Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Most SHOCKING thing on The Walking Dead-Prepare to be absolutely stunned!

I love The Walking Dead, but I have to say I've gained a lot of respect for the writers and producers after last week's episode. There's something beautiful about showing tender moments with all the horror going on in their world.

Most of you probably saw this, or heard about it even if you're not a fan of the show. I'll let you enjoy it for a moment. :)

So what's shocking? In this day and age, what in the world about this would cause anyone to so much as blink?

Well, the reaction. Some people are not only disturbed, but PISSED that TWD went 'There'. Thankfully, I haven't completely lost my faith in humanity, because there's just as many cheering on the show for showing survivors in love appreciating every moment they have together. Maybe some people find that hard to believe, but if you think about it, without hope, you're as good as dead.

So maybe you think romance has no place in the show, but consider the strength of the human spirit. If people could survive a zombie apocalypse, many of the best parts of us would survive as well. <3

For those interested, here's the blog where I first heard about the fun little panic attacks people are having. ;)

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