Monday, February 23, 2015

The GHOST that wanted me to get LOST (Or my experience at Wicked Wild Weekend 2015)

Imagine sleeping alone in a room with a history of being haunted, in a part of the hotel EVERYONE is saying they wouldn't stay. The old part. This guy's room actually.
Image source Poets.Org

This is Sidney Lanier and I had his name on my door and his picture on the wall beside it. The room was nice enough, but had an odd smell. A few people said it reminded them of tobacco, like an old pipe or cigar.

I smoke vapor now and never inside hotels or stuff, so it wasn't me. Kinda creeptastic right there.

But I don't think Mr. Lanier was hanging out in my room. He was a poet, and from what I read about him, a pretty cool guy. I don't see him getting off on scaring me stupid! lol!

Now, I don't know for sure that my room was haunted, but it was very hard to convince myself it wasn't. The eerie quiet of the long halls leading up to my room, the lack of any signs of life--no one went into or came out of any of the rooms around mine while I was there--the sharp pain at the curve between my shoulder and my neck which I DO believe was a muscle thing and not an actual bite by something I couldn't see.

And the strange noises...

Granted, construction was going on at the end of the hall, which was blocked off by a sign mentioning the renovations and an...old desk? Might have been a piano, I'm not sure. But someone wrote 'REDRUM' on it.

The fact that I watched her do it is irrelevant. ;)

So, will I be going back?

ABSOLUTELY! Not to the same room and I'm bringing my wonderful Stacey with me. And maybe some sage and an exorcist, but despite the fact that I had trouble sleeping and spent my nights pretty freaked out...

The event was INCREDIBLE. And the hotel staff is the best of any place I've ever been to. The hotel I stayed at in Savannah comes very close, but there was something just a bit more welcoming about The Menger. I didn't meet a single member of the staff that wasn't friendly and helpful. If I hadn't been too embarrassed about being afraid of my room to ask, they probably would have moved me to another room.

If you all wanna hear more about my experiences in the room, I'll make another post, but my big thing was no matter how tired I was, this is a great event and a wonderful group. Everyone was always very inclusive and the minute I went down to the lobby, even if I didn't have something scheduled to check out, I'd find people to hang out with.
Credit for this and the pictures of the models, hotel and the Alamo go to
Dawn Daydrmz Blogg

From a visit to the Alamo, to a trip down the river walk, a rodeo and the Cowboy Dance hall where I learned some two-step, I had the chance to experience a great deal of the beautiful city of San Antonio. There's plenty to do at the event itself, but not so much that you can't explore. The group on Facebook was also very active, which made it easy to see who was going where and tag along. 

With the event itself, there were a lot of meals provided, and each one was different, which was really nice. You didn't have to worry about getting the same old thing. The tables always had cool center pieces--I got two more rubber duckies for my collection! <g>

There was music and dancing and tons of laughter and fun. Every event had a few giveaways and many authors provided baskets. I sent some in too, but I screwed up and got the books for one basket in late and forgot to check on it until the last minute.

When I talked to the organizers, they were so awesome about it and took care of it without making me feel bad. Believe me, I've been to enough events to have expected the irritation I probably deserved. Events like this are tough to put together and unexpected stuff can be annoying as hell. I felt bad, but things worked out. And they were understanding and fixed it without a problem.

Now, aside 
from the wonderful ladies running things, and the collection of authors and bloggers and readers to chill with, there were several cover models. I've been to events where the models are pushy and skeezy, but this wasn't like that. If you're into flirting, the models were happy to play along, but they were good at reading people who just wanted to chat it up. I liked the balance and was able to enjoy the eye candy without wondering if I'd get groped.

Unless I wanted to be. ;)

Hard not to want this, eh? <g> (Trying to figure out how to get the vid on here, but for now TRUST ME, you wanna click and watch!)

I could say so much more about the event, but this post would end up crazy long, so I'll just leave it at I am so going BACK!!! So far I only had two events I really wanted to return to, but Wicked Wild Weekend just made it on that list. So if you're considering an event for next year, make sure to check it out! 


  1. Hell yes! Can't wait for next year!

  2. Wild Wicked Weekend is an awesome con and I am glad that you agree!

  3. So happy you're coming back to our fun little con!!!! We loved having you and on a personal note, I loved chatting with you and the girls out by the pool! 😀

  4. Yea! This is the best place I've been to as well. :) It was wonderful to meet you and you should have told me about your room, you could have hung out in mine!

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Already planning next year's event.
    BTW - any videos of the drag queen pageant? I'm getting asked for them. They all were sooo great.

  6. Yay! That was awesome. Can't wait for next year.

  7. I finally got to meet you in person! Love that you had such a great time, and can't wait to see you in 2016. It's funny - from what I understand, the hotel was fully booked. It IS weird that you didn't ever see anyone in the hallway. (shudder) I, for one, will never stay in the old section!