Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Delayed Penalty and a little warning...

This book cover is amazing. Reese Dante is a true artist and she captured everything in this book...

And that's where the warning comes in. Those who've read the books know I don't shy away from tough subjects. Just to name a few without spoiling for those new to the series all I need to say is Silver, Landon, Dominik...Scott.

I'll keep this short, but I just want to let you know that it's not going to get easier. If you want a light, happy read...well, we have different tastes so I have nothing to recommend. I read books that contain real issues. I write the same. Those who follow me on FB have seen me post things that I probably shouldn't have. My betas usually save me from the worst, but sometimes, I rip open scars and just let them bleed.

Why? Because I was taught to keep my mouth shut about certain things most of my life. And as an author, I now have the power to shine light on things that may reach someone. Help someone. And that makes me feel good. Yeah, sometimes my muse throws something at me that tosses me back into my past and makes me want to drown myself in a bottle of whiskey, but I don't need to hide that from you guys. My experiences make me who I am. And damn it, I survived. And that's something to be proud of.

I look at other authors, like Kallypso Masters, and can't help but be thankful that we who had to be silent for so long now have a voice. We can write these books, expose our blood, sweat, and tears, and maybe make a difference. We are still authors, but more importantly, we are artist that can bring what we suffered into the light. We aren't just writing stories. We are showing a different perspective through the characters that speak so loudly in our heads. 

I've seen things recently about a popular show and the reactions to ignorant comments and it really drove it home the power we authors have. We can stifle the ignorance. We can show that love, in whatever form, is beautiful. And by putting real characters out there, we can show how people can live through terrible things and come out stronger. Strong enough to make a difference.

Some may say there's not enough sex in my books. I'm sorry I can't give you what you're looking for. But my heart swells at that single message from a reader telling me I reached them. That I wrote a story with a character who touched them, who they could relate to. Who helped them take that next step towards healing.

This is my warning. You stood by Silver as she had her baby and went through PPD. You watched Landon deal with his son's death. You saw Dominik left alone. Akira heal from rape. Jami recover from addiction.

My books are not stroking material--for the most part!--Real issues come up. Life happens and I don't play directer as the characters tell me their stories. I write what I'm told. I'm the body behind the keyboard typing as fast as I can to get the story of the people you've come to love.

With that, I'll leave you with this unedited excerpt. And thank all those who've stuck with the Cobras this long. There's more coming. Much more. You'll get to experience the Cobras like I do. Moving forward. Falling back.

Just living.

Delayed Penalty

Copyright 2013, Bianca Sommerland

“Cort, you didn’t know.” Ford’s soft tone made Cort want to get up and punch him. How could Ford say that when so many had hated him—including Akira—for so long for his mistakes? Jami had almost been raped. But she hadn’t been. And she was still alive. So it was nothing compared to what Cort had done.

“Take her, Ford. Get her away from me.” Cort released Akira. As he should have done in the first place. He’d never be the man for her. At least she had Ford and Ford loved her. And Ford wasn’t too far gone to be there for her. He felt a gentle hand on the side of his throat and jerked away. “Get her out of here!”

“No.” It sounded like Ford and Sutter had spoken at the same time. Cort could almost feel them staring each other down. It was Ford that continued. “I think she might object. And I refuse to take her away from you, so that’s not gonna work. She had to watch us both be hauled in for bullshit. We’re both here now. I won’t have her feeling alone again.”

“She loves you.” That’s what Ford had wanted. Why couldn’t he just go with it? It would kill Cort to lose her, but better that than her being with someone whose hands would always be soaked in innocent blood. “You owe me, Ford. You better fucking remember that and give her . . . give her everything. Every fucking day you better look at her and know you’ve gotta work hard to deserve her.”