Saturday, July 28, 2018


Yes, it's been TWO YEARS.

Two years since the release of the last Dartmouth Cobra book.

I could explain why, but some of you who follow me on social media already know, and today I want to look forward, not back.

And the release of COCKY SHOT is a HUGE step forward for the Cobras. It might just be a novella, but it's part of the coming developments that bring us to the begining of the end. And onto a new begining.

There was a random Q&A in my discussion group yesterday where I was asked how many Cobra books are left. There are two full length novels (OverTime and Trade Bait) and two more novellas (Tag Up and Neutral Zone Trap) all coming by the end of this year, or the begining of 2019. In 2019 the spinoff series will begin and I'm excited to share it with you!

But today, we're still with the Cobras. With this new book.

Which features our very favourite troublemakers, The Trouble Triples.

 Scott Demyan, one of the most polarizing players on the Dartmouth Cobras hockey team, has grown a lot over the past few years. He’s a family man. A father. A dedicated player. He’s become someone to look up to…

But he’s still part of the Trouble Triplets. And behaving can get boring.

What better way to spice up the summer than to take the rivalry developing with the team ‘rookies’ to the next level. A few harmless pranks should keep things interesting.

Until what started as a joke gets a bit…cocky.

In the most literal sense of the word.

When the conflict draws the attention of not only upper management, but the media, the consequences could impact the coming season. And the life he’s worked so hard to build. Can he take the lead and remind the men the games they play off the ice don’t change where they stand as a team? Prove to those he loves that he hasn’t forgotten what’s really important?

He has one chance to repair the damage he’s done.

And it’s going to leave a mark.


There are a few updates on my website, but if you're looking for something specific, check out the "Coming Soon".

I'm feeling all sentimental with this latest release, like I'm finally out of that slump and back where I belong. So expect to see a lot more from me soon. 

And to all those who told me to hang on, who supported me and never doubted I'd get back here?

Thank you so much! I won't let you down.

There's still a game to play!💖 

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