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Can love conquer all? Release day and what this book means to me...

There's something one of the heroes, Balthazar, says in his narrative in Inversion that really speaks to me. Some of you might be thinking "Umm, YOU wrote that."

Yeah...kinda. Not with my brain, with his. Which probably doesn't make any sense unless you get how real the characters are to me.

Either way, it's this:

Love didn’t conquer all, not on its own. Like any conqueror, love needed soldiers, ready to fight. Those soldiers were compassion, respect, trust, and devotion. With faith taking up the rearguard when the others faltered.
 And maybe that’s all he was missing. The one thing no one else could give him. The one thing he had to find for himself.
Which he would find once he’d figured out how to improve the odds. As nice as it was to believe things would work out for the best, he wasn’t one to sit back and let the cards fall where they may.
He always made sure his soldiers were prepared for battle.

Inversion has a character who faces several challenges and as I began his story I felt...very protective. Sure, authors love our characters, and we want them to be happyafter we've put them through hellbut some of them touch a little closer to home.

I can't tell you too much without spoiling the book, and it's just come out, but let's just say I have personal reasons for wanting to see a character who doesn't fit in the typical mold to find love. And not the kind of love that makes you blind. The kind that sees each and every thing about you that makes you different. The kind that helps you see your own strengths, that admits life won't be easy, but it will be worth every moment.

Both together and because you've got so much to give, now and in the future.

That said, I hope you all enjoy reading this book that put me through the wringer! lol Those of you who've read my work before know I don't hold anything back. And that ain't gonna change anytime soon.

Or ever. :)

In Balthazar ‘Ballz’ Bornstein’s professional opinion, every member of the metalcore band, Winter’s Wrath, needs therapy. After years as an army psychologist, the security guard has the training, but working with soldiers was much different from managing men under the spotlight of the music world. Still, he’s making progress. Except for Connor Phelan. 

Connor acts like a carefree jock, but Balthazar has glimpsed his inner pain and growing isolation from his bandmates. The young man is far too appealing and his lust for life, his playfulness, and his mischievous smile bring out the Dom in Balthazar. The security guard struggles to keep his job and his desires separate, but he’s losing the fight. More so when competition shows up—Annette Paige, the wild, headstrong backup vocalist of another band.

When a key member is injured, the two bands are forced to work together, but clashing egos, animosity, and passions jeopardize the entire European tour. The best way to keep the steady rhythm is to get the band members to behave professionally. It’s not looking good, but Balthazar will do his best to keep the boys in line. Maybe a curfew will work. There’s also been the suggestion of a leash, but the man he most wants to collar has already been caged by Annette. The Dom in him wonders if he could bring them both to heel.

One word could bring them together. Or tear them apart. A word none of them can ever say… Mine.

Grab Inversion (Winter's Wrath Book 3) TODAY

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You're gonna love me! Or hate me... Probably hate me, but in the best way!

DAMN! It's been the FOREVER since I got a book out, hasn't it? So naturally I just pumped out another book in my most popular series to make my life easy and soak up all the loving from the fans!

Yeah, y'all know me better than that.

Since I know it will be asked, YES, there will be another Cobra book soon. Soon being book world soon, not normal world soon. Which means I'll have it to you when the muse allows it. Thankfully, he's been pretty chatty, so it's looking good.

For now, he's given us something else. Something I'm glad I trusted him with because... OMG, this book. This fucking book!

Inversion (Winter's Wrath Book 3) was meant to be a lighter book. Sexy funtime with our favourite band as we get to know them a little better. 

But my muse laughed at me when I told him that's what I expected. What I got was a few rounds of heartbreak, a lot of crying, and new characters that feel like family. I can't really express how much every struggle and success meant to me. I've been dealing with a lot in my own life, as we all do, and it was healing to see that no matter what you're going through, there's always some light. Success doesn't come easy, but you gotta keep kicking ass and taking names.

Finishing this book... Let's just say it convinced me I'm not done yet.

Not even close.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you've already stepped into the world of Winter's Wrath, scroll down for the pre-order and an excerpt. If you haven't, you can now start the series for FREE.

BACKLASH (Winter's Wrath Book 1)


And now for the excerpt...

Image may contain: textConnor grinned abruptly. “I fucking knew it!”

“Hush, she’s sleeping.”

“You like her, you want to—”

Covering Connor’s mouth with his hand, Balthazar struggled not to laugh at his sing-song tone. He rested his weight against Connor’s body, pinning him to the door and speaking low in his ear. “Next time you sing that song, I am going to gag you. Understood?”

Eyes drifting shut, Connor shuddered. Nodded.

The man held still as though waiting, and Balthazar forgot why he’d planned to leave. Shoving Connor’s jacket off his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor, Connor’s shirt joining it seconds later. He curved his hand under Connor’s jaw, claiming his lips in a slow kiss, silencing Connor’s moan by taking him deeper. Dipping in with his tongue, he tasted a hint of chocolate from one of the many treats Connor had indulged in today.

Hard length pressed against Balthazar’s thigh, Connor shifted restlessly, but Balthazar held him in place, catching Connor’s wrist in a firm grip when Connor reached for him. The restraint had Connor gasping against his lips.

Balthazar smiled, moving his hand from Connor’s jaw. “How quiet do you think you can be for me?”

“Very.” Connor’s eyes widened as Balthazar undid his belt. “Are you going to punish me?”

“Not yet.” Balthazar positioned Connor’s wrists together in front of him, wrapping the belt around them, tucking the end into one of the loops. “I won’t share you with anyone until you belong to me. That hasn’t been established yet.”

The way Connor’s breaths sped up and his eyes dilated told Balthazar he’d been right about the man. Submission would come easily for him, but Balthazar couldn’t treat him like any other sub. If things worked out like he hoped they would, the structure of a power exchange could give Connor the security he needed, but expectations, all rewards and punishments would have to be tailored from day to day.

A challenge, but one Balthazar would enjoy. Exploring the lifestyle with Connor wouldn’t make his condition better. Nothing would. But there would be benefits if Connor showed an interest in delving in deeper.

For now, he’d get a small sample of what Balthazar had to offer. They’d danced around the subject for what seemed like a long time. Only a week in reality, but life moved fast in this business. They spent more time together than many partners would in a month.

Still, Balthazar would carefully set the pace according to how Connor reacted to each step. This was only the first of many.

“I assume you’ve heard of a safeword?”

Connor’s lips parted. Red stained the curves of his cheeks. He inclined his head.

“Good.” Balthazar tipped Connor’s chin up with a finger. “You will not have one. Not until I am sure I can read your body language and trust you to use it. I expect you to tell me plainly when your overwhelmed. If anything hurts too much, if you’re frightened or uncomfortable, you will say so. Understood?”

“Hurts too much?” Connor wet his bottom lip with his tongue. “Are you planning to hurt me?”

He’d pressed his palm against the front of his jeans and Balthazar’s lips curved. He put his hand over Connor’s, increasing the pressure on his dick. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you.”

“Fuck… I think so.” Connor’s hips shifted forward. “I think I’d enjoy anything you’d do to me.”

“Unlikely, but I’m looking forward to testing that theory.” Balthazar lifted Connor’s hands away from his crotch and undid his pants. He freed Connor’s dick, taking a moment to stroke the smooth length and run his thumb around the hard head which was hot to the touch. “Other than Annette, who’s touched you recently?”

“Annette didn’t…” Connor thrust forward into Balthazar’s hand. “I haven’t even gotten myself off. Shit’s been crazy busy.”

A rough sound escaped Balthazar’s throat as he leaned against Connor, kissing him hard, his hand moving faster. He knew Connor had been with many men and women over the years, more than he cared to count, but knowing he’d be in control of the pleasure Connor had been denied for even this long felt like a shift in the right direction.

“I’ll let her have you.” The words came easier than he’d expected, but he finally had some control. Enough to lay the groundwork for how things could work between the three of them. “On my terms.”

“Totally okay with that.” Connor tipped his head back against the door. “God, that feels good.”

Balthazar chuckled, fully aware that he could get Connor to agree to almost anything right now. “We’ll discuss this again when you’re not desperate to come.”

And with that, Balthazar released him.

“Shit, that was evil. Please…” Connor opened his eyes when Balthazar stopped him from using his hands to find his own release. “Please tell me you’re not done with me.”

“Not even close.” Balthazar curved his hand under Connor’s elbow to steady him. “But I want you on your knees.”

Connor inhaled roughly, licking his lips as he lowered, kneeling in front of Balthazar and gazing up at him, his eyes hooded. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“I didn’t.” Balthazar lowered his zipper, taking hold of his painfully hard erection and brushing the tip against Connor’s lips. He raked the fingers of his other hand into Connor’s thick hair. “Relax your mouth and let me in. I need to see how much of me you can take.”

Smirking, Connor flicked his tongue over the head of Balthazar’s dick. “I think you’ll be impressed.”

“We shall see.” Balthazar guided himself into Connor’s mouth, tightening his grip on his hair when he sensed Connor had wrapped his hands around his own dick. He settled himself almost at the back of Connor’s throat, pleased when he didn’t gag, even though Balthazar’s girth forced him to stretch his jaw considerably. The man had skills that would be useful, but no discipline. They’d have to work on that. “Hands up against your chest. You’ll come when I allow it, not before.”

Blinking up at him, Connor gave a little nod and did as he was told.

Balthazar stroked his hair. “You’re doing very well, Broadway.” He curved his hand around the back of Connor’s head, guiding his motions. He wasn’t in a rush to fuck Connor’s mouth and come. He wanted to feel Connor around him. Test how much he could take, and for how long.

If he could, he’d prolong this for hours. Not simply using Connor’s mouth, but stripping him down, touching and tasting every inch of him, bringing him to the edge over and over until he was begging for release.

They wouldn’t have that kind of time in the near future, but Balthazar would improvise. He let Connor take a few deep breaths, then continued with long thrusts until his balls tightened and every slip of his dick over Connor’s tongue became exquisite torture.

He withdrew, drawing in a rough breath, stroking Connor’s bottom lip when he stared up, confused.

“You’re right.” Balthazar tucked himself back in his pants, then crouched down in front of Connor. An uncomfortable position while he was still hard, but denying himself kept him focused on his boy. “I’m impressed.”

“But then…” Connor closed his lips around Balthazar’s thumb, sucking lightly. “Why did you stop?”

“Because I’ll be too relaxed to finish with you if I come.” Balthazar latched on to Connor’s bound wrist, then curved his arm around Connor’s back, jerking his hips forward and lowering Connor to the ground beneath him. He flattened his hands on either side of Connor’s shoulders, bending down to kiss him. “Remember what I said about being quiet?”

Connor nodded, hissing through his teeth as Balthazar slid his lips down his chest.
“Good. Because I believe it’s time to see how well you follow orders.”

Inversion (Winter's Wrath Book 3) Coming November 8th


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Quick update and a FREEBIE!

Craziness! Absolute INSANITY!

That's my life lately, so I haven't blogged in forever. I'll try to fix that, but until then, let's have a quickie! ;)

First, for the FREEBIE!

I should have mentioned this to you all much sooner, but like I said, crazy. Still, there's time left to take advantage of the Back to School special and grab Solid Education (Higher Learning Book 1) absolutely FREE.
SOLID EDUCATION (Higher Learning Book 1)

As for the update, INVERSION (Winter's Wrath Book 3) is coming out in October! 

I'll post a bit more about that soon and give you all a teaser, but I'm so excited to share this book with you! Fans of this series are already asking for a crossover with the Cobras and it's definitely going to happen!

If you haven't started the series yet, now it the perfect time! A few people are doing re-reads to prepare for the next book. <g>


Pick up a copy of the first two books here:

BACKLASH (Winter's Wrath Book 1)

Diminished (winter's Wrath Book 2)

Hope your week is starting off great! And don't forget, comments are hugs and shares are kisses! MWAH!

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That day is coming!

You know what day I mean, right?

Did you say Canada Day?

That too, but that's not what I'm talking about! lol

Still, gotta give some love to my country. And give some of you the only thing you're looking for when Canada is mentioned.

Anyway, the day I mean is KALLYPSOCON! 

This year, for the first time, I will be a featured author at her event in Ontario and I couldn't be more excited! I've been to a lot of events, but this one is unique.

Sure, events in Canada are always fun, and I plan to do more, but I've never experienced this kind of enthusiasm before. Not only was the event sold out in minutes, but there was so much interest Kallypso added a special meet & greet for readers who couldn't get tickets!

If you're interested, I'll post on Facebook later today and over the coming weeks about the time and place for the Q&A. You can hook up with me HERE if you haven't already. I accept all friend requests, so long as you're not a serial killer. ;)

Oh! And here's the authors who will be there!

Image may contain: text

In other next, the Dartmouth Cobra Box Sets have new covers!

Lookie, aren't they pretty?

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Image may contain: one or more people and text

As you can see, they're also on sale, with the first one being FREE for the next few weeks. So if you wanted them in one place, or know someone who'd enjoy them, now is the time to snatch them up!


Cobra Set V2
Universal Link:

Last, but not least...



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How to do the WORD THING while the HOUSE IS ON FIRE?

The 'word thing' being writing books.

The house being the world.

The fire being...well, not usually an actual fire, but sometimes it is.

Also, there's a reason for the question mark at the end. I'm not sure I have the answer.

That is all. You may go.

You still here? lol You know me well!

Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond? I'll be weird and funny in a bit, but I have to say, I'm worried about some of my favorite authors. The ones who have the experience to handle the industry, but haven't let themselves go cold and hard. The ones that feel too much.

Those feelings, that empathy, makes them incredible story tellers. When they pull you between the pages of a book you forget all you're looking at is little black markings. The words disappear and you're taken away to a new reality.

For a reader that is the best feeling in the world. That escape is precious.

But the ability to bring emotions to the page, to the canvas, to the notes, what makes an artist so good at what they do also creates a certain vulnerability.

Ignoring the world around them is very hard.

I know I've tried to put on blinders so I only see the characters. Put on loud music so it's all I hear. But then a tiny voice in my head whispers 'You can feel the heat. The fire won't go away because you're trying to ignore it.'

This doesn't have to be about chaotic politics. It could be about something local. It could be shifts in the industry. Could be hardships in your own life. Whatever it is, the flames are licking up your spine and the smoke is suffocating you.

So what do you do?

Well, there's no one right answer, but one thing I find helps is letting yourself connect, even from a distance, to those going through the same thing you are. Part of the reason I'm writing this is because I try to share what helps me, you know? And hell, maybe these words will be what someone else needs to hear right now.

I'm not going to make this post overly political-that's what twitter is for! lol-but I will share some links in a bit to posts that helped me recently which are political. You may find them useful as well.

Now, what's on my mind that's making being creative so difficult? Well, for one, the attack in Quebec still has me on edge. Largely because after Muslim Canadians were murdered by a home grown terrorist-a white man, which is why it was glossed over so quickly-I became hyper-aware of how dangerous the shift in narrative is for minorities. 

Not to say I didn't see this before, but I didn't pay enough attention. I don't think anyone does until it's too late, which is fucked up.

I'm still finding ways to become more active in my community, but the first thing I knew I had to do is educate myself. I followed some incredible voices in the Muslim community and made a point of sharing their words. I speak up when I see people being racist assholes.

Thankfully, I've seen a lot of people doing the same. It's a small start, but all movements begin with one step. A few words. And a message.

I'm saying this because I know many are taking those first steps and, while it can be scary, it's so important.

So is living.

When things seem most hopeless, finding that reason to hope means EVERYTHING. There's defiance in joy. A reason songs are sung on the way to the battlefield. A reason some of the most beautiful art out there was created during the most tragic times in history.

Which brings me back to the topic of this post.

How do you write while the house is on fire?

I believe, part of the solution is a mix of doing what you can, when you can, and be gentle with yourself when you can't. If you need to step away from everything and binge watch Netflix, do it. If you need to read every news article you can find to understand WTF is going on, that's okay.

I recommend some serious self-care after though. A nice long bath. A walk in the park. Cuddling with the littles or your furbabies.

Also, those "Faith in humanity restored' videos are awesome.

And now for the writing part.

Sit down. Look at those words.

Now get up and go do something else. Think for a moment what would happen if you never wrote again. Do some laundry. Scrub the floor. Wash your windows, mow your lawn, and paint every room in your house.

Your house looks AWESOME!

Do you want to write yet?

Keep telling yourself you can't. That it's been taken away.

If you started doing any of that stuff, you probably wanted to write after the first ten minutes. It's natural for humans to want what they're told they can't have. You can make this seem even more real by putting a Post-it on your laptop/computer saying 'NO WRITING FOR YOU!'

I obviously can't guarantee this will work. But it doesn't hurt to try.

Consider me the Guinea Pig for my own experiment. I'm in the middle of trying this right now. I have been doing absolutely EVERYTHING but writing and my muse is getting louder and louder. My house is a whole lot cleaner, I've gotten on top of emails, drawn a lot, and caught up on a few shows.

And now I'm writing this post because I need to get words out. I NEED to write. And I'm gonna start telling myself to fuck off with the 'NO WRITING FOR YOU!' thing.

So there you have it.

And here are those links:

Why Persist as a Writer in times of such Heinous Fuckery

Trump got you down?

10 Solutions for Writers who Worry too much

My last solution will be one that is ALWAYS true for authors.


When you absolutely can't write, try reading. It's what made you fall in love with the written word in the first place.

Let yourself fall in love again.

Monday, June 5, 2017

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Book recs galor and me being artsy!

All right, Montreal may not have their Pride Parade until August, but I take that as an opportunity to extend the celebrations!

I'm also inspired, so I made a few cool new designs and I'll have more coming soon.

Before we get to that, I wanna give a shout out to two books I grabbed recently that I absolutely LOVE!

First up is one I just finished. If you're into enemies to lovers, you MUST read this one. All the books in the series have been awesome, but this is my favorite.
My life plan is to be brutally honest all the way to the bank. Don't believe me? I run a popular YouTube channel called TrashyZane, and my claim to fame is oversharing about every aspect of my personal life. Sometimes while tipsy. Not everyone loves my style, but I have a long history of icing out people who can't handle me. I have no time for judgmental foolishness.

Except, apparently, when it comes to Beau Starr. His channel is the polar opposite of mine, and so is he. Wholesome, inspirational, and clean-cut. Everything about him should turn me off, but when we hook up following a confrontation at a convention, my world flips upside down. Not only does Beau Starr turn me on, he uses the exact combination of dirty talk and roughness needed to turn me out.

But we still hate each other. I think.

The next is by Jayne Rylon. I'm halfway through it and totally HOOKED. It's sexy and angsty and flows wonderfully with her engrossing voice. She's an author I've loved for a long time and I was so happy when she came out with a MMM romance. There are so few of them out there, she's made a welcome contribution!


I don’t kneel for any man. Not anymore.
I had the perfect dominant boyfriend. Then Cortez left me to save the world.
After two and a half years lost drowning my misery in bad decisions, one man changed everything.
Rogan is the perfect submissive, who puts me back in control of both him and my life.
Until Cortez comes home.
Who am I? Cortez’s bottom or Rogan’s top?
Maybe I’m both.
Maybe I was made to be their middleman.

If you missed it, Jayne is now part of a group started by myself and 8 other AMAZING authors. 


Avery Cockburn:

Avon Gale:

Sloan Johnson:

Vicki Locey:

Jayne Rylon:

Rj Scott:

Bianca Sommerland:

Elyse Springer:

Piper Vaughn:

Click on the banner to join!

Last, but not least, my new designs! You can click on the image to check out available styles, or go to the store at the bottom to see all available options.

This is the simple design. All proceeds go to the Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation.

Adorable Panda

Cute Snark Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn


I realized I've been neglecting my blog, so expect more from me soon, including news about upcoming releases!

I hope you're all having an AWESOME summer!

I have the honour to be, your obedient servant,
B.Somm <3

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Artists I ADORE-Coin Ring Bling

There are few things I enjoy more than showing support for other artists. Learning a craft and sharing it with the world can be tough, but we have an awesome community, and I figured it would be cool to spotlight those I've come across that I absolutely love.

Not sure how often I'll do posts like this, but when I do it will be me randomly picking my favorites. Could be authors, painters, jewelry makers, whatever.

Today, I want to show you the work of Coin Ring Bling!

Image may contain: outdoor

These rings are all made with different coins, which is really cool. Right now me and my girls each have one made from State themed quarters. I got Texas.

The picture doesn't do the ring justice. It's so pretty and fits comfortably, even when I'm writing. I've never found a ring that works with typing before--that's a me thing, some authors can type with rings on all their fingers.

Not sure they're human, but it's impressive. ;)
My next ring is going to be a big, badass silver piece. I don't wear much jewelry, but I'm a tad bit obsessed with these.

Check it out and you'll see why!
Image may contain: 1 person

I must have this one too! Because...DRAGONS!

No automatic alt text available.
I'm simply in awe of how beautiful these are!
No automatic alt text available.

If you want to see more rings like this, or you wanna order one for yourself, check out the store here:
Know of any artist you think are absolutely incredible? Tell me about them in the comments!

If it's your own work, feel free to brag a bit! I won't promise to feature anyone on the blog, but I'll definitely check you out!

Hope everyone's having an awesome Thursday! Hugs and Kisses and tons of love! <3

Monday, April 10, 2017



OMG, this book! lol

I love every single book I write, but this one pushed me to another level.  So much that I've already started writing BOOK THREE.

And yes, I have so many books planned that should come first, but with Winter's Wrath, I feel the same drive I do with the Cobras. These guys are something else.

And they make our hockey boys seem so well behaved! <g>

Of course, it would be interesting to see them all get together some day. A crossover between the players and the band...

Yep, my muse likes that idea VERY much!

Anyway, so this is gonna be quick, because there's so much to do, but I have a little treat for you to celebrate the release of DIMINISHED.

Simply comment on this post for a chance to win ONE of THREE audiobooks for BACKLASH (Winter's Wrath #1). The narrator is incredible, and we should be starting on the audiobook for Diminished soon.

Shares are hugs and kisses, so please let your friends know they can join in the contest too! 
**Note: Winner will be chosen in aprox 24hours. Please leave your email so I can contact you if you win. I'll announce the winners in a commet--I'll be stopping by for any questions, so feel free to ask away!**
When Shiori Ayase comes across a casting call to dance on stage for Winter’s Wrath with a model she idolizes, she jumps on the chance. She needs this opportunity to break free from the control of her stepfather, and she made her sister a promise on her deathbed. One that involves learning if the Trousseau brothers are the type of men that can be trusted. What better way to find out than by spending a few weeks with them on the road?

Brave Trousseau has to face the damage he’s done to the band in his efforts to push his younger brother away. But then his goddess, a young woman with a sharp wit and moves that drive him crazy, joins the band on tour to take over the sexy performance meant to entice the crowd, Brave ends up more than motivated to be on his best behavior.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one enchanted with the girl. Malakai Noble, the band’s bassist, has always been a strong, steady presence at the core of Winter’s Wrath, but he’s now become Brave’s most bitter rival. How can Brave show he’s changed with Malakai's constant reminders of every mistake he’s made? With the band on the line, and Shiori stealing her way into his heart, maybe there’s only one way to prove he’s the better man. And that’s by letting her go.

Exclusive Excerpt from DIMINISHED (Winter's Wrath #2)

A steady hand settled on his shoulder and his voice became husky. He hadn’t seen Malakai move, but he sensed him there, at his back. There was a pause in the lyrics for Alder’s provocative solo. Danica had the crowd in the palm of her hand. His brother kept them moving with the sensual draw of the melody, notes mimicking a pulse picking up as lust took over.
Just like Brave’s was. He sucked in a breath as Malakai’s hand slick down his chest. An excited murmur flowed in an undercurrent from the crowd, but he hardly noticed them as Malakai latched onto the front of Brave’s jacket and twisted him around to face him.
This was an act. A diversion.
He had to remember that.
Guitar slung behind him, Malakai flashed an evil smile, tugging Brave’s jacket straps while grinding against his thigh. He brought his lips close to Brave’s ear, careful to keep clear of the mic.
“You look fucking terrified, Draven.” Malakai lightly bit his earlobe, letting out a rough laugh. “Relax.”
Relax? Is he fucking serious?
Malakai was always serious. And he was right. Brave had to be the slick player the fans knew or this little performance wouldn’t work. Which he could have done with almost anyone but Malakai. Malakai had been a friend when he’d been too fucked up to be one back. An enemy when Brave needed someone to challenge his every move.
And now he was… Fuck, when had the man learned to move like that? Brave stared into Malakai’s eyes, which always seemed to lack any color at all but black and white. But this close he could see a hint of blue, like the ocean at night when the water was almost completely still, but the slightest breeze revealed more. A quick glance and there was only darkness, but the faintest light bared the deep, rich shade.
Ever since he’d know Malakai, he’d been aware of only two sides to him. The calm and the rage. He’d learned to deal with each extreme, but what he saw now was something in between.
Something he hadn’t built up a defense for. Malakai completely in control was cold and level. His anger like being shoved into an artic pool, so icy it burned to the touch.
Right now he was a bonfire in the middle of a frozen tundra, drawing Brave close to the edge, but warning him not to get too close. Those flames were dangerous. Unpredictable.
Brave could become hypnotized, simply watching them, but he’d forgotten his place, his purpose, long enough. He wouldn’t be seeing this side of Malakai at all if Shiori didn’t need them to shift focus away from her. They had to give the vultures something else to circle.
He curved his hand around the back of Malakai’s neck, bringing their lips so close he could taste the other man’s breath on his lips. A hint of the beer he’d drank while teasing Brave. The mint underneath.
The song was almost over. Time to end this.
Flicking his tongue over Malakai’s bottom lip, Brave eased back enough to turn to the mic and whispered. “Slut.”
Unlike most of their shows, the crowd didn’t immediately cheer. Uncertainty rolled around them in the silence. Then it got loud.
Really fucking loud. Cat calls, some grumbling, but mostly the fans sharing a moment of intimacy they didn’t know how to absorb.
He couldn’t blame them. He wasn’t sure how to take it in himself. The second he released Malakai, the man returned to his place on stage, starting the next song with Alder, Connor, and Tate like nothing had happened.
Because nothing had happened. They’d done what they’d planned. Given the media something to talk about. An interesting story. A short clip of them touching, and dancing, and speaking softly. Tons to speculate about.
Not reality. Sure, it felt real to Brave, but he refused to let the moment sink in. Even though he wasn’t close to Malakai anymore, he understood how his mind worked. Shiori needed saving. He’d saved her, no matter the cost.
Even if it meant feigning interest in a man he hated.