Thursday, March 26, 2015

Clean Reader is a whole lot of Dry Anal--Not that they asked, but...thanks, no thanks!

Some of you might have seen this new app, CleanReader, mentioned here and there. I'll share some links at the bottom of the post for some excellent opinion pieces on it, but in the meantime, I needed to get my thoughts down and share them with you all.

Then I've gotta move on.

Now, some might wonder why this whole situation pisses me off so much. Well, here's part of it:

Wait, you're an author and you've never heard of them and you don't want this app used on your books? Tough titties, they didn't ask. And neither did the vender that provided them with the books. No, they're not stealing them. 

You'll get paid by the original vender (my understanding, you might want to double check) but they can put your book out there to pimp their app, bragging how they've now made it a 'clean read'.

When I stopped being too mad to wrap my head around it, and doing what I do in getting as informed as possible, I realized that this app is doing something I don't think they intended. 

Those sweet romances with mild sex now have anal in them. I'm not even joking. Check this out:

"The most egregious example of this is the fact that all words for female genitalia (vagina and pussy) are replaced with bottom. Take the following:

“Where shall I [freak] you, Victoria? Where do you want my [groin]?”

“I want it in . . . my [bottom].” from Jackie Ashenden’s Living in Secret"

So despite my frustration, I have found some amusement in this whole thing. And I emailed to get my books taken out of the apps store. I'm interested to know if ANYONE believes a reader who has an issue with the word 'Fuck' would be okay with Deadly Captive if the few instances of it used were removed.

There's books out there for people who want a gentler reading experience. I'm not even against the app being available for author who opt in. TV shows and movies that have curse words bleeped out? That was done with permission. This wasn't. So it's bullshit.

Here's a few links if you want to read more:

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  1. I literally snorted my drink out my nose on the [bottom] comment