Tuesday, May 19, 2015

GOT 0.99 For THREE Books? PRE-Order of GOAL LINE and other Cool Stuff!

YES! We now have ALL the pre-order links for Goal Line (The Dartmouth Cobras #7)

Here's another look at the GORGEOUS cover. <g>

Goal Line (The Dartmouth Cobras #7)
Amazon - http://bit.ly/goallineKIN
Kobo - http://bit.ly/goallineKOBO 

In addition, to celebrate the release, The Dartmouth Cobras Box Set (Books 1-3) is now on sale for 0.99. ONLY until the release of Goal Line, so if there's someone you want to read the series with you, grab it for them now!
Kobo - http://bit.ly/cobrasv1KOBO


Last, but not least, there is now a new store with Teespring for merchandise from The Dartmouth Cobras:


Right now, we have sweaters for Dominik Mason, Sloan Callahan, Max Perron, and Sebastian Ramos.

Sloan, Max, and Sebastian's campaigns end within the next week, so be sure to grab the one you want now. The next campaigns will be whichever players get the most requests. 

So if your man isn't available, give me a shout and I'll schedule him for the next run! :D

Monday, May 11, 2015


In case you missed it, today is the day you finally get to see the AMAZING cover for Goal Line!

I've been dying to share this with you. Thanks to the INCREDIBLE photographer, Jenn Leblanc of STUDIO SMEXY we were able to get the perfect visual for Dominik Mason. This was so important to me now that he's getting his own book.

His book will be released everywhere June 29th. 

And here's the cover:


Impressive, eh? <g> And Reese Dante, the cover artist for the Dartmouth Cobras series, did an amazing job bringing Dominik to life on the cover.

Now, here's a sneak peek of him brought to life on the page:

The discussion turned to less serious topics, but Sahara still hadn’t come out. Dominik suspected she was overthinking things and decided to put a stop to that.
Jami grabbed his arm when he stood. “She’s coming.”
“I find that hard to believe.” Dominik glanced down at Jami’s hand, pleased when she moved it without having to be told. He might not even consider being dominant toward the girl, but she knew better than to lay her hands on men who weren’t hers.
Or perhaps he’d grown too accustomed to club protocol. Regardless, he’d come here for Sahara and he didn’t need Carter and Jami as chaperones. The whole set up was mildly amusing, but enough was enough.
He headed down the hall quietly, listening to the shuffling just beyond the last door. And the frustrated groan. He cleared his throat. “Please tell me you’re not worried about looking perfect for me, Sahara. That takes no effort at all.”
Another groan and a strained laugh. “Great, now I feel silly.”
“Which is adorable.” He leaned against the wall by the door. “But either way, I don’t want the fact that this is an ‘official date’ to change how comfortable you’ve been with me in the past. I’m not a new man you’re trying to impress. I’m a man who already is.”
The doorknob turned and the door opened a crack. He heard her take a deep breath before she came out.
Then it was his turn to take in as much oxygen as possible. Sahara always looked amazing, but in a snug crimson lace dress, clinging to all her curves and falling to just above her knees, she was sexy and elegant all at once. There was something vulnerable in her eyes, in her stance even though she stood with her shoulders back and head held high. He found it hard to believe that she didn’t know how beautiful she was, but maybe that wasn’t the issue at all. The way she looked at him was expectant, almost shy. As though she wanted to know she’d pleased him.
She had, but he hadn’t asked her out just to have a gorgeous woman on his arm. He could call his agent and have his pick of models to make an appearance. He wanted the woman he’d had easy conversations with. The woman he’d held while she cried after the loss of the coach they’d all loved so much.
He could have made this easier on them both by taking her somewhere simple, to a movie, out bowling or…there were many options, but none that would make his intentions clear. He wasn’t taking Sahara out because he had nothing better to do. There was something between them that he wanted to explore. Tonight would be special. Possibly a new beginning.
“Look at me.” He tipped her chin up with a finger. “What do you see?”
Her lips parted. Then she bit her lush, glistening red bottom lip. “I see you. You look…very handsome, but you’re still the same man who’s been there for me, at the club and…and for a long time.”
Inclining his head, he gave her a broad smile. “Good girl. Now, you do know that there may be photos of the two of us online before the end of the night. It will go much better if you don’t seem  afraid of me.”
“I’m not afraid of you, Dominik.” She exhaled and laughed. “I have no reason to be.”
Well now, he wouldn’t go that far. A little fear made things interesting. He pulled her close and brushed her ear with his lips. “That’s cute. Shall I give you a reason?”

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

GUEST AUTHOR-JULIE MORGAN and The Low Down on Event Insanity

I'd love for you all to welcome my very dear friend and event partner in crime, Julie Morgan. You all know I go to a lot of events, so if anyone's been front row for the drama of late, I'm right up there.
But I believe, as an author, you make your own event successful or not. 
Julie is here today to explain this insanity perfectly.
In the last few months, I've been to a few different events, with two more this year to go, and a few for next year. I've been thinking on this for a while and I'm going to post my own, honest opinion on things.
  • Whether you like a person or not, it should not persuade you from doing their events. If readers will be there and you could benefit from going by selling books, meeting/reconnecting with readers, then I suggest you go. Let go of not liking someone. Who cares. This is a business, treat it as such.
  • I have NO idea what it entails to set up an event, but from what I can see, it is very stressful. Ever hear the phrase "it's like herding cats"? It seems to apply to this to a T. As an author, if you decide to sign on to an event, you have an obligation now. You need to tell your readers and writing community where you'll be. You want them to come see you, right? You want to sell your books, right? I do not expect the event coordinator to do this for me. When I sign up for an event, that is ALL on me, 100%, to market and pimp myself. If my street team jumps in the action, HOORAH! I love my girls so yeah, every little bit helps. But if you sign on for an event and never once mention it on your social media pages, how are your readers actually going to know you're there? Consider that moving forward.
  • A few days before the event kicks off, stress, nerves, butterflies, etc...they effect everyone, not just the coordinator (but add 1000% of your stress levels together and you may get close to what they're feeling). Do your part and contribute to the success of the event. You've paid to be there, so work it. 
  • The day the event opens, do your part and contribute (repeated, I know). Do the panels, talk to readers, put on a smile and 'be on'. No one is asking you to be fake, but remember, these are your readers. Without your readers, you would not be where you are. If you need a break, remove yourself for an hour or two and go to your room, go outside, go make that call...whatever it is. Sometimes it's just to go pee. I've been there, it's okay. 
  • During the book signing, be respectful, please. Do not bad mouth other authors, bloggers, models, readers, etc. Authors and bloggers will talk, but what's worse? Readers talk as well. Word will get around. Others will find out what was said. It's the nature of the gossip beast. Want to prevent it? Don't start it.
  • Running along the lines of the bullet above, do not bash other events, especially the day their event is starting. You are not only hurting the event, you are hurting the authors in attendance. Do not back lash at the aggressor, either. Do not fight fire with fire. This is a professional industry. Remember, your readers will see everything as it plays out on social media. I've mentioned this before to someone. "There are three sides to every story. Your side, their side, and the truth." Not everything you see on Facebook, Twitter and TSU is real (I think we've all learned that). If you're not sure, go to the source. Keep it simple and keep the negativity OFF social media. 
  • Remember, we are here to write and sell books. I don't know about you, but I enjoy interacting with my readers on a daily basis. Do not ignore the hand that feeds you. And do not, especially, call them out, talk bad about them, or tell them to leave you alone when all they want is a few minutes of your time to tell you how much your story affected them. Seriously, it's only a few minutes of your day. We all have something going on (trust me, I'm a special needs mom. There's LOTS going on in my life). Take a few minutes of your day to read your messages and respond. 
  • Do not stalk people. We all read the story of the author who took it too far and went to the bloggers house because of a review they left on their book. This goes along with the three sides to every story comment since we were not there to witness it, but damn, do not stalk people. Do not be Kathy Bates from Misery.
  • If another author begins talking about another author or reader, do what you will, but honestly, ignore it. We are not in high school. Let's leave the pettiness at the door and write our stories. (recall above? The gossip beast?)
Not everyone may be in agreement with my post, and that's okay. I've been sitting on this for about a month and finally was able to get my thoughts together. Please do not go out of your way to "ruin" another author or coordinator. Why would you want to do this? What is your goal in doing so?
  • Did the author write a story you don't agree with? Do not read it. 
  • Did the author steal your story line? File a complaint with the library of congress...or better yet, take it up with that author. 
  • Has a coordinator become a threat to the industry professionals? I highly doubt it. Even if so, be a professional and take it up with them. Work together. Do not post a blast about that coordinator on social media.
  • Has a model, reader, blogger or author crossed the line in some fashion? Take it up with them rather than blasting them on social media.
This is not intended to blast anyone or anything, nor is there any name calling. If offense is taken (which is not my intent), then reach out to me. I am one of the kindest persons you'll EVER meet, but never, ever, mistake my kindness for weakness.
It takes years to build up trust in someone but it can take only a second to destroy it. The mouth is a powerful weapon, use it wisely. Use it in a book as a man who is seducing a woman. Use drama in your story to build your plot, not drive away authors and potential readers. 

Here's some links on where to find me.

Twitter: @JulieMorganBook
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