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Sexy, Steamy Warrior Aliens are the New Book Boyfriends

By Mychal Daniels

I have a confession. I’m Mychal Daniels, and I write steamy romance that gives the reader new ideas and challenges as to what romance can be. Yes, I write and love contemporary, suspense, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance. Why? Because the sky isn’t even the limit, that's why. I can have the fun, intrigue, mystical, magical, supernatural romance I want and not just what mainstream media and entertainment want me to have. I can envision the hottest guys wanting someone like me and NOT what the current confines of reality tell me. Yeah, in these sexy, steamy tales I can have a sensitive, attuned, strong warrior who listens, protects and even understands what I want without being too soft or mushy. That’s the power of a great, steamy romance read.

Steamy Romance For The Win!

How do you want it? Answer: Anyway, you like it.

That’s the mantra I use when approaching a new romance story. As a woman who’s had years to prove I could be the good girl, I’ve got too many years to count that I successfully achieved and maintained that on my relationship resume’. Now, I’m able to fantasize and create romance the way it can be. That’s the wonder of having a strong female lead with an equally strong male lead (I right h/h romance).

Reading romance books all my life, I wondered why the women didn’t have more control of their situations. I remember reading how she never could understand what the guy wanted or that he was interested in her. I grew frustrated at how much credit the guy got for leading the relationship. I’m not going to lie, I put down romance for some years and read action fiction where there was something worth striving for. I loved how the characters got into the mix and had lives outside of who and how they loved.

It was this new slant on fiction that gave me the idea to try to write my stories. But before I’d try to do it, I’d have some rules. For instance, all my female characters had to either work for themselves or learn how to become their own boss in my stories. The other rule was that no white knights allowed! Nope, my female leads can save themselves, else why do they deserve to have their story told? So, with those two rules, I set out to go where my ideas took me. It was hard not falling back on the tendency to use the low hanging fruit of a strong man saving the day or making the female an employee (although I have no problems reading those stories). Instead, the challenge was there, and I accepted and continued to accept it every day.

And you what? My readers love it too.

I love when I get messages from readers saying how much they were inspired to check out a new business idea they got while reading one of my stories. I also love reading the reviews of how much having a strong female resonates with readers. Yeah, we have power, and we deserve to have it reflected in our fantasies too.

How Romance is Changing the World

I recently read that the explosion of powerful voices in romance books is creating a boom in some of the product industries. With the coming of strong female leads and freedom to write ménage, man love and other story lines that don’t get pushed back to the dungeon a new industry for male sexual enhancement toys is taking off. The article clearly gives romance writers a nod for helping it along.

What I realized is that as we read and learn more about our bodies and what we want, we, in turn, help our partners know what they want. The big reveal for me is that shame, fear and embarrassment over the natural process of love and sex is waning—at least for some romance readers. Having a healthy sexual outlook is paramount to biological wellbeing. Not going to lie, I stick my chest out a little bit as a romance author who believes sex is a blessing and nothing to be feared, ashamed of or hidden from mature adults. To know that I’m a part of an industry and force that is helping people renegotiate their understanding and perception of love and sex is powerful, it helps to fuel my love of writing these stories.

Escape from the Humdrum

Steamy romance is an escape from the humdrum every day. It’s the spicy take on a favorite dish. And, it’s the inspiration that helps us be more—us! When I was younger, I couldn’t see someone kissing or having a romantic moment without blushing or getting embarrassed. When my mother found a few of my romance novels as a teenager, I thought she was going to scold or punish me. Instead, she told me it was healthy and to remember that it was just fantasy.

Just fantasy…

Hmm. I think I owe some of the greats of romance for helping me to be exciting in relationships both platonic and romantic. Because of the bold evolution of romance over the years, I’ve been able to learn from the experience of “too stupid to live” characters to “I want to be her when I grow up” characters in romance books. There are so many examples of what to do and not to do in romance reads these days that a person can learn a lot on becoming socially mature enough to have a stable, long-lasting relationship.

Gone are the days when the book boyfriend was clearly fictional. Enter the realm of possibility and aspirations. I’ll admit I do things here and there to help my man become more of what he wants to be, and I have loads of experience from how it was done in these books to help me. One big takeaway I’ve learned from years of reading and writing romance is that we must teach people how to love and be with us.

Lessons learned from reading romance transcend the fantastical and help me and hopefully you daily.

It’s my hope that you take another look at all the things you’ve gleaned from romance reads and see just how far you’ve come as a person in your interpersonal relationships. I think you’ll be amazed.

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Thank you,
Mychal Daniels

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Rescued By Tordin: Olodian Alien Warrior Romance, Book #1

He walked away from the training room with her still in his arms. His strides were long and purposeful as Kyra clung to him. 
“I can walk, Tordin. I’m okay, I promise,” she said when he’d walked a few more moments without speaking or putting her down.
He ignored her and kept walking. Was he upset with her? She didn’t want to make matters worse. Maybe he’d heard her talking to Brantley and was upset with what she said or how harsh she’d been. Kyra’s nerves still hummed with adrenaline, and she didn’t know what to make of this, of him. She’d never seen him behave this way. 
When she saw the door to her rooms come into view, she prepared to get out of his arms, but he kept walking. Where was he taking her? 
A short time later and around the bend of the corridor, he came to another door and waved a hand over the panel to open it. He brought her inside a room that was vast and beautifully decorated. He still didn’t put her down until he’d made it to the lounging area. Once there, he gently sat down with her still in his arms. 
She didn’t dare move. Instead she relished the feel of his strong, protective arms around her trembling form. She was trembling, but why? Then it hit her; she started to cry. 
Damned wuss, she thought. 
What was the use of trying to hide from it any longer? The force of everything that had happened to her was too powerful. She gave into it and quaked with emotion and loss as tears burst forth uncontrollably. It all came tumbling forward. The terrifying last few hours on the space station replayed in her mind, despite her efforts to push it back down. The memory of the horrifying situation threw her into a tailspin of pain. 
She tumbled deeper down the rabbit hole of bad memories, where she landed on the most tragic of them all—the loss of her parents.  All the other things that she’d never grieved before now heaped retribution on her. She’d done this— stuffed them all down, packed them away nice and tight, and now she was consumed with the festering intensity of them. Kyra never thought about them because she feared she’d never emerge sane again—too alone and weak to venture into this space by herself. 
As she clung to Tordin, though, that feeling of being alone and weak was…missing. She felt more solid somehow. Kyra relaxed a little into the onslaught of memories with him holding her and allowed scenes to play in her mind. Scenes of her dead parents in the front of the crumpled car, flashes of Commander Mark lying dead against the wall of the space station, Brantley misusing her, so much fire and fear, Phoebe unconscious in the wreckage of the station and so many more scenes of destruction in which Kyra had been unable to help… She’d pushed them down all her life, and now they wouldn’t be denied attention any longer. 
The wailing sound that snaked up and out of the depths of her tormented soul prompted Tordin to give her a tighter hug. His strong, warm body acted as a buffer against the loneliness and fear of this painful plane of existence. She wailed and cried in long deep sobs. Over and over she turned the scenes at various angles in her mind’s eye, scrutinizing them. What could she have done better? 
She should have been stronger, more confident. She was no better than Brantley. She was a coward, too. That fueled her hatred for him—he reminded her too much of herself. She could have done more to help and change things, but she just allowed everything to happen without fighting and resisting more. Her ugliness threatened to rip her apart.
Pain from her fingernails digging into her palms as she gripped the front of Tordin’s shirt, gave her permission to hurt. He allowed her to abuse his shirt, pulling and tugging on it as she thrashed and bucked through the darkest part of her memory palace’s dungeon. The memories were heavy chains looping over her and pulling her down to the ground. She might not make it through this—it was too much.
“It’s too much. I can’t…I can’t bear it,” she said not knowing if she’d said it aloud or in a silent scream.
“I’m here, dear Kyra, hold onto me. Give it to me, let me help you. I can take it for you and bear the burden. We are in this together,” he whispered and rubbed her back as he began to rock her.
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  5. This series freaking rocks!! It should be on your need to read list!!!!!

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