Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Devil Went Down...Celestial Pets Part THREE with Excerpt. FREE limited Special on Part ONE

If you haven't checked out Celestial Pets: EVIL'S EMBRACE yet, not would be a great time to grab the first part because it's FREE until March 15th! :D

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For those that have been following the story, part three is now available. Inside, we're introduced to a new...friend of Cravis and Travis.

Here's a sneak peek:

In his hand was a long, shining black feather. He trailed it over Fae’s stomach, up to her breasts, too lightly to tickle, but just enough to make goose bumps rise all over her flesh. She wasn’t unaffected by him, but she wasn’t stupid enough to give in to desire. And the only men she wanted couldn’t come to her yet.

“What do you want from me? Do you want me to become like them and collect souls for you? Serve you as so many already do? Is the point of the game for you to have yet another demon beneath you?”

Lucas grinned. “It’s not a horrible end result, but that would be quite boring. I wouldn’t be so interested in Azrael if having him was easy. He’s been a worthy challenge for millennia Maybe you will be as well. I doubt it, but with his help—”

“With Cravis and Travis. You will let me have them because I’m no challenge alone, and I don’t tempt Azrael. He will protect me without crossing the line, but that is all.” It was more than she could have asked for, but Azrael’s involvement wouldn’t help her men. Lucas had all the chess pieces laid out. She only had to be willing to play. “You don’t want the game to be over yet.”

“Even when there’s no way for me to lose?”

“There’s always a way. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Lips spread in a broad smile, Lucas bent down to gently kiss her lips. “Very good, Fae. You’re still so new, but I will enjoy seeing the woman you will become. You’ve earned yourself several worthy champions.” He handed her the feather. “I’m not even quite sure how. Maybe just because you’re cute.”

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