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All right, I'll stop long enough to write this post! lol

For those who don't know, Tamed (Now UNTAMED) was written to be part of a kindle world. I always wanted to continue as series from it, but I didn't realize how rough having it stuck in Amazon alone would be. Or how disheartening to try and continue knowing many wouldn't have gotten to read the first one. I'd have to write ANOTHER first and...

Yeah, I just worked on other stuff and appologized again and again to all the people who messaged me, upset that they couldn't read the book. I ended up giving A LOT of copies away just because I felt so bad.

When news got out that all kindle worlds were being removed from Amazon I...well I tried not to start dancing. I may have cried some happy tears, but I knew a lot of authors had loved the program and were sad to see it go.

But I immidiatelystarted making the changes needed to republish, taking out characters and changing descriptions so there was no tie to the other author's world. I also added a new prologue and deepened scenes I knew would be important for the future.

And the day has FINALLY COME!

Now UNTAMED is available to everyone and I'm excited about diving into the world again. I'm so in love with this story and I hope you'll love it to.

Right now it's only up on Amazon and Kobo, but I'll update this post with the other links as soon as I get them. To those who were upset that the book was only with Amazon for 2 years, believe me, I heard you loud and clear and promise I will NEVER do something like that again.

And thank you to all my readers for being so patient with me. A lot's gone down over this year so far, but there will be some back-to-back releases to make up for it.

More coming soon. ;)

And until then, here's a snippet from UNTAMED (Feral Bonds Book One):

When Zaire Torva, enforcer of the Bay Pines pack, finds his mate near death in an underground fighting ring, he has no idea Lathan Ferox crashing into his life will turn his whole world upside-down. The struggle to save the man who claims Zaire’s heart tests their newly formed bond. And proves there’s nothing Zaire won’t do for him.

Only, sharing him might be an issue.

While on a mission to retrieve a runaway wolf cub, Zaire and Lathan come across a beautiful, fierce young woman, Embry CaelitÄ“s, who watches over the child with all the instincts of a mare guarding her foal. Separating the two is impossible, and Embry possesses powers that can help Lathan tame his beast. Unfortunately, Zaire and Embry are like oil and water, clashing at every turn. All they have in common is how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the ones they love.

Surrendering to the wild passion of the animal within, Zaire’s tempered connection with Embry grows, but will it be enough as Lathan’s very existence proves too great a risk for any peaceful pack to take? As Embry’s past closes in on her, and their little cub faces the danger she tried to escape, will love be enough to keep them all alive?


 Easing down to his side, he lay with his man in his arms, speaking soft nonsense, even after he sensed Lathan had fallen asleep. A peacefulness that he’d never known settled over him and he chuckled as his panther purred, content now that their mate belonged to them fully.
Never in his life had he been connected to anyone. Not family, not lovers. He hadn’t missed it, he’d been fine on his own, but as of this moment, he couldn’t imagine living without that strong bond. Without the one who meant everything to him after such a short time.
Hours later, he caught an unfamiliar scent. A rank stench, tainted with fury and a thirst for violence. Drawing away from Lathan, Zaire shredded the torn shirt he still wore. He opened the front of the tent, keeping low as he shifted. Sniffed the air, he crouched as he caught movement to the left.
A lone, dull grey wolf, teeth bared, inviting him to attack. He padded away from the tent warily. Something was off. The wolf glanced away from him for a split second and a fiery pain pierced Zaire’s shoulder. Another bullet hit the dirt seconds before he leapt closer to the trees, hoping the deep foliage would impair the shooter’s vision.
Heat spilled down his side and a feral scream tore through him as the wolf approached the tent. Lathan was inside. Vulnerable. Rage spilled red across his vision, but as he prowled toward the wolf with a warning growl, another shot rang out.
“You fucking coward. It’s me you want!” Zaire gnashed his teeth in frustration as the wolf inched even closer to the tent. Hopefully, taunting him would divert his attention. Cause the wolf to snap and come after him instead. “Mace was a coward as well. Slitting his throat was so easy. His bitch mother should be ashamed of how pathetic he was.”
The wolf turned suddenly, cutting the distance between them in a short leap. Zaire rose up on his hind legs to meet him in midair. As they landed, his wounded leg buckled, giving the wolf the opportunity to latch on to his throat.
Piercing through the night, the scream of another beast distracted the wolf before he could land the killing blow. Shots pelted the dirt as another panther landed on the wolf’s back. Clawing and snarling, the panther yanked the wolf off Zaire.
One look into the panther’s gleaming gold eyes and Zaire knew it was Lathan. He didn’t have a chance to consider the repercussions of his man shifting so abruptly, in the most violent way possible. The bullets were hitting the ground too close. The shooter was aiming for Lathan, not even seeming to care about the risk to the wolf.
Zaire had to stop him.
His injuries hardly slowed him as adrenaline flooded over the pain. He raced through the trees, following the scent of the human. He could smell the fear and his beast was eager to find the fool who dared threaten his mate.
The human tried to aim for him as he sprang, but he was on the man before he could pull the trigger. His beast cried out for blood, but the fall had knocked the man unconscious. Zaire had to fight not to end the shooter with one swipe of his claws. His panther didn’t understand why the man deserved to live.
Breaking the gun brought shallow satisfaction. He quickly checked the man for other weapons, then rushed back to Lathan. Lathan, who’d only fought shifters as a human and had barely managed to survive.
He found Lathan, still in panther form, standing over the wolf. The wolf shuddered as it drew in its last breath. As it lay still, Lathan backed away from it, breathing hard as he dug his claws into the dirt.
“It’s okay, Lathan.” Zaire sat back on his hunches as his shoulder began to throb. The silence worried him. He tried again. “Lathan, look at me.”
Letting out a rough, Meow, Lathan began to pace. He released an irritated Huff then approached Zaire, pressing against his side, carefully licking his wounded shoulder. He purred as Zaire nuzzled against him.
“I’ll be okay. We heal quickly.” Zaire bumped his head against Lathan’s. “You seem all right. Only a few bites. Can you shift?”
Lathan stared at him. Licked his shoulder again.
This was not good. One of the reasons he hadn’t wanted to rush claiming Lathan was so that they could discuss what would happen if he did become a shifter. He’d let his beast rule him and now neither of them was prepared. Lathan had completely given in to his animal. Bringing him back would be difficult. Not impossible, but he needed to reach the man beyond the beast.
“Take control, Lathan. Visualize the panther as something apart from you. Let it know you are in charge.” Zaire growled in frustration as Lathan continue to stare at him. Either he couldn’t hear him in his mind, or he couldn’t understand the words.
A far off howl in the woods had Lathan tensing and searching out the new threat. Before Zaire could stop him, he took off running.
“Lathan!” A step and Zaire’s leg gave out. He panted as he lay in the dirt, cursing as his vision shifted to black. He’d lost too much blood. Shifting himself would slow healing. If his panther was struggling to remain conscious, he would be completely useless once he became a man.
As the darkness took him, all he could do was pray the howl had been from a real wolf. Another shifter might not understand that Lathan was lost in his own mind, grappling with the beast that was a stranger to him. All they would see was a rogue in their territory. One who couldn’t be reasoned with.
One who might need to be stopped.
Find your way back to me, Lathan. Zaire lay his head on the dirt and willed Lathan to regain at least that much control. Find your way back and I will keep you safe.

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