I'm coming back, baby!

So, I am completely nuts, but that's a given. Heard about an event in Austin and decided that, even though I have tons of events planned for the year, I had to go!

Here's the info for anyone interested in checking it out! :D


The second I mentioned going, several people expressed interest. So I'd like to make you an offer.

FIRST person to register for TWO nights at the hotel and let me know will get TWO VIP tickets and one of the nights they paid for refunded by me! You'll also get some cool stuff that I'll have for the first time at this event. AND you get to hang out with me and some other authors for a little gathering in my room!

I know May isn't that far away, but I love travelling! And I HEART Texas!

Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A real Fan-Stay Classy

On the high from an amazing win last night, I woke up this morning with two things in mind. Check out the highlights and any news, and then get some writing done.

Instead, I came across one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in regards to a hockey fanbase. And I’ve seen some horrific stuff.

Here’s the experience two Sens fans had at the Bell Center:

Those men weren’t real fans. They’re lowlifes using the game as an excuse to bully people. Upsetting enough right there. But the reactions of those around them? Utterly shameful.

No matter who you’re cheering for, seeing behavior like this should end in one of two ways. One, the crowd who considers themselves fans should show their pride in their team by behaving in a way that honors the sweater on their backs. Two, if the crowd is being stupid, then I would hope at least one person was intelligent enough to contact security.

This didn’t happen.

Instead, these two girls left the arena with nothing but the memories of a horrible experience. The loss was irrelevant, because they were afraid of the fans. That’s unacceptable.

I have reached out to them personally, hoping I can treat them to a game and show them most Habs fans aren’t like that. This sickens me to the point that I won’t feel right until I can make up for people who don’t deserve to sport the jersey. Who shouldn’t be allowed to ever again walk into a building where the banners of our greats hang from the rafters.

Stay classy. What does that mean? Well, for those who don’t know, it means going to a game and cheering for our players. Maybe you boo a player you can’t stand. Be warned though, some of them feed off getting that reaction. If you pass a fan of the opposing team, do what the players do. Say ‘Have a good game’.

The opposing goalie makes a great save? If you’re a true fan of the game, don’t be afraid to clap to show you appreciate his skill. Keep the energy positive. Keep in mind that many of the players you see crushing one another into the boards are friends off the ice.

Do not tolerate bullying no matter who’s doing it. It has no place in the game. Speak up and make your team proud. Your actions reflect on them. And that’s never been more clear than today.

On behalf of all true fans, I apologize for what the guests in our building went through. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Advice for Authors-Don't.

Let's start with the first don't.

Don't be an asshole.

Unless that's really, truly who you are. I'm all about honesty, so feel free to let your jerk flag fly. 

Maybe, just maybe, your books will be awesome enough for me to read them anyway. ;)

Memes. Oh yes, the beloved meme. 

Stop sharing those. Authors shouldn't share memes. They're lame and sometimes they have bad grammar. 

What else are you supposed to share?

Hmm...let me think.

Not your opinion. You shall be Switzerland. Always. You shall have no opinions beyond what's in your books. But what's in the books, stays in the books.

Don't pimp, don't constantly share snippets, don't let anyone see that review hurt you. Yes, they suggested you should never have been born, but buck up buttercup! You need to have a shell like a fucking tank!

While I'm on the fucking tank thought, don't fucking swear. Readers don't like that shit.

Deciding what to share is difficult, but not overly so. All you have to do is realize every single reader is exactly the same. What catches their attention isn't your personality--you're a writer, what are you doing with a personality? Just write damn it!

What draws readers is exactly what drew readers 10 and 20 and 50 years ago. So stick with what works!

Self-publishing has really made a mess of things. You have books out there that aren't following any formula. You have serials, long books, short books, bundles. There's a relationship between authors and readers that should never exist.

This must be stopped.

Do not try to use common sense in your interactions. This will do you no good. Find the advice out there that will lead you in the right direction. Advice just like what I've shared here.

Many are better with the absolutes. Those are the ones you absolutely must adhere to.

If you don't? Well, authoring. You're doing it wrong! :P

Friday, April 10, 2015

RELEASE PARTY for GOAL LINE scheduled--And why the hell am I going BACK to Vegas?

That's right, the NHL Awards will be in Vegas and are time perfectly for me to go to them, then the event. I'm working some magic to get tickets. I'll let you all know how that turns out, but just being close to the red carpet to watch the best of the best come in will be worth it.

As you know, I'm not just kinda a hockey fan! lol!

Then there's this man, who will be at the event, who I'm gonna get to read a snippet from one of the Cobra books. Just take a moment and admire. I've done so for years!

So now for the event itself. The timing ended up perfect to do my first ever live, in person release party! And I couldn't think of a more perfect book to do it with! Dominik Mason has waited so long for his HEA and that's something to celebrate!

The release party will be JUNE 27th where the book will be release EXCLUSIVELY in print. The first TEN readers who sign up to the event and confirm with me get a free signed copy and other goodies I'm putting together for you. WE ARE NOW DOWN TO 8, so please let me know as soon as possible if you want to make sure to grab your spot.

Here's the link to the event and you'll see where to sign up and put your referral, which would be me!

RNC Five (5) full days from 8am to midnight
RNC Food provided for you 3 times a day
RNC 9am-5pm writing and business classes
RNC Double-upgraded Deluxe Hotel Room
RNC Book Fair & Festival with a live band
RNC Less than any Romance Convention
RNC NY Times/USA Today Bestselling Authors
RNC Many celebrities to watch and meet
RNC Various all-inclusive packages offered
RNC Movie & Soap Opera Star, Sean Kanan
RNC Includes registration, hotel and food

And more!   :D       

Now, for those who absolutely can't come and have been waiting forever for GOAL LINE, no worries. It will be up on pre-order in June and will release a couple days later for everyone. This is just a special opportunity to celebrate with me. I wish all the Cobra fans could be there, because it's going to be AMAZING!

Check back here soon for the cover reveal and more updates! :)