Sunday, March 29, 2015

And I'm off to VEGAS! BONUS: Mean Reviews 2

Of course, I'm not a HUGE fan of Vegas. I'm not a gambler and the zombies on the slot machines kinda freak me out. Add to that flying over the deadlands after leaving my lush land of snow and ice and you've got a situation where I might have to be dragged to the airport kicking and screaming and swearing to the Gods that I'll be good if I can just stay home!!!

Now, besides the tattoos and guns that tempted me, there's a whole bunch of cool people I haven't seen in way too long. I miss them enough to suffer the heat and risk being eaten by a demon in the desert. I imagine they look kinda like Tremors... The demons, not my friends. ;)

There's also some amazing trips planned and I'm getting to see a whole bunch of things I didn't last time. From the Titanic Exhibit to Thunder Down Under, trying new foods with the lovely Stella Price and Ann Mayburn, a breakfast with readers, and lots of drinking and laughing and craziness with everyone.

This is also in April, rather than August which is when I went last time, and probably explains a good part of why I felt like I had been dragged into the pits of hell! lol! I'm not big on heat.

So if you're around Vegas this week, come find me! The signing is next Saturday at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino from 10-5pm. I'll have a few things at my table available for the first time! :)

Check here for more details!

 In other news, Authors Read Mean Reviews TWO!

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