Saturday, January 7, 2017

I'M NO ANGEL REVIEW-Revived Series: The Dungeon Black Duology (Book 2) by Kora Knight

"Dirty emotional story that doesn’t take the easy way out"

I don’t often review books, but when given the chance to get my hands on Revived I didn’t even think twice. It’s rare that a story pulls me in so completely and I needed to complete the journey with these amazing characters. Their happy ending felt like it belong to me as well because Kora Knight writes in a way that bring you right into their world, right through the highs and the lows, into the fire until all the heat and pain consumes you.

Too often I come across books that follow the same old quick formula and after a few pages I’m bored. Finding an author who writes long, fully fleshed out stories is awesome. More importantly, she doesn’t shy away from exploring the lives of men so damaged you know they deserve to be loved, but you’re not sure they’ll ever trust it.

Max and Sean latched onto my heart when I met them in the first series, but honestly, until I started their story I wasn’t sure they’d be a good fit. Sean is so shiny and hopeful and full of life. Max is closed off and constantly hanging back in the darkness. And he seems to want to stay there.

I knew this wouldn’t be a light read, but it was damn satisfying. The sex is gritty, messy, and more than I’d care for in any other book. Which proves how talented Ms. Knight is because she crafted a story where the messy flowed well with the emotions, with the building connection between the characters.

There were some things that were triggering for me, but again, very well done. I knew what I would face after the first book and trusted the subject would be handled with care. Which it was. The pain Max dealt with didn’t quickly fade away to fit the plot. His healing was at the core of the story and given the time needed so you really feel the natural flow.

And Sean. I fell in love with Sean from the start, but his strength is incredible and you can’t help cheering for him as you turn the page.

We also get to revisit the characters from the previous books, Scott and Tad, and I truly enjoyed spending time with them. Some authors fumble when they tell a story along the same timeline, but Ms. Knight found the perfect balance. It doesn’t feel like a rehash, it’s more like the veil is lifted, giving you fresh insight and answering any lingering questions of why and how many things happened.

In the end, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read. And I’m so excited to read about the other characters getting their own stories! I’m buying all these in print so they can sit on the shelf with my favorites to re-read again and again.

Thank you so much for another amazing story, Kora.

**I received this as an ARC for an honest review.**

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