Saturday, February 6, 2016

LITE EM UP! How cool is vaping?

Different kinda post, but those who know me are used to my randomness by now.

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat:

-I am not making ANY money from a vape shop, or anyone else for this post (though I wouldn't object to it, if any of you are interested in paying me! lol!)
-I'm not a scientist, or a doctor, so please do your own research before making any decisions. I will provide some links at the bottom of the post.
-I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I encourage discussion in the comments, but please keep it respectful. Trolls will be eliminated.

So let's get started.

Smoking is cool and vaping isn't. YET.

Now, before you flip the fuck out and argue that cigarettes have killed millions and is definitely not cool, I'm not saying it SHOULD be cool. Most would climb up on their judgy horses and sneer, calling it a disgusting habit and cheer for each and every law that pushes smokers out into the cold, or better yet, stuffs them in a box where no one ever has to see them again.

Let me tell you, as a former smoker, I find that attitude very productive. Why, the first time someone came to me with a disdainful sniff, reminding me how horrible smoking was for my health, you better believe I dropped that cancer stick and fell to my knees, thanking them for showing me the light!

If you missed the sarcasm, please stop reading now.

Anyway, most smokers are WELL aware how unhealthy smoking is. But very few are shamed into quitting. Parents, doctors, lovers...all those well meaning people often fail in getting their message across because until someone is ready to quit, they won't. 

Ecigs are an attractive alternative for many reasons. It's easier for many to switch to an ecig rather than stop smoking. Even without all the studies, just talking to those who vape you will quickly learn that they feel better vaping then they ever did while smoking. Taste improves, as does your sense of smell. You can breathe easier than you did before, and you might not even have noticed how bad it had gotten until that tightness in your chest is gone.

So why is it considered 'uncool' to vape?

Well, for one, money. Cigarette companies have spent decades marketing cigarettes as sexy and bad-ass. Public opinion has shifted, but not completely. There's still something about seeing a man in a leather jacket, lazily holding a cigarette between his lips. A woman with red lips, holding a long cigarette in her gloved hand, and a champagne glass in the other, still has a certain appeal. The image has been fed to us for so long it's going to take awhile before that really changes.

Vaping doesn't have the media on their side because they don't throw money at it. And even if they wanted to, with all the laws against promoting tobacco products, they really can't do much. Because even though ecigs AREN'T tobacco products, they're largely governed by the same laws.

Which means the only way they gain popularity is through people educating themselves and discussing it on this great big platform that's given the average Joe more power than we've had since we developed the technology to print papers en mass. The more people learned to read, the more they began to share ideas, the less power governments had. Social media is the next step and it's been responsible for some HUGE changes in the world.

But big companies still have the money to guide the market. If you see the same thing over and over, it's hard not to get it stuck in your head. That's often how trends begin. Tell people something is cool often enough and they'll start to believe it. Not everyone, of course. There are still, thankfully, many people who think for themselves. But the masses usually decide what's cool.

They've decided ecigs aren't cool. And they don't need a reason, right? Their sneering says it all and we should hide our faces and vape where no one can see us. Kinda like picking our noses or pulling out a wedgie.

And the cigarette companies LOVE that, because they're still cool. Cool enough that that bad boy you find so hot is still sucking back smoke as he climbs onto his Harley.

So will vaping ever be cool?

I don't know. And I don't really give a fuck.

I'm not cool when I pull on my jersey to go out to dinner with a bunch of nicely dressed authors, a baseball cap on my head and my hair in a ponytail. I'm not cool for going to heavy metal concerts at MY AGE and hanging out in the pit. I'm not cool for my SWAT boots and odd socks or the comic books I love. Loving Marvel more than 50 Shades of Grey is definitely, totally lame.

I'm bisexual. I can't even pick a side!

So not cool.

Which works for me. I don't need anyone telling me what's cool. And I'm kinda sad for those who still need that kind of acceptance, but I get it. You don't want to stand out and really, those vaping freaks are not your crowd. 


But the whole point of this post is to point out ecigs are helping people. They've changed people's lives. They changed mine. 

They can be sexy, they definitely smell better, and they're not hurting anyone. You wanna find me at any event, I'm probably outside, chilling with the smokers, with my ecig between my lips. I'm happier, healthier, and this choice likely means I'll be around a lot longer to write all those kinky books so many have come to love.

And while we're on the sexy and cool topic, here's some awesomeness for you to check out:

And the latest

If you'd like to learn more about vaping, here's some links:




And if you want to join the convo on Facebook, here's where I first brought up the subject:


Yes, I'm rather passionate about this. I won't fight to be able to vape in restaurants, or stores, or movie theaters. I respect those around me and I avoid blowing smoke in anyone's face. But it terrifies me that the cigarette companies will win in this fight to either make vaping seem as bad, if not worse than smoking. Or worse, that they'll take over and make that true.

The fillers they might put in e-liquids to mass produce them? Well, they'll change the fact that vaping has fewer chemicals than cigarettes. Maybe ecigs will be cool then, but I really fucking hope not.


  1. My son's girlfriend just quit smoking thanks to vaping. That's a huge win in my book. I hope for once big tobacco doesn't win this one!!

  2. My husband started smoking again because I got so sick I had to quit my job. For several months while my doctors were not sure how sick I was or why, we waited for my long-term disability benefits to start. My husband fully supported our household without any promises of a second income. It didn't help him cope to find out I was suicidal and terrified our 1 yr marriage was going to end because of something I couldn't control.

    I was sad to see him smoke, but he was sad to see me on Xanax. Two years ago, he decided to embrace e-cigs. It was extremely expensive in some ways, but so worth it. He is down to smoking less than 6mgs of nicotine a day. I am so proud and happy for him. His health is better, and he loves the freedom to vape in so many more places.

    I think that the tobacco industry has a huge hold on the market, but lots of other industries have been forced to admit to underhanded tactics for profits rather than consumer health. Many eventually failed-like leaded gasoline in the petroleum industry. Time will tell.

    By the way, cool is overrated. I would rather meet 1 Bianca than 100 Jennifer Aniston's.