Saturday, February 20, 2016

MY DEMONS ARE WINNERS!!!! Menage Romances Readers Favorite....

As some of you might know, Game Misconduct (The Dartmouth Cobras #1) won an award a few years back for Menage Reader's Choice Interracial Romance back in 2013. I was so honored for one of my books to even be nominated. I LOVE that people love the Cobras. :)

I also know not every book I put out is gonna be a hit. But what kind of author would I be if I only wrote hoping THIS book would be the next big hit? I mean, there's formulas to follow, but...yeah. No.

Evil's Embrace (Celestial Pets #1) is a book I was so excited about, I tried releasing it in serial format last year so I could share it with the readers as soon as I had a decent amount to put out there. Many readers were enjoying it, but I wasn't feeling the format, so I pulled the part, brought everything together and reworked it into a complete novel that fit both me and my characters so much better.

Long story short, to make up for some people having bought it in parts, I published the book and sold it for .99

If anyone doubts that after almost 6 years, I do this more for the love of the story than for the money, let's just say a book that could have made me at least a few hundred--paying off at least part of what I invested into it--made me less than .30 per sale. 

BUT a story I loved was out there. A story that never would have gotten published by a trad pub because it avoid formulas like the plague. And it's dark and gritty, but not as dark and gritty as Deadly Captive, so I accepted that it would gain the love of very few readers. Kinda like Rosemary Entwined. Which is fine--recall, I'm writing the stories for the characters first and they were satisfied in the end. <g>

What's the point of all this? Well, Evil's Embrace even being nominated surprised me. I was like...bouncy and thinking there's someone out there that loves my angels and demons enough to give them some attention!

Then...they won. THEY FREAKIN' WON!

I just gotta say...thank you. To all those readers who support all my craziness and read my books even though you're still waiting for others, you have no idea how much I appreciate you. This job can be tough, but if you can't do it for the stories, for the characters, there's no way you'll survive.

Getting fan approval though? It means my characters aren't speaking to me alone. And that's the best feeling in the world! <3

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