Saturday, April 18, 2015

A real Fan-Stay Classy

On the high from an amazing win last night, I woke up this morning with two things in mind. Check out the highlights and any news, and then get some writing done.

Instead, I came across one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in regards to a hockey fanbase. And I’ve seen some horrific stuff.

Here’s the experience two Sens fans had at the Bell Center:

Those men weren’t real fans. They’re lowlifes using the game as an excuse to bully people. Upsetting enough right there. But the reactions of those around them? Utterly shameful.

No matter who you’re cheering for, seeing behavior like this should end in one of two ways. One, the crowd who considers themselves fans should show their pride in their team by behaving in a way that honors the sweater on their backs. Two, if the crowd is being stupid, then I would hope at least one person was intelligent enough to contact security.

This didn’t happen.

Instead, these two girls left the arena with nothing but the memories of a horrible experience. The loss was irrelevant, because they were afraid of the fans. That’s unacceptable.

I have reached out to them personally, hoping I can treat them to a game and show them most Habs fans aren’t like that. This sickens me to the point that I won’t feel right until I can make up for people who don’t deserve to sport the jersey. Who shouldn’t be allowed to ever again walk into a building where the banners of our greats hang from the rafters.

Stay classy. What does that mean? Well, for those who don’t know, it means going to a game and cheering for our players. Maybe you boo a player you can’t stand. Be warned though, some of them feed off getting that reaction. If you pass a fan of the opposing team, do what the players do. Say ‘Have a good game’.

The opposing goalie makes a great save? If you’re a true fan of the game, don’t be afraid to clap to show you appreciate his skill. Keep the energy positive. Keep in mind that many of the players you see crushing one another into the boards are friends off the ice.

Do not tolerate bullying no matter who’s doing it. It has no place in the game. Speak up and make your team proud. Your actions reflect on them. And that’s never been more clear than today.

On behalf of all true fans, I apologize for what the guests in our building went through. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


  1. You are awesome for wanting to get this out. I agree that was so wrong of the fans for not stopping this bad behavior

  2. I'm not a hockey fan nor do I live in Canada but I do follow you because I love your books! One thing I have learned from following you is you have a very big heart! This post only proves that more! You are an awesome lady! Glad your my friend!