Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snippet-Defensive Zone #1

 Less than 3 weeks left until the release of Defensive Zone! I know I haven't been sharing many excerpts lately (there are some on my facebook page here:  if you click on the player visuals) but I took a little break from revisions to give you a hot tasty bit to make up for it!

The desk warmed under Silver's body and her sweat slicked the glossed wood surface. Dean's fingers inside her, his lips on her breast, his hand holding hers high over her head, kept her from moving much. But her heart fought to beat free of her ribcage and she squirmed restlessly as he teased her to the brink, slowing before she could throw herself over the edge. This wasn't at all what she'd planned, and yet, it felt too good to let protests leave the wide O of her lips. Dean was right. Somewhere, deep within, she'd known what he would demand from her. He'd told her once that dominance was part of the package—not in so many words, but she couldn't act like she didn't know what he was about. Maybe it would be an issue if things went long term—which they won't, so don't even go there—but right now surrendering meant not thinking. And she didn't want to think. She needed to feel.

He slapped her pussy and she cried out as painful pleasure ripped through her. "You're leaving me, little one. You will be with me completely or I will take you off my desk and see you to the door."

No! I can't leave! She twisted her trapped wrists and tossed her head. "I'm sorry. I'm here. I was just thinking—"

"Don't." His thumb pressed hard on her clit and her hips jerked as the sensation electrified her. He lowered his lips to her belly and found a spot that had her twitching and gasping uncontrollably. "You will have to think about this later. For now, all you need to know is you are mine. And, lucky for you, I'm in the mood to play."
 * * * *
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  1. Oh its soooooo goood I can't wait to read the entire book!!!!!

  2. very very hawt, ms. bianca. Can't wait to read more :D


  3. Oh soooooo hot!
    Can't wait!
    Hugs xx

  4. Whoa! Love the picture and now I'm breathing hard. Wait . . . I'm supposed to, right?

    Well done, Bianca,


  5. I can't wait- this teasing is making me crazy. It is so good Bianca:)