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OMG, this book! lol

I love every single book I write, but this one pushed me to another level.  So much that I've already started writing BOOK THREE.

And yes, I have so many books planned that should come first, but with Winter's Wrath, I feel the same drive I do with the Cobras. These guys are something else.

And they make our hockey boys seem so well behaved! <g>

Of course, it would be interesting to see them all get together some day. A crossover between the players and the band...

Yep, my muse likes that idea VERY much!

Anyway, so this is gonna be quick, because there's so much to do, but I have a little treat for you to celebrate the release of DIMINISHED.

Simply comment on this post for a chance to win ONE of THREE audiobooks for BACKLASH (Winter's Wrath #1). The narrator is incredible, and we should be starting on the audiobook for Diminished soon.

Shares are hugs and kisses, so please let your friends know they can join in the contest too! 
**Note: Winner will be chosen in aprox 24hours. Please leave your email so I can contact you if you win. I'll announce the winners in a commet--I'll be stopping by for any questions, so feel free to ask away!**
When Shiori Ayase comes across a casting call to dance on stage for Winter’s Wrath with a model she idolizes, she jumps on the chance. She needs this opportunity to break free from the control of her stepfather, and she made her sister a promise on her deathbed. One that involves learning if the Trousseau brothers are the type of men that can be trusted. What better way to find out than by spending a few weeks with them on the road?

Brave Trousseau has to face the damage he’s done to the band in his efforts to push his younger brother away. But then his goddess, a young woman with a sharp wit and moves that drive him crazy, joins the band on tour to take over the sexy performance meant to entice the crowd, Brave ends up more than motivated to be on his best behavior.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one enchanted with the girl. Malakai Noble, the band’s bassist, has always been a strong, steady presence at the core of Winter’s Wrath, but he’s now become Brave’s most bitter rival. How can Brave show he’s changed with Malakai's constant reminders of every mistake he’s made? With the band on the line, and Shiori stealing her way into his heart, maybe there’s only one way to prove he’s the better man. And that’s by letting her go.

Exclusive Excerpt from DIMINISHED (Winter's Wrath #2)

A steady hand settled on his shoulder and his voice became husky. He hadn’t seen Malakai move, but he sensed him there, at his back. There was a pause in the lyrics for Alder’s provocative solo. Danica had the crowd in the palm of her hand. His brother kept them moving with the sensual draw of the melody, notes mimicking a pulse picking up as lust took over.
Just like Brave’s was. He sucked in a breath as Malakai’s hand slick down his chest. An excited murmur flowed in an undercurrent from the crowd, but he hardly noticed them as Malakai latched onto the front of Brave’s jacket and twisted him around to face him.
This was an act. A diversion.
He had to remember that.
Guitar slung behind him, Malakai flashed an evil smile, tugging Brave’s jacket straps while grinding against his thigh. He brought his lips close to Brave’s ear, careful to keep clear of the mic.
“You look fucking terrified, Draven.” Malakai lightly bit his earlobe, letting out a rough laugh. “Relax.”
Relax? Is he fucking serious?
Malakai was always serious. And he was right. Brave had to be the slick player the fans knew or this little performance wouldn’t work. Which he could have done with almost anyone but Malakai. Malakai had been a friend when he’d been too fucked up to be one back. An enemy when Brave needed someone to challenge his every move.
And now he was… Fuck, when had the man learned to move like that? Brave stared into Malakai’s eyes, which always seemed to lack any color at all but black and white. But this close he could see a hint of blue, like the ocean at night when the water was almost completely still, but the slightest breeze revealed more. A quick glance and there was only darkness, but the faintest light bared the deep, rich shade.
Ever since he’d know Malakai, he’d been aware of only two sides to him. The calm and the rage. He’d learned to deal with each extreme, but what he saw now was something in between.
Something he hadn’t built up a defense for. Malakai completely in control was cold and level. His anger like being shoved into an artic pool, so icy it burned to the touch.
Right now he was a bonfire in the middle of a frozen tundra, drawing Brave close to the edge, but warning him not to get too close. Those flames were dangerous. Unpredictable.
Brave could become hypnotized, simply watching them, but he’d forgotten his place, his purpose, long enough. He wouldn’t be seeing this side of Malakai at all if Shiori didn’t need them to shift focus away from her. They had to give the vultures something else to circle.
He curved his hand around the back of Malakai’s neck, bringing their lips so close he could taste the other man’s breath on his lips. A hint of the beer he’d drank while teasing Brave. The mint underneath.
The song was almost over. Time to end this.
Flicking his tongue over Malakai’s bottom lip, Brave eased back enough to turn to the mic and whispered. “Slut.”
Unlike most of their shows, the crowd didn’t immediately cheer. Uncertainty rolled around them in the silence. Then it got loud.
Really fucking loud. Cat calls, some grumbling, but mostly the fans sharing a moment of intimacy they didn’t know how to absorb.
He couldn’t blame them. He wasn’t sure how to take it in himself. The second he released Malakai, the man returned to his place on stage, starting the next song with Alder, Connor, and Tate like nothing had happened.
Because nothing had happened. They’d done what they’d planned. Given the media something to talk about. An interesting story. A short clip of them touching, and dancing, and speaking softly. Tons to speculate about.
Not reality. Sure, it felt real to Brave, but he refused to let the moment sink in. Even though he wasn’t close to Malakai anymore, he understood how his mind worked. Shiori needed saving. He’d saved her, no matter the cost.
Even if it meant feigning interest in a man he hated.


  1. Such a great addition! Can I just say that the idea of a cross over had me instantly crazy excited! I can't wait to see what magic you plan to come up with! Happy Release Day to you! Thanks for being you.


  2. Just commenting to say how much I loved the new book. Not playing already have the audiobook (and loved it) Congrats on your new release

  3. love the excerpt
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  4. Happy Release Day!!! Thanks for Sharing the excerpt :)

  5. I love both the Cobras and Winter's Wrath so I say do whatever the muse tells you. It's worked so far. I've got a couple of road trips coming up I'd love an audiobook to keep me company.

  6. I look forward to reading this one.

  7. Can't wait to read this baby! And I'm all for a Cobras/Winter's Wrath crossover ;)

  8. You have my very interested in this series based on describing the excerpt & your description. You are one of my favorite authors. The Cobras are my first love and I can't wait for another book in the series. But I've already ordered the first book in Winter's Wrath based on this posting. Once I finish, I'm sure I'll be buying Diminished. Thank you for your writing. Keep them coming PLEASE!

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  12. Love the Cobra series read each of those books at least 5 times still can't get enough I'm sure this series will be the same An audio book would be great motivation while I work out. As for your muses idea give me a heads up so I can buy stock in a battery company lol

  13. It looks like I'm in good and plentiful company, thinking that a crossover between the Cobras and Winter's Wrath would be amazing!! Perhaps a concert before a Stanley Cup run? Ahance.stl @

  14. Finished the book in the early hours and wow it was worth the lack of sleep.
    Another amazing read and I'm thrilled that the next one is already underway.
    The idea of a crossover book is so exciting.

  15. I cannot wait to hear this in audio! I love Josh's narration.

    *Don't enter me, as I already have the first book in audio.

  16. And the winner are...

    Krystal G

    Jodi Marinch


    I'll be emailing you your audiobooks later today! :D

    Thank you all so much for stopping by! So happy with the response to Winter's Wrath! I really hope they'll get as much love as the Cobras. Even though they're rough around the edges.

    Now it's time for me to get back to writing!

    I have the honor to be your obedient servant,
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